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JUNON January 2011: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

I want to do a Kamiki interview first before a Mayuko one, but Mayuko interviews tend to be easier to find/do. :P And since Kamiki has a new drama (Koukousei Restaurant) coming out, my priority shifted back to Mayuko. ^___^;; I can’t let you guys forgot about her can I? ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリッ


As usual, text taken from mayukofukuda.seesaa.net.

Scan taken from lj jmagazinescan and MyMayuko.






JUNON January 2011 Issue

For Ikematsu Sosuke’s page, he pretty much talked about how surprised he was to work with Renbutsu Misako again, as well as other things which I don’t remember. ^^;;


On page 69 of JUNON January 2011 Issue, a 10 questions and answers interview with Fukuda Mayuko who played Fujino Tsukiko in the NTV drama, Q10.


She knows something about Q10? The mysterious hikikomori

Fukuda Mayuko as Fujino Tsukiko.


Q1. Common feature between you and your role?

Fukuda: There’s really nothing. I’m not really mysterious (laughs). Even though Tsukiko do move on her own, and whatever she want to say she will say it, but it’s because she’s thinking of her companion. That’s why, I think, perhaps she’s actually a warm person.

Q2. Which character you immediately take notice of?

Fukuda: Kubo-kun. Ikematsu Sosuke-san is really amazing, I’ve became a fan from watching the first episode (laughs).

Q3. An event at the filming place that left you with a deep impression?

Fukuda: In episode 4 with my first appearance in the classroom, able to chat excitedly with everyone, I was really really nervous (laughs).

Q4. Who’s the mood maker in the casts?

Fukuda: I think it seems like the boys are good at that.

Q5. A co-star you frequently talk to at the filming site?

Fukuda: I frequently talk to Sato Takeru-san for the scene. I want to try to talk to Ikematsu-san by the last episode.

Q6. Something that’s getting popular at the filming site?

Fukuda: I don’t know… (laughs)

Q7. What do you always bring to the filming site beside from the script?

Fukuda: Kawakami Mieko-san’s book. Because she’s my favorite author, I read all her works.

Q8. What’s your favorite line?

Fukuda: In episode 1, at the hospital, the conversation where Kubo-kun said he want a night stroll date. “If it’s anything that tie you with this world, it’s that.” (referring to love)

Q9. If you fall in love with a robot, what would you do?

Fukuda: I think unrequited love is the most fun, that’s why even if it’s just me loving the other person, that’s fine.

Q10. Please tell us something about “Q10” that make your heart tremble!

Fukuda: This drama is showing you the every day things. For us, what we see normally, we don’t notice right away, it’s a bit sad, but it’s definitely a wonderful work. I think the world views of this work perhaps are able to echo in everyone’s hearts.



What’s the relationship between Q10 and Tsukiko?

Having Q10’s picture and doing something to the electrical parts, the one that’s entirely wrapped in mystery is Tsukiko (Fukuda Mayuko).

“Even though she knows about Q10, she hasn’t said anything. However, Tsukiko seems like she is holding on to a secret, and no matter how you think of it, she’s seems suspicious (laughs). For this, the last two episodes, everything will come to light. For what, when and where Q10 is created. Please be sure to tune in until the last episode.” (Producer Kawano).



- I’ve become rusty after sooooo many weeks of not translating. ;___;

- Poor Mayuko, her answers made it seems like she’s lonely at the filming site. Like bringing books to the filming site, and not meeting the students until episode 4, and then not knowing what’s popular or who’s the mood maker between the casts…. Yup, very lonely.

- I actually like unrequited love too. I think there’s something very pure and innocent about it, that’s why I also think unrequited love seems the most fun. It’s also pretty poetic. Just a glance from the person you like make your heart beats, wondering to yourself if the other person is thinking of you. After people get together, it just doesn’t seems as interesting, imho. As you can tell, I have plenty of experiences in that department. XD But I’m not sure if my bias is due to reading too much of Vietnamese literatures, we are pro at unrequited love.

- On another note, I could totally see Mayuko as the unrequited love type, and then when the other person reciprocate her love, she won’t know what to do. lol

- Her favorite line (Q8) is actually from the second episode. I have to check to make sure my understanding of the line was right, so I went and skim through Ikematsu’s parts in episode 1, and then episode 2, of Q10. >__>;;

- Fukuda fangirling of Ikematsu Sosuke. ♥♥♥♥♥ It’s times like this that make me think, she’s actually just a normal person. ^__^;; If only they have some interactions in Q10. >__<;; Oh well, I hope they will be able to work together some time in the future. :<


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 5 Making Of

This week Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

Next week is maid Luka, I can’t wait! :D

Episode 5 features Ban, Jasmine and Doggie Kruger from Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger as the guest stars. ♥ I love Jasmine, so I’m glad to see her again. :)

With the little time these days with my 2 part time jobs, I’m deciding against translating the Gokaiger’s blog. And even if I do, I’m not doing the Navi ones,  just the rangers’. Well, what do you think?


1. How to henshin (transform into other rangers) are also coming along

2. Because of that, the money reward increased

by Space’s Komichi Jikkon Sports (newspaper name? is it a reference of something?)

3. But the police is the next target…

4. In any case they must run away

But with smiling faces!!

5. Marvelous, whom fail to escape, have to endure filming under the cold sky

6. Those that able to escape also have to brace themselves for the filming

7. Holding onto the megaphone is the one with years of experiences

First time taking the helm at a Sentai series is director Sakamoto Koichi

8. Sometimes with a grim face

9. Sometimes with a gentle look that grabs everyone’s hearts



1. And then, with one’s heart desire, the filming of Jasmine!

2. Look! Their faces are all smiles!

3. The regulars are also taking picture!

4. And then, returning is Ban and Doggie!

5. A moving reunion

6. Be sure to tune in next week!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 4 Making Of

I’m sadden by the news of what happen to Japan on March 11. Considered that many of my friends, and my sensei, still have friends and family over there, I hope everyone will be alright and be able to contact. Luckily for me, my two Japanese friends are living in areas that’s not affected that much. Still I hope for everyone’s safety.

It seems like Mayuko and everyone from FlaMme are safe, from the mobile site.

Hearing the news with Kamiki’s new drama, I’m guessing he is also safe as well. That and apparently, all of Amuse are safe.

Funny, the first thing I thought of about this natural disaster was Mayuko’s movie “Japan Sinks”. But after watching Begin Japanology for so long, I’m not too worried about the Japanese people. They will always somehow pick themselves up. The Japanese are notorious for always go oversea to help places with natural disaster, so now, I know many of those they have helped will help them back.




Slightly late Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.


1. Well, this time, it’s Joe’s turn!

2. Gazing at Ishigaki Action,

3. Enduring the director’s hot blood coaching,

4. The production of the 2 person 3 legs with Joe and Oshikawa-san

5. And then, memorize Ishigaki Action’s body movement,

6. In order for everything to run smoothly…

7. Joe’s studies are stoic…

8. The making of the film is also very difficult



1. The director, seeing himself as Joe’s rival!?

2. Undauntedly swinging the swords

3. He’s stealing one’s forte, while the sword master looks bored

4. At the same time, Luka and Ahim’s conversation

5. Falling eyelids

6. At the set of the look out post



1. At this time, Hakase is cooking

2. Hey, you all forgot about me didn’t you!

3. And, leave it to Joe… Full course!

4. This time, we really did our best

5. After the battle finished, the young man’s relieved face

6. A~ye (-o-)/