Saturday, February 12, 2011

Goseiger Blog: The Last

Tensou Sentai GoseigerGo! Say! blog.

Last Goseiger blog. Next week is the start of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.

I enjoyed Goseiger, so it’s a bit sad to see them go. It’s really too bad that the series never got a chance to have a Red and Yellow episode. I really wondered why. We had Red/Pink, Red/Blue, and Red/Black, but we never got a Red/Yellow. It’s weird.


Epic 50

Chiba Yudai


Finally, we’re at the last episode.

Tensou Sentai Goseiger.


The 3 wedges started moving, and the final battle with Burajira. How will it turn out.

Also, for us Gosei Angels, will we return to the Gosei World, this also…


Even if it’s for a little while, to receive everyone’s warm feelings really made me happy.

The last episode, epic 50, make sure not to miss it.



The Last Blog

Satou Rika


Hello everyone!


This will be the last of Goseiger blog.

Saying it as the last made me lonely (;_;)


During this year with Goseiger, I was able to meet many people.

I encountered the children and many people who are supporting Goseiger.


Many different emotions are filled within the last episode, please watch it!



Make Sure to Watch It!

Hamao Kyosuke


This day has finally come… The last episode.

It came so fast~ (. .) laughs


Well then, let’s talk about the highlights of the last episode.

The highlight is… There are a lot!! No, it’s everything!!

… That’s what I want to say (laughs)


For me, the place I want you to take notice is the last scene.

The contents this time isn’t really deep, but the last scene is really Goseiger-like, you can feel the warm and soft emotions.


Will we be able to defeat Burajira, will we be able to return to the Gosei World?

If you’re anxious about the conclusion, you will know after watching the last episode!


Make sure to watch it!!


This is Hamao Kyosuke~ ♪

Bye bye (^^)/



Last Episode!

Niwa Mikiho


Playing Moune, I’m Niwa Mikiho


I’ll talk about the last story of Goseiger.

Even though the filming just finished, but when watching the broadcast once again, my true feelings will show.


The highlights of the last story are, definitely the last battle with Burajira.

The bonds of the 5 angels and Gosei Knight.

Also also, the transforming scene.

Will it be just like the usual Gosei Angel Apprentices?


If I were to say all the highlights, it will never end, and you won’t be able to part your eyes from the TV for 30 minutes!!


I also really love the last scene, up until the last moment, it’s packed with Goseiger’s charms ♪


Let’s be excited in front of the television for the last story!



Last Episode!

Ono Kento


Hello, this is Hyde.


At last, February 6 (Sunday) is the broadcast of the last episode.

Because it’s the last decisive battle with Burajira and is packed with action, I think you’ll really enjoy it.



“How will Gosei Angel Apprentices be after this….”

Please watch for this as well.


Everyone, blinking is prohibit (laughs)


Raging Seaick Power, this is Gosei Blue~!!



Also, the last batch of pictures, taken from Toei's Goseiger official site.


Returning Tensou Sentai Goseiger last epic

Goseiger V Cinema DVD

Rental June 10

Sell June 21


The cast crank up pictures. They also have the talk about the characters/actors, but I’m skipping. ^^;;


Staff crank up (not translating), the director (pink) with the voice actors for Master Header, Gosei Knight, Datas, and Burajira.


Passing the torch to the next Sentai group, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.


Crank up for Goseiger VS Shinkenger movie.


It’d been a fun year. Thank you Goseiger~! ♥

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