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Pure☆Pure Issue 24: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

Because I’ve been translating a few with chibi Kamiki, so this time, I want to do a chibi Mayuko translation. ^___^


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Images taken from MyMayuko. If you know Chinese, please do visit. They have a lot of cool information and pictures! :o


Pure☆Pure Issue 24 is published on May 7, 2004. At the time, Fukuda Mayuko is 9 years old.


- The commercial “QUOQ” (read as ‘quark’) really boost your fame. In order for the reader to remember, can you tell us the story?

Mayuko: Erm~, somehow, I don’t belong to any groups at school, I’m a girl who just quietly reading a book while everyone else are playing. Then, a transfer student name ‘QUOQ-kun’ came and always stood by me, and it somehow made me a bit happy, like that.

- It has no lines, but only depends on your expressions to act, was it difficult?

Mayuko: That’s right~. The face’s angles, how to not let your hair cover your face, and many other things that helps give the commercial meanings, it was really hard. But, because the director’s explanations on how he want it are easy to understand that I was able to have fun ♥ Because I did my best, I’m happy if people can understand the story when they watch my expressions.

- Yes yes. At school, you’re called “Mamayu” right? Why Mamayu?

Mayuko: At first, one of my friend said, “Let’s not call each other so formal”. So when I said, “Then, it’ll be good if you call me Mayuko-chan.”, she started calling me “Mamayu”, and then everyone begin to call me by “Mamayu”~ (laughs)

- It’s like how Ayaya got her nickname~ (laughs)

Mayuko: It was like that~ (laughs)

- In your class, what type of person are you?

Mayuko: I wonder what type… I guess I’m cheerful and bright, and I make friends easy. Also, I like playing together with 3 people ☆ With just 2 people, only one would talk and it wouldn’t make sense, but with 3 people, everyone can get excited together.

- What kind of things do you play?

Mayuko: The horizontal bar, but I have bad reflexes. I only play it for fun, I’m not especially good at it (laughs)

- I see (laughs). At home, you’re keeping dogs right?

Mayuko: Yes, I’m keeping a Chihuahua, a Miniature Daschund, and a German Shepherd~. During my day off, my father and I will take a walk to the park with our 3 dogs.

- You had such a charming smile when you talk, but what part of yourself do you think is cute?

Mayuko: When people get angry and I’m frantically apologizing. When my Chihuahua suddenly bark at the people nearby, then I’m like “I’m sorry”, like that. Did you know~, if you have dogs, then even if you’re an only child, you can be raise cheerfully…

- Oh, that’s not something you normally hear from an elementary student!!

Mayuko: My father said that (laughs)

- You’re so honest (laughs). Then Mayuko-chan, what’s your dream for the future?

Mayuko: An actress (smiles) Not and idol~, but an actress is good. You’re able to experience all kinds of things, and it’s fun to become all kinds of roles. From now on, to be able to continue going forward like this for~~~~~~ever, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!


Questions and Answers

1. Describe your personality in 1 word.

Mayuko: Bright and cheerful

2. Compare yourself to an animal, and why?

Mayuko: Monkey. I’m always so noisy that it’s perfectly fits.

3. Nickname?

Mayuko: Mamayu

4. A recent obsession?

Mayuko: Collecting dog goods

5. One thing you want the most right now?

Mayuko: A game cartridge

6. Your treasure?

Mayuko: A teddy bear I have from when I was young

7. Your best subject? Your worst subject?

Mayuko: Best subject is math. Worst subject is physical education.

8. A club your belong to now or in the past?

Mayuko: Now, I’m in the badminton club. I’m not in any before.

9. How do you pass your time after school or during the holidays?

Mayuko: Television and game. And then, I laze around.

10. Favorite book or manga?

Mayuko: Mirumo de Pon!

11. The type of boy you like?

Mayuko: Someone that’s funny and kind.

12. A place you want to go? What do you want to do when you get there?

Mayuko: The past. I want to see myself in the past.

13. You’ve become the Prime Minister, what’s a new rule you just created?

Mayuko: Treasure dogs!

14. If you have only 1 wish that will come true, what will you wish for?

Mayuko: A body that never get sick.

15. Please tell us how you imagine yourself to be 10 years later.

Mayuko: I want to be a famous actress, but… I don’t really know…



- This is my second time translating this. I finished translating this once and then something happens and the windows closed on me… All my hard works down to drain. GAH!! lllorz

- It’s interesting that she said she want to have a body that never get sick, because according the her manager’s blog, she recently got sick at the end of the year. ^^;;

- Also, speaking of her manager’s blog, it seems like Mayuko actually calls herself “Fukuda” in writing, which is pretty rare, especially to people her age. I guess like instead of calling herself normally like “I” or “Mayuko”, it’s “Fukuda”. XD;; Somehow it’s interesting. It’s rare seeing people calling themselves as their last name rather than their first name… right? ^__^;;

- I love that she said she want to be an actress. Not and idol, but an actress. Also, she want to be a famous actress in 10 years. At that time, she’s only 9, which means, when she’s 19, she want to be famous. Lol, it’s only 3 more years~!! Somehow, I really hope she’ll get her wish. And I can’t wait to see how Mayuko’s going to grow into when she’s 19.

- The QUOQ CM (I can’t find the second one >_<;;) I still have no idea what the CM is trying to sell, lol. Yuko-chan is really tsundere. XD

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