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B.L.T. U-17 Winter 2007: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

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B.L.T. U-17 (Under 17) Issue 1, on sale February 2007


Anywhere in the sky


Standing in front of this light


My dream and the vast sky are the same color


- At Tamagawa's river bed, the site of the photo shoot, there are many dogs.

Fukuda: So cute ♥ The owners playing catch with their dogs looks so happy ♪

- Do you keep any dogs at home?

Fukuda: Chihuahua, Miniature Daschund, and German Shepherd

- That's a big variation (laughs). Then again, for Mayuko-chan, last year you were acting in lots of drama and movie~!

Fukuda: Around September of last year, I was really busy, the school works and homework need to be given to me. All the notes and documents that was given to me, I was able to finished it at once and submitted in October during my break time (laughs).

- Even though it's late, to be able to properly submit it is very admirable~!

Fukuda: Because I like working, that's why when I have to skip school in order to film, in some respect, I felt like I am "playing hooky". I didn't like it when my friends seem to tell me, "You didn't do homework in order to work". That's why, because everyone did it, so I must properly do it as well. Because of school that I can work.

- Even though you able to work like that, the way you said it is wonderful! Isn't last year your first lead role in a stage play?

Fukuda: I did "Ame to Yume no Ato ni" with the theatrical troupe Caramel Box. During my summer break, from Tokyo to Osaka, there's 43 public performances...

- Only 12 years old but doing 43 performances as a lead role in a stage play, it's unbelievable!

Fukuda: Because I didn't know how it feels to be in a stage, during the practices, people tell me "It's natural to not be good at it!" so I tried my best.

- On the first day of the play, were you nervous?

Fukuda: But you see, I remember it really fun on the first day. When the first line was uttered, you're able to feel the audience reaction. I was really happy that it made me laugh (laughs). Even though the mike was difficult to attach, I attached it to myself was able to do it until the last performance.

- That's amazing. Respect!

Fukuda: For some reason, the more time we did it, the the higher the tension. Trying to match the rhythm of my companions, like when they say "hello" or "aah" and other different changes, it's interesting. For a stage play, each and every performances are different. That pressure of need to do things well peak around 4-5 days before the last day. It was really painful time... But I thought the stage play is really interesting. I want to do it once again~!

- Even when you're worried about it, you're really strong. What's the most charming thing about doing stage performance?

Fukuda: For me, while acting, you can see the audiences' reactions! "This is how people see of my acting" was instant feeling. For movies and drama, the time frame when you hear about people's impressions are different. And beside, people don't just say "That's great~".

- That reminded me, when you appeared in the provisional performance without any script for "Shujinashi" (CBC) with Shoufukutei Tsurube-san, he said "This girl is a genius".

Fukuda: Involuntarily and steadily the storyline was created between me and Tsurube-san. It's similar to a stage play so I really had fun. From the beginning, to properly say the lines for the characters at the right time, that type of acting is a lot of pressure for me. There are also times when I don't understand things from thinking too much... But for the scene, being able to perfectly match the rhythm of each other and act, it's fun! For a stage performance, the way to perform depends on the atmosphere of that day.

- Tsurube-san said you're "able to guess what people are saying and return it quickly" that it's a bit scary (laughs). Do you have a secret on improving your performance?

Fukuda: For such thing, I really want to know too~ (laughs).

- The drama "Enka no Joou" (NTV) that's showing right now is really favorable!

Fukuda: Even with the staffs from "Joou no Kyoushitsu", there are a lot of comedy components this time that make you wonder "Amami Yuki-san will be doing this!?". Amami-san is playing as a pitiful character (laughs). On the other hand, each time I will be the one scolding Amami-san (instead of like in Joou no Kyoshitsu where Amami was the one scolding the student most of the time), like that (laughs) . For me, whether it is stage performance or drama, to be able to hear that "It was interesting~" make me the most happy ♪ From crying to being touched, that's why there's a lot of meanings in this comedy!

- Ehh~, that's surprising. your role has a quiet and a bit serious image. Mayuko-chan, normally, what's your personality like?

Fukuda: I'm a crybaby (laughs). I hate to loose, and cry when there are regrets. Recently, I cried when my test score was the lowest for the first time since entering elementary (laughs).

- And the score that cause this is...

Fukuda: It was for Society, 80 points.

- That's your lowest score!? That would be the highest score I receive in my lifetime~ (tears)

Fukuda: I don't really think "I like myself like this", but "I should try my best to do better!". However occasionally, when I got home late from work and steadily working on my homework in the middle of the night, there are times I would think "I'm really admirable"... (laughs)

- What the one thing that can make you energetic?

Fukuda: I love Porno Graffiti-san ♪ I listen to their CD, and when they appear on a television program, just watching them made me happy and I'm able to regain energy! I have no money left from collecting the old CD and DVD (laughs).


Side A offshot

►►Fukuda Mayuko

Mayuko is always 100% fully smiling!

The location is from Choufu Airport to Tamagawa river side. Mayuko-chan is constantly smiling. She’s able to heal all of the staffs. When the shooting start, showing the face of an adult, you can really feel an aura of a big actress radiating from her!



- An old interview I want to translate because… I love this photo shoot. The pictures are pretty~! ♥ For some reason, I tends to enjoy translating things with pretty pictures than without. Haha.

- Whenever I read Mayuko’s interviews, I always feel she is really admirable. 43 public performances during her summer break!! That’s amazing don’t you think? I’ve seen the stage play and it was really good and entertaining. lol, I love all the casts, they are adorable. As for the drama, I only watch the first episode but stop due to being lazy. ^_^;;

- I miss watching Amami Yuki and Mayuko together… >__<;; I wish someone would sub/put out Last Present. Or if only they have another drama together again.

- Random, but a few days ago, I saw the movie Otouto with Shoufukutei Tsurube. It was really good, totally recommend!!!


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