Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): Otona ni Naru Mae ni… 8

You are in luck!! I am in luck! Who cares, we all are in luck!

So my friends and I were talking about Mayuko’s writing style, and the subject of wanting to read her blog post came up. So I thought I should try to access the FLaMme mobile site with my cell phone. And hey!! It works! It really works~!! ワ━ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ━ィ!!!!

But before you go happy and access her blog with your phone, I need to say a few things first.

As I’d mentioned before, FlaMme (Mayuko’s agency) put up a blog site for cellphone, called “FlaMme Mobile”. In order to access it, you need to live in Japan, and there’s a subscription fee of 315 yen per month. FlaMme Mobile is a blog site for the talents in FlaMme and the managers to write about things happening with their talents. Mayuko’s manager’s blog is called “Shiritai desu ka?” (「知りたいですか?」) or “Do you want to know?”. As for Mayuko, her blog is called “Otona ni naru mae ni…” (「大人になる前に…」) or “Before becoming an adult…”.

With that said, because I’m not a paid subscriber, nor am I a Japanese resident, I could only access Mayuko’s 2 newest posts in April, not her older ones. I can’t seems to access her manager’s blog, and neither can I see the pictures her manager posted, which is supposed to be a lot.

This made me wondered, why am I able to access it in the first place. Was it because of the Tohoku Earthquake, so FLaMme decided to ease up on the regulations for the victims? I mean, there are still a lot of regulations, but to be able to see her 2 latest posts, that’s already an amazing feat as it is. Also I haven’t check the other talents’ blog, so I don’t know if I can access it or not. And, is this going to be just a one time thing? Or will it be like that all the time? Like the public can see 2 newest blog posts of the talents, while the subscribers can see the older posts as well as manager’s blog and pictures.

Oh well, time will tell. You know, these might be my last time translating her blog, who knows.

Anyways, without further ado, enjoy!


We’ll introduce you to Fukuda Mayuko’s strange thoughts about things and the things she’s interested in at the moment! Everyone, please enjoy!


8th Entry

“Sleepiness of Spring”


I usually don’t read manga, however I really love the manga “Bokura ga Ita”. Even now, sometimes, I’ll read it.

These several days, I’ve been rereading it again.

And when you considered it, me and Nanami (the main heroine) are the same age! What?

I started reading it because I yearned for that glistening high school life, but before I knew it, I’m experiencing the same glistening high school life.

But it was a different feeling.

How strange


Before I know it, my first year of high school life already passed.

To have fun everyday (like the manga), of course there’s none of that, but for this one year, somehow it’s filled with happiness, that’s why, there are important things that I felt was overlooked, it’s that type of feeling.

These days, I’ve been feeling sleepy, and when I sleep, I thought of various things.

When I was small, I willfully thought “When I grow up, I want to be even more happy”, and wanted to quickly grow older.

But now, I could only look at the present and think “Right now, I’m the most happy”.


Another year still haven’t pass, but with this nostalgic warmth, I could see the end of my high school life, it suddenly felt a bit lonely.



- I’m not going to say it! I’m not going to say what her last line reminded me of… You guys will just say I’m paranoid! Nope, not going to say it.  (>___<;;)

- Oh, funny that she mentioned “Bokura ga Ita”, because there’s a fan MV by the Chinese fan about the manga with Mayuko as Yamamoto Yuri. Of course, it starred the usual Yamada Ryosuke, Shida Mirai, and Kanata Hongo. ^^;;

- Oh, did I ever mention how much Mayuko like to sleep? Remembered there was a blog where the FLaMme talents did a relay race, where one will write a question, and the next person answer them. Well, Hirosue Ryoko was the starter and she asked the next person what they do on their spared time. Mayuko, as the next on the relay, started to talk about how she sleeps during her free time. s(・`ヘ´・;)ゞ エート

- Another announcement, but I’ll save it for later.



  1. hello! you're really happy, right? ^_^
    so nice you can access her mobile blog from
    your cellphone, I also wonder about all those
    questions you wrote about in this post, but
    as long as it's open to non japanese residents
    it's good to have the chance!
    what her last line remind you of? ^^' (is it the fact that she wrote again how she felt lonely?)
    looking forward to your other announcment!!

  2. Huhm... dang doc ngon lanh den ngay khuc cuoi >"<
    Khi truoc doc 1 interview ma Trang dich. Mayuko khi con be noi la muon lon that nhanh. Luc do minh tu hoi Mayuko bay h co con muon lon nhanh nua khong. Hehe h thi da co cau tra loi roi :)

  3. @kanahe: Hehe, yes, I'm happy. Hopefully, one day Kamiki's going to have his own blog as well. Preferably, one that's easy for access (like ameblo, for example). XD

    The last line... It's a secret! ^___^;;