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Goseiger Blog: Goseiger VS Shinkenger

Tensou Sentai GoseigerGo! Say! blog.

Since I missed watching the last two weeks, I actually thought this week (Jan 30) is the last episode of Goseiger and next week, we’ll move on to Gokaiger. But apparently next week is going to be the last. ^____^

On the other hand, this week is the last of Heart Catch PreCure and next week will be the new Suite PreCure.

I’m a bit depressed these days due to real life. Well, perhaps ‘depressed’ is a bit too strong of a word, but ‘in a slump’ or ‘down in the dump’ or ‘sad’ may express that better. ^_^;; So no Kamiki nor Mayuko translations until when I finished watching Goseiger or even longer. :/

Or rather… would anyone willing to give me a job that pays well/decent? lol

Well, at least I tried. >_<;;

Oh! I just realized that I won’t be able to watch the last episode of Goseiger live next week. >__<;;

- On another note, I don’t know why the ending for both of the girls are exactly the same. :/ A personal mistakes from Mone, perhaps.


Seeing is Believing

Chiba Yudai


This is Chiba Yudai who play the role of GoseiRed, Alata.

At the Theater G Ross show, I think I became tense while directly receiving everyone’s cheers.


On New Year day, we had a stage greeting for the new year!!

January 1st is with Eri.

January 3rd is with Hyde.

No matter which ones it was, both are easy-going talks (laughs)


Passing the new year together with you as Alata made me happy.

For the people who came, thank you very much!!


Also, the movie “Tensou Sentai Goseiger VS Shinkenger Epic ON Ginmaku” will start showing from January 22nd (Sat) onward!!

It’s an intense work.

But, it also has a warm and soft feeling.

That is the VS movie’s highlight!

Seeing is believing!


Please wait until it comes out in theater!!


From Alata



Highlights of the Movie

Satou Rika



Happy New Year ヽ(・∀・)ノ

This year also, yoroshiku onegaishimasu ♪


For the first of the New Year is the stage greeting at G Ross with Alata!!

Even though it’s the New Year, but everyone came, thank you ☆★

When I said “Happy New Year”, with a loud voice everyone returns with “Congratulations!” ♪

Up until now, it’s my most happiest New Year stage greeting!!


This year is the year of the rabbit, since it’s my year, I could tell that it’s going to be a great year ( ̄∇+ ̄)


Also, soon the movie “Tensou Sentai Goseiger VS Shinkenger Epic ON Ginmaku” will be release in theater on January 22 (Sat)!

Goseiger and Shinkenger are totally different type of sentai, but they have an interesting involvement with each other!

The scene where the Gosei members meets the Shinken members is my special recommendation ☆

It’s fully loaded with funny parts ♪

We also did a bit of cosplay (つ´∀`)つ

Make sure to watch it ♪


And of course, compare to the action scenes, movie version has a lot of amazing things that is not in the TV version!!

I already watched it twice already, but when I watched the action scene, it’s really exciting!!



I want everyone to be able to quickly watch it~~~ (°Д°)


The contents are deep

It’s a story that you can re-watch many time

Please please transport yourself to a theater to see it.


Really, see you later ♪



Appearing Together with Shinkenger!

Hamao Kyosuke


Hello everyone!!

I’m Hamao Kyosuke who plays GoseiBlack, Agri ☆


2011 has started, are you passing each day with energy?

As usual, I’m passing each day with spirits.


This time, I will talk about the the “Tensou Sentai Goseiger VS Shinkenger Epic ON Ginmaku” movie that started showing yesterday, Jan 22 (Saturday)!


About this…

For me, it was an unbearable filming ♪

What I mean is, from a long time ago, I really love Sentai series, and to be able to appear together with my sempai, the Shinkengers, it was a dream come true (laughs)

There are just too many highlights to count.

If I’m forced to say it, my recommend scene is the scene where ‘everyone is transforming on the cliff’!!

Even though I was acting in that scene, it still gives me goose bumps ☆

Please check it out!!

After that, I hope you’ll take notice on how the angels and the samurai… even though they are totally different types, what kind of story will take place between them.


It’s really fun~♪

Please transport yourself to the theater and try it! Yoroshiku onegaitashimasu ♪

With that, see you…



The Movie Starts!

Niwa Mikiho


This is Mone!

Finally, the movie is showing to the public!

“Tensou Sentai Goseiger VS Shinkenger Epic On Ginmaku”


Around this times, I went ahead and watch it together with the Gosei members ♪

Even though there are a lot of highlights

Angels and Samurais, all of us are totally different.

What kind of story will develop for that ★

I’m unable to turn my eyes away from the story development.


Uniquely, even though it’s the ending of the movie, it’s special.

Please take attention to that.


Also, everyone from Shinkenger are very cheerful,

During the filming, they chat a lot with the Goseiger.

As expected, the sempai’s figures were very cool!


The transformation scene is the more intense!

Please take yourself to the nearest movie theater ♪



I want everyone to quickly watch it~~~ (°Д°)


The contents are deep

It’s a story that you can re-watch many time

Please please transport yourself to a theater to see it.


Really, see you later ♪



Epic 50

Ono Kento


Hello! I’m Hyde.

How are you everyone?

For me, it’s unnecessary to worry!

I’m having fun passing each days.


Incidentally! Next time will be the last broadcast of Goseiger!

About the last part, our feelings while filming is always increasing bit by bit

I think it’s because perhaps we have the ‘power of unity’.

Particularly we were praised that, up until now, the last transformation (Tensou) is the most smooth and cool.

No doubt, you can really feel that the battle scene is the embodiment of that ‘power of unity’.

While containing such, everything is the highlight!

And then how we, as Gosei Angels, continues to fight will be something to look forward to!


As for my own feelings, to be able to complete this for the period of 1 year without any injury, I can feel the achievement of it.

Though I do feel happy, thinking about how it will end is also sad…

Hmm~ it’s a somewhat complicate feeling (laughs)


But, until the last of the last, I try to forget the feelings of greed, and to try to not having any regrets or things left undone, also to everyone who supports us is my feeling of gratefulness while we continues to challenge for the filming.

Ah, I’m not crying

Trying to to endure it but I’m not trying to be tough (laughs)


It’s really is an interesting last episode, please watch it everyone.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. Well then!


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