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Takahashi Ai (高橋愛) Will Graduate From Morning Musume

I think that if you’re a fan of Morning Musume, or even just Hello! Project in general, you would have heard the news that Morning Musume leader, and also H!P leader, Takahashi Ai, will graduate at the end of this year.

I am a fan of Aichan. She is always my number one favorite in Morning Musume and H!P. Though my number 2 always change from time to time, Aichan’s position as number one never once change.

The time I learned of MM was when I was downloading Hello! Morning episodes from… where was it from? Well anyways, it was way before torrent and mediafire or megaupload became widely use. Yes, it was a very long time ago. At that time, Goto Maki has already graduated and Morning Musume are promoting “Koko ni Iruzee” single at the end of every episode. Of course, back then, Hello! Morning is much more interesting than the TV shows that they are in now, so I was hooked. In that specific episode, they were answering questions in order to get food, and Aichan was somehow the last 3 people that’s unable to answer the questions. For some reason, that was when I like her. It was my first time watching all of them, but somehow, Aichan just stand out. It’s kind of weird, but I guess, I take notice of her because I feel pity for her. She’s not fast or out spoken like everyone else, and she seems confused by the questions most of the time, but because of that, I was rooting for her. Haha…

And then, I started to madly research this show. Who are they? What do they do? Who’s is she? That’s how I learned of Morning Musume. In the process, I learn of Goto Maki, Nakazawa Yuko, Yaguchi Mari, Kago Ai, and the rest of the girls. And most important of all, I learn of Takahashi Ai.

Aichan is very humble and demure. It’s known to fans and antis alike that she’s a bit more withdrawal than the rest. You might say, she have no TV personality and even boring. But when she’s on stage and when the stage lights are on her, her talents and auras suddenly blare up, and Aichan delivers whatever you want of her. That’s why, she has been on center spot of Morning Musume singles after singles.

When the leader position was suddenly pushed onto her, and then the passing of the H!P throne when the OG graduated from H!P, even though most of the fans try to avoid it, we all know that some day, perhaps, very soon, Takahashi will be graduating from Morning Musume. We all try to avoid it, but in the back of my mind, those insecure thoughts are there, hiding somewhere. I guess that’s why, the sudden announcement of Aichan’s graduation wasn’t much of a surprise to me, especially with the addition of 9th gens, or Kyuukies. Shocked, yes, but we all know it’s coming. Even if it doesn’t surprise me, I’m still confused. All my emotions are jumble up into a confusing mess. That’s why, for a few days, I didn’t know what and how I should write about it.

Eri-Jun-Lin graduation announcement was unexpected, and I was definitely shocked, but it didn’t leave me with a confused state like it did for Aichan’s announcement. I wondered why?

Then I realized it.

Takahashi Ai

Her existence itself is my existence.

Because Aichan exists that part of my life exists. Even if it’s just a small part, but because she was there that I was able to learn of Morning Musume. Because she was there that I ended up following MM’s graduations and auditions. Because she was there that I learn of the Jpop world, I learned of Hey!Hey!Hey! and Utaban. Because she was there that I learn of Takarazuka (though I’m still unable to spell it). And I also learn of other artists. It’s like a web that’s growing bigger and bigger. Because she exists, that Morning Musume, Hello! Project, Utaban, Jpop, etc… exists. That’s why, because she exists that part of me exists.

Sure, if Aichan didn’t exists, then I’ll just like a different person and different Jpop group. But without Aichan, the me here right now would be totally different. For one, I wouldn’t be typing this whole thing out. And also, this blog, aimuse, wouldn’t start in the first place. Or even if it start, it would probably be about totally different things.

That’s why, her existence is also my existence.

Thank you, Takahashi Ai.


My first and favorite Aichan’s OPV of all time. She’s so young in here. XD


Reading through the others’ message about Aichan’s graduation, I think Suzuki Airi’s message touched me the most. The translation is thanks to snoboat from H!O Aichan’s forum.

「And amidst all that, today it was announced that Takahashi Ai-san will be graduating from Morning Musume at the Fall Tour.

Takahashi-san is a senpai I've always admired since before I entered H!P Kids.

Whether at the rehearsals, or the actual performances, on stage, or during the musicals, the more I watched her, the more my admiration increased. It was frustrating that I couldn't catch up to her, but one day I wanted her to admire me too. That was the kind of person she was to me.

I truly believe that because Takahashi-san stood at the top of Hello! we are here now.

Backstage, I don't really trade compliments that much with the other members (lol [her lol not mine] ). I've met a lot of the different members at the Hello concerts and all, and they've said a lot of nice things to me. I remember that Takahashi-san praised my dancing.

When she saw that I was unsure of myself, she said "You should be more confident. You look very cool when you dance."

For the person I admired to say something like that to me... at the time, I just said Oh, thank you, or something, but inside I was so happy.

I wanted her to recognize me more.

Because I felt that way, I thought I'm not going to call her Ai-chan.

I only want to call her Takahashi-san. [Takahashi-san can seem more distant than the friendly, affectionate Ai-chan, which is why Ai probably has everyone call her Ai-chan, but Airi wants to communicate how much she respects her and doesn't take her lightly by using it]


In the time we have left together, I'm going to be watching her like crazy during rehearsal. I'm going to try to absorb as much of her as possible, so that I can become just like her.

I'm going to look her right in the face

and say "I want to be like you, Takahashi-san!"

Maybe I should give that idea up, lol.

Even though I say that, I won't give it up.

Also, during the last song we sang together, I held Takahashi-san's hand.

During that moment, all the tears I had tried to hold back couldn't be held back anymore.

I love her!

I can't finish all my thoughts but we'll have memories up through the fall tour.

Today I took 2 pictures with Takahashi-san.」


Front girls of their respected groups… I like the power in this performance.


It’s too difficult condense everything that I like about her in one post. Though I should probably write this when her graduation take place instead of now… lol

But, I hope after her graduation, she’ll have a solo career where it’s easy to follow. I don’t mind if she does theater, but I probably can’t see it. >__<;; I was thinking for a long time ago, that if Gaki-san and Aichan were to graduate together, then they can form a duo… But that dream was quickly crushed. Lol.


Beautiful voice ♥


Anyways, even with the additions of the Kyuukies, I’m not sure if I will be able to still follow MM after she’s gone. My second favorite was Michishige Sayumi, but it’s easier and more entertaining to watch her in variety shows. And sure, I do like Sayashi Riho, but it’s only around 10 days since her name was out, so it’s still too early to tell. ^_^;; But hopefully, they will be able to force me to like them. Well, they still have 1 years, so I’ll look forward to what they can bring.

Yasshi, I’m counting on you!


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