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Pict Up: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) & Suga Kenta (須賀健太) Interview

I recently got myself lots of Kamiki’s newer interviews, but… I also really want to translate this, when he and Suga Kenta are both still chibis. For this interview, they work in the same movie ZOO, which, if you’re a member of Kamiki Ryunosuke’s lj community, then sarapinpin post the movie to download. I’m not too good with horror movies so I have to pass watching it. ^^;;

I’m also not sure which issue of Pict Up this scan was. But the scan is credit to Kamiki’s baidu page. Thanks again, Chinese fans! :)


Kamiki Ryunosuke X Suga Kenta

An adult-like association? These two acting as the key person for “ZOO”

“Hello, I’m Kamiki Ryunosuke. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” “I’m Suga Kenta.”

Around 4 years ago, they first met at an audition. A relationship a bit different from their normal elementary school friends.

In the omnibus movie “ZOO”, these two appears in different short stories. Like a dream, we will be able to listen to them talk seriously.


On this day, Kamiki-kun’s tension is high. Facing him, Suga-kun is feeling a bit nervous.

Even though it’s rare for two young characters to meet, but this is a popular person’s privilege. Being on television, they are able to talk with each other about each other’s circumstances.

Kamiki: (When seeing Suga-kun on TV) ‘Ah, it’s Ken-chan! Mama, Ken-chan appear!’ I will called out.

Suga: As for me, around this time I watch him in “Howl’s (Moving Castle)”.

Kamiki: You appeared in a television program right? You went to Hokkaido right?

Suga: Un, that’s right.

Suga-kun pretty much has a cool way of talking. Calling the big brother Kamiki (older by 1 year) “Ryu”, and calling himself “boku”. They are currently in 4th-5th grade of elementary, a delicate period.


“It was amazing.”

“The white eyes part?”

Not talking about their impression of each others’ acting, instead, discussing about the contents of the movie “ZOO”.

Kamiki: Ryu is very weak at scary stories, that’s why I didn’t watch it at all. I only watch my part. It’s a really mysterious story. When I read it at first, I’m unable to understand it. I wondered, “Does that sort of thing exist~?”

Kamiki-kun’s part is “SO~far~” is a story about a mother and father that are under the impression as already dead. Kamiki-kun acts as a mysterious young boy.

Suga: (About Kamiki-kun’s acting) Somehow, it’s really good. Somehow, even though I didn’t really understand it, it was good.

Kamiki: The part where I showed the white of my eyes?

Suga: Ah~, I can’t show the white part of my eyes.

Kamiki: You just need to point your eyes upward, then close it and GAN, then it’ll be good, just point upward……

Suga: (Trying it out) I can’t…..

Suga-kun acted in “Seven Rooms”, a story about a pair of siblings, jailed in one of seven of the concrete room. Suga-kun’s character is “Boku”, who’s able to navigate through the sewer drainage into every other room to help his sister escape.

Suga: The filming was very hard, in 1 day, I felt myself being soak in tororo konbu.

Kamiki: Did you open your eyes?

Suga: When I open my eyes, I thought the tororo konbu is entering my eyes.

Kamiki: Tororo konbu seems tasty.

Suga: Bu (snickers)

And then Suga-kun gave the biggest laugh up until now. Is there anymore scary things?

Suga: No, there are still a lot.

But you seems so calm.


For a young boy actor, tears is?

Young boy actors that can cry are are especially sought after for drama. For these two, they talk about how they are able “to cry” normally.

Suga: For crying, because I don’t know how I should cry, that’s why, it’s hard.

Kamiki: Even though I don’t think crying is hard……

Suga: In “Oh! Oku”, Matsushita (Yuki, in the drama playing Ushi’s mother)-san was so good that I cried. After that, remembering my saddest moment, at one time, filming in Tokyo for 2 weeks without my mother, and I felt lonely staying at the hotel, like that.

Kamiki: As for Ryu, I also felt for my character, but I thought about the thing I hate the most….

What’s the most recent time you cried?

Suga: I cried 3-4 days before. My little sister was playing on the futon, and then she fell. When I told her to “get up”, she pulled it and “Baki” (he fell down), and I cried. I thought my back was breaking…. But nothing was wrong in the end.

Kamiki: For me, (while acting) in the drama, is pretty much where I cried~. When I watch the movie “The Great Yokai War” I pretty much cried.

Kamiki: Ah, I also watched the movie “I Am David”. Hahaha.

Kamiki-kun, who seems to misinterpret the time you cried yourself. He seems a bit obsess with television. Now that I mention it, recently, watching his work seems not to embarrass him anymore. Perhaps, it’s due to puberty.


The thing these two are interest in from now on!

What do you want to try after this?

Suga: A battle, for example. I want to try using a sword in a drama.

Kamiki: Everything!

What about outside of work?

Kamiki: Taking picture!

Suga: ………… Making my eyes turn white.

And Suga-kun once again decide to practice making his eyes white.

Kamiki: Then do like this, and with your hand on the outside! Yes!

Frantically helping him is Kamiki-kun. These two are a good combination.

How do you want yourself to be when you grow up?

Kamiki: If possible, I want to eat natto. I like Takano tofu, suiton, and soba, because they taste great together….

Suga: U~n, I can’t think of anything.

Kamiki: I also can’t think of anything, but when people ask me about it, “I want to be cool”, I would thought of saying. Or “I want my leg to become longer” (laughs).

By the way, when watching the Wide Show Team, Kamiki-kun said “I want to continue to be an actor.”, and Suga-kun exposed with a serious face “I want to continue being an actor until I’m 19 years old. After that, I want to be an adventurer”.

We’ll be looking forward to these two from now on.



- First, the scan is REALLY small, so I ended up guessing most of the contents as I go.

- Kamiki is so random. I wondered if it’s because of me misunderstanding the interviewer’s question, or he misunderstood their questions… >__<;; Kamiki, you are one confusing child.

- This is perhaps the beginning of Kamiki’s taking picture obsession?

- Suga Kenta is so cute! And he’s so much more calm and mature compares to Kamiki. And he’s adorable! ♥ When he talks about being lonely without his mom, and also crying when he thought his back broke. ♥

- By the way, Kamiki tends to speak in third person here at first, calling himself “Ryu”. On the other hand, Kenta just called himself as “boku”.

- Speaking of “Boku”, I didn’t watch the movie, so I don’t know what’s Kenta character’s name is, “Boku” or “Poku” due to the blurry scan, so I just guess it as “Boku”. Anyone watched it already, please correct me if I’m wrong.

- I laughs at how Kamiki was teaching Kenta how to make his eyes white. XD;; These two are so hilarious together.

- I love Kenta for saying he want to make his eyes white. ♥

- And the last picture, Kenta’s probably trying it out. Hahahaha

- And when he grew up, Kenta want to be an adventurer! ♥

- Kamiki’s suggestions about how to answer the question (of how they want to be when they grow up), ♥. Random, but… ♥

- Kamiki keeping thinking of food. Lol He is so random!


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