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Audition March 2008: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

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A lot of people probably wondered why I never do Heaven’s Door or L Change the World interviews… To put it simply… It’s hard!! I’m too lazy. ヾ(〃>_<;〃)ノ イヤイヤ But okay, here’s a L Change the World interview.

For the March 2008 Issue of Audition, she should also have a cover interview as well, but for some reason, I can’t find it. :/ Oh well, just a normal interview is fine right?


Audition March 2008, page 23-25

~debut to the future~

- Entering the world of show business because your mother sign you up to a theatrical company. For Mayuko-chan, what cause yourself to be interested in being an actress?

Fukuda: Before I even knew it, I’ve been working forever, that’s why it became a part of my life. It’s not just doing what I like or doing what I don’t like, but I felt that it’s as natural as for me to go to school.

- Have you ever thought about a life without working?

Fukuda: In that case, I think I’ll still have fun (laughs). But, for which ever work that I’m not part of, and whoever I’m unable to become in a role, somehow, it’s painful.

- To become another person for a role, what kind of feeling is that?

Fukuda: It feels like my body is a container for someone else. To give an extreme example, when I’m angry, normally I don’t use curse words to another, but for a role, to be able to say such things make me happy.

- What do you think when people calling you “child prodigy” or “true child actress”?

Fukuda: When being praise, conversely, I would feel scare. When people say “You didn’t do this well”, then 99% is the truth, but for a praise, don’t you feel like you really not know to what extent is the truth. That’s why, only some~~~~times, being praise is good (laughs).

- Please tell us your goal from now on!

Fukuda: For being an actress, using books or music as a tool, I want to be able to express things better. (I really don’t understand this line)


~recent works~

- In your recent work, “L Change the World”, your role is Maki. With her father being murdered, she’s burning with revenge, in short, a difficult role. How did you create your character?

Fukuda: I don’t particularly do anything. For the movie, when I think I need to do this, I won’t be able to do it. But when I don’t want to do something, for some reason, I’m really able to do it (laughs). That’s why, even for Maki, before I’d realize it, I was able to become her, it’s like that.

- What was the hardest scene?

Fukuda: This time, it’s a role that required a lot of moving around. So even though my heart is Maki, my body movement is still Fukuda Mayuko. To think nothing and act like “Maki” took a bit of time.

- For that, is there a day when you suddenly able to become her?

Fukuda: Even I don’t know when that moment is going to come.

- So before you knew it, it suddenly turns on, like that (laughs)?

Fukuda: I can’t control the on off switch. When it’s on, I pretty much go full speed ahead (laughs). No matter which switch it is, it became the extreme of that (bitter laughs)

- What’s your thought on working with Matsuyama Kenichi-san?

Fukuda: For an actor, it’s the best that you’re able to have both the feeling of the character and the appearance of the character. I think it’s really amazing that Matsuyama-san was able to possess both. Even when my heart was able to change into Maki, for the people who are watching, they still unable to see me as her.



- How do you usually pass your time in your private?

Fukuda: Whenever I’m free, I’ll listen to music.

- Recently which artists are you interested in?

Fukuda: Recently, I frequently listen to BUMP OF CHICKEN. Also, I’m into CHATMONCHY. Beside from that, Porno Graffitti-san, Shiina Ringo-san, YUKI-san, Yaida Hitomi-san, these 6 groups are constantly looping in my player.

- It’s almost Valentine’s Day…

Fukuda: Porno Graffitti-san’s new single is going to be out on Valentine’s Day!! I’m really looking forward to it. It’s the first time in my life I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day (laughs).

- What’s your ideal situation to give someone chocolate?

Fukuda: After school, and after returning from club practice, the girl nonchalantly give the boy chocolate. Even though in truth, she’s been waiting for the guy, but giving chocolate in that kind of atmosphere (laughs).

- Did you try implementing it in real life…!?

Fukuda: This year, I’ll also just exchange tomo-choco… (cries). Whenever the real thing happen, I’ll be sure to report it (laughs).



- You said before in this magazine that you like to audition.

Fukuda: I haven’t been able to audition with other people. But even playing the same role, the way people act are totally different, that’s why I think it’s interesting just to see.

- Have you every secretly thought, “I think I did it much better”? (laughs)

Fukuda: Whether my performance is good or bad, I don’t really know. For example, when I acted as Maki, it’s not really about how good or how bad I did it, it’s whether it’s me that’s able to do it or not. That’s why, I think just being able to become her is perhaps good enough.

- What’s the typical point of Fukuda Mayuko’s audition!?

Fukuda: Not caring about whether I can deliver or not, but to have fun!

- What’s the best thing to do in order to have fun with your audition?

Fukuda: I’ll ask myself “Do I like to act?” and once I reply “I love it!”, then all the worries quickly fly away. That’s why, to ask whether I want to become an actress or not, I’m able to reaffirm my feelings, that’s perhaps good enough.

- Like when you’re not sure if you want to do it seriously, so you’ll once again try to affirm your decision?

Fukuda: I think that type of feeling is really important. Even though I like acting that’s why I’m doing this work, but because of that, the people around me are able to have fun, it’s a wonderful thing. I think if I’m able to be useful to other people, it definitely makes me happy.



- tomo-choco: Friendship chocolates, usually exchange on Valentine’s Day between female friends.

- Old interview in 2008… >__<;;

- Mayuko’s type of music tends to be rock huh. The artists she mentioned are all has some rock in their genre.

- I’m really surprised at how tame she is here regarding Matsuyama Kenichi. I really thought she was going to be all fangirl-ing him for being Robo in “Sexy Voice and Robo”. lol On the other hand, she’s still a Porno Graffitti fangirl. >w<;;

- Another update about Mayuko’s newest work. It seems like someone saw her filming in a maid outfit!! Maid outfit!! Maid outfit!! Maid outfit!! ( ´∀`) I’m highly amused. If it is true, can’t wait to see Maid Mamayu! ♪♫



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