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Goseiger epic 46-47-48 Making Of

This week of Goseiger Making Of, taken from Toei's Goseiger official site.

I've been trying to catch up to my dramas and shows that I ended up missing 2 weeks of watching Goseiger live. >___<


1. Director Watanabe is

2. From the first and second episode until now

3. Always watching over Goseiger

4. Dealing with each and every casts

5. So that the casts can show their own charms with passionate performances

6. Occasionally, he’s strict

7. Occasionally, fun

8. And also, passionate!

9. Such collections are


1. In epic 48

2. Is included in Alata’s punch

3. We’d realized

4. Because there are variations in the shooting place

5. The staffs as well as the casts

6. Their smiles


1. At any time

2. Was unable to stop

3. Otsukaresama deshita

4. For the last battle

5. Also continue to cooperate together

6. We’ll do our best!


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B.L.T. U-17 Winter 2007: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

Text taken from mayukofukuda.seesaa.net.

Images taken from Fukuda Mayuko's Baidu page.


B.L.T. U-17 (Under 17) Issue 1, on sale February 2007


Anywhere in the sky


Standing in front of this light


My dream and the vast sky are the same color


- At Tamagawa's river bed, the site of the photo shoot, there are many dogs.

Fukuda: So cute ♥ The owners playing catch with their dogs looks so happy ♪

- Do you keep any dogs at home?

Fukuda: Chihuahua, Miniature Daschund, and German Shepherd

- That's a big variation (laughs). Then again, for Mayuko-chan, last year you were acting in lots of drama and movie~!

Fukuda: Around September of last year, I was really busy, the school works and homework need to be given to me. All the notes and documents that was given to me, I was able to finished it at once and submitted in October during my break time (laughs).

- Even though it's late, to be able to properly submit it is very admirable~!

Fukuda: Because I like working, that's why when I have to skip school in order to film, in some respect, I felt like I am "playing hooky". I didn't like it when my friends seem to tell me, "You didn't do homework in order to work". That's why, because everyone did it, so I must properly do it as well. Because of school that I can work.

- Even though you able to work like that, the way you said it is wonderful! Isn't last year your first lead role in a stage play?

Fukuda: I did "Ame to Yume no Ato ni" with the theatrical troupe Caramel Box. During my summer break, from Tokyo to Osaka, there's 43 public performances...

- Only 12 years old but doing 43 performances as a lead role in a stage play, it's unbelievable!

Fukuda: Because I didn't know how it feels to be in a stage, during the practices, people tell me "It's natural to not be good at it!" so I tried my best.

- On the first day of the play, were you nervous?

Fukuda: But you see, I remember it really fun on the first day. When the first line was uttered, you're able to feel the audience reaction. I was really happy that it made me laugh (laughs). Even though the mike was difficult to attach, I attached it to myself was able to do it until the last performance.

- That's amazing. Respect!

Fukuda: For some reason, the more time we did it, the the higher the tension. Trying to match the rhythm of my companions, like when they say "hello" or "aah" and other different changes, it's interesting. For a stage play, each and every performances are different. That pressure of need to do things well peak around 4-5 days before the last day. It was really painful time... But I thought the stage play is really interesting. I want to do it once again~!

- Even when you're worried about it, you're really strong. What's the most charming thing about doing stage performance?

Fukuda: For me, while acting, you can see the audiences' reactions! "This is how people see of my acting" was instant feeling. For movies and drama, the time frame when you hear about people's impressions are different. And beside, people don't just say "That's great~".

- That reminded me, when you appeared in the provisional performance without any script for "Shujinashi" (CBC) with Shoufukutei Tsurube-san, he said "This girl is a genius".

Fukuda: Involuntarily and steadily the storyline was created between me and Tsurube-san. It's similar to a stage play so I really had fun. From the beginning, to properly say the lines for the characters at the right time, that type of acting is a lot of pressure for me. There are also times when I don't understand things from thinking too much... But for the scene, being able to perfectly match the rhythm of each other and act, it's fun! For a stage performance, the way to perform depends on the atmosphere of that day.

- Tsurube-san said you're "able to guess what people are saying and return it quickly" that it's a bit scary (laughs). Do you have a secret on improving your performance?

Fukuda: For such thing, I really want to know too~ (laughs).

- The drama "Enka no Joou" (NTV) that's showing right now is really favorable!

Fukuda: Even with the staffs from "Joou no Kyoushitsu", there are a lot of comedy components this time that make you wonder "Amami Yuki-san will be doing this!?". Amami-san is playing as a pitiful character (laughs). On the other hand, each time I will be the one scolding Amami-san (instead of like in Joou no Kyoshitsu where Amami was the one scolding the student most of the time), like that (laughs) . For me, whether it is stage performance or drama, to be able to hear that "It was interesting~" make me the most happy ♪ From crying to being touched, that's why there's a lot of meanings in this comedy!

- Ehh~, that's surprising. your role has a quiet and a bit serious image. Mayuko-chan, normally, what's your personality like?

Fukuda: I'm a crybaby (laughs). I hate to loose, and cry when there are regrets. Recently, I cried when my test score was the lowest for the first time since entering elementary (laughs).

- And the score that cause this is...

Fukuda: It was for Society, 80 points.

- That's your lowest score!? That would be the highest score I receive in my lifetime~ (tears)

Fukuda: I don't really think "I like myself like this", but "I should try my best to do better!". However occasionally, when I got home late from work and steadily working on my homework in the middle of the night, there are times I would think "I'm really admirable"... (laughs)

- What the one thing that can make you energetic?

Fukuda: I love Porno Graffiti-san ♪ I listen to their CD, and when they appear on a television program, just watching them made me happy and I'm able to regain energy! I have no money left from collecting the old CD and DVD (laughs).


Side A offshot

►►Fukuda Mayuko

Mayuko is always 100% fully smiling!

The location is from Choufu Airport to Tamagawa river side. Mayuko-chan is constantly smiling. She’s able to heal all of the staffs. When the shooting start, showing the face of an adult, you can really feel an aura of a big actress radiating from her!



- An old interview I want to translate because… I love this photo shoot. The pictures are pretty~! ♥ For some reason, I tends to enjoy translating things with pretty pictures than without. Haha.

- Whenever I read Mayuko’s interviews, I always feel she is really admirable. 43 public performances during her summer break!! That’s amazing don’t you think? I’ve seen the stage play and it was really good and entertaining. lol, I love all the casts, they are adorable. As for the drama, I only watch the first episode but stop due to being lazy. ^_^;;

- I miss watching Amami Yuki and Mayuko together… >__<;; I wish someone would sub/put out Last Present. Or if only they have another drama together again.

- Random, but a few days ago, I saw the movie Otouto with Shoufukutei Tsurube. It was really good, totally recommend!!!


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Pure☆Pure Issue 24: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

Because I’ve been translating a few with chibi Kamiki, so this time, I want to do a chibi Mayuko translation. ^___^


Text taken from mayukofukuda.seesaa.net.

Images taken from MyMayuko. If you know Chinese, please do visit. They have a lot of cool information and pictures! :o


Pure☆Pure Issue 24 is published on May 7, 2004. At the time, Fukuda Mayuko is 9 years old.


- The commercial “QUOQ” (read as ‘quark’) really boost your fame. In order for the reader to remember, can you tell us the story?

Mayuko: Erm~, somehow, I don’t belong to any groups at school, I’m a girl who just quietly reading a book while everyone else are playing. Then, a transfer student name ‘QUOQ-kun’ came and always stood by me, and it somehow made me a bit happy, like that.

- It has no lines, but only depends on your expressions to act, was it difficult?

Mayuko: That’s right~. The face’s angles, how to not let your hair cover your face, and many other things that helps give the commercial meanings, it was really hard. But, because the director’s explanations on how he want it are easy to understand that I was able to have fun ♥ Because I did my best, I’m happy if people can understand the story when they watch my expressions.

- Yes yes. At school, you’re called “Mamayu” right? Why Mamayu?

Mayuko: At first, one of my friend said, “Let’s not call each other so formal”. So when I said, “Then, it’ll be good if you call me Mayuko-chan.”, she started calling me “Mamayu”, and then everyone begin to call me by “Mamayu”~ (laughs)

- It’s like how Ayaya got her nickname~ (laughs)

Mayuko: It was like that~ (laughs)

- In your class, what type of person are you?

Mayuko: I wonder what type… I guess I’m cheerful and bright, and I make friends easy. Also, I like playing together with 3 people ☆ With just 2 people, only one would talk and it wouldn’t make sense, but with 3 people, everyone can get excited together.

- What kind of things do you play?

Mayuko: The horizontal bar, but I have bad reflexes. I only play it for fun, I’m not especially good at it (laughs)

- I see (laughs). At home, you’re keeping dogs right?

Mayuko: Yes, I’m keeping a Chihuahua, a Miniature Daschund, and a German Shepherd~. During my day off, my father and I will take a walk to the park with our 3 dogs.

- You had such a charming smile when you talk, but what part of yourself do you think is cute?

Mayuko: When people get angry and I’m frantically apologizing. When my Chihuahua suddenly bark at the people nearby, then I’m like “I’m sorry”, like that. Did you know~, if you have dogs, then even if you’re an only child, you can be raise cheerfully…

- Oh, that’s not something you normally hear from an elementary student!!

Mayuko: My father said that (laughs)

- You’re so honest (laughs). Then Mayuko-chan, what’s your dream for the future?

Mayuko: An actress (smiles) Not and idol~, but an actress is good. You’re able to experience all kinds of things, and it’s fun to become all kinds of roles. From now on, to be able to continue going forward like this for~~~~~~ever, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!


Questions and Answers

1. Describe your personality in 1 word.

Mayuko: Bright and cheerful

2. Compare yourself to an animal, and why?

Mayuko: Monkey. I’m always so noisy that it’s perfectly fits.

3. Nickname?

Mayuko: Mamayu

4. A recent obsession?

Mayuko: Collecting dog goods

5. One thing you want the most right now?

Mayuko: A game cartridge

6. Your treasure?

Mayuko: A teddy bear I have from when I was young

7. Your best subject? Your worst subject?

Mayuko: Best subject is math. Worst subject is physical education.

8. A club your belong to now or in the past?

Mayuko: Now, I’m in the badminton club. I’m not in any before.

9. How do you pass your time after school or during the holidays?

Mayuko: Television and game. And then, I laze around.

10. Favorite book or manga?

Mayuko: Mirumo de Pon!

11. The type of boy you like?

Mayuko: Someone that’s funny and kind.

12. A place you want to go? What do you want to do when you get there?

Mayuko: The past. I want to see myself in the past.

13. You’ve become the Prime Minister, what’s a new rule you just created?

Mayuko: Treasure dogs!

14. If you have only 1 wish that will come true, what will you wish for?

Mayuko: A body that never get sick.

15. Please tell us how you imagine yourself to be 10 years later.

Mayuko: I want to be a famous actress, but… I don’t really know…



- This is my second time translating this. I finished translating this once and then something happens and the windows closed on me… All my hard works down to drain. GAH!! lllorz

- It’s interesting that she said she want to have a body that never get sick, because according the her manager’s blog, she recently got sick at the end of the year. ^^;;

- Also, speaking of her manager’s blog, it seems like Mayuko actually calls herself “Fukuda” in writing, which is pretty rare, especially to people her age. I guess like instead of calling herself normally like “I” or “Mayuko”, it’s “Fukuda”. XD;; Somehow it’s interesting. It’s rare seeing people calling themselves as their last name rather than their first name… right? ^__^;;

- I love that she said she want to be an actress. Not and idol, but an actress. Also, she want to be a famous actress in 10 years. At that time, she’s only 9, which means, when she’s 19, she want to be famous. Lol, it’s only 3 more years~!! Somehow, I really hope she’ll get her wish. And I can’t wait to see how Mayuko’s going to grow into when she’s 19.

- The QUOQ CM (I can’t find the second one >_<;;) I still have no idea what the CM is trying to sell, lol. Yuko-chan is really tsundere. XD

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Takahashi Ai (高橋愛) Will Graduate From Morning Musume

I think that if you’re a fan of Morning Musume, or even just Hello! Project in general, you would have heard the news that Morning Musume leader, and also H!P leader, Takahashi Ai, will graduate at the end of this year.

I am a fan of Aichan. She is always my number one favorite in Morning Musume and H!P. Though my number 2 always change from time to time, Aichan’s position as number one never once change.

The time I learned of MM was when I was downloading Hello! Morning episodes from… where was it from? Well anyways, it was way before torrent and mediafire or megaupload became widely use. Yes, it was a very long time ago. At that time, Goto Maki has already graduated and Morning Musume are promoting “Koko ni Iruzee” single at the end of every episode. Of course, back then, Hello! Morning is much more interesting than the TV shows that they are in now, so I was hooked. In that specific episode, they were answering questions in order to get food, and Aichan was somehow the last 3 people that’s unable to answer the questions. For some reason, that was when I like her. It was my first time watching all of them, but somehow, Aichan just stand out. It’s kind of weird, but I guess, I take notice of her because I feel pity for her. She’s not fast or out spoken like everyone else, and she seems confused by the questions most of the time, but because of that, I was rooting for her. Haha…

And then, I started to madly research this show. Who are they? What do they do? Who’s is she? That’s how I learned of Morning Musume. In the process, I learn of Goto Maki, Nakazawa Yuko, Yaguchi Mari, Kago Ai, and the rest of the girls. And most important of all, I learn of Takahashi Ai.

Aichan is very humble and demure. It’s known to fans and antis alike that she’s a bit more withdrawal than the rest. You might say, she have no TV personality and even boring. But when she’s on stage and when the stage lights are on her, her talents and auras suddenly blare up, and Aichan delivers whatever you want of her. That’s why, she has been on center spot of Morning Musume singles after singles.

When the leader position was suddenly pushed onto her, and then the passing of the H!P throne when the OG graduated from H!P, even though most of the fans try to avoid it, we all know that some day, perhaps, very soon, Takahashi will be graduating from Morning Musume. We all try to avoid it, but in the back of my mind, those insecure thoughts are there, hiding somewhere. I guess that’s why, the sudden announcement of Aichan’s graduation wasn’t much of a surprise to me, especially with the addition of 9th gens, or Kyuukies. Shocked, yes, but we all know it’s coming. Even if it doesn’t surprise me, I’m still confused. All my emotions are jumble up into a confusing mess. That’s why, for a few days, I didn’t know what and how I should write about it.

Eri-Jun-Lin graduation announcement was unexpected, and I was definitely shocked, but it didn’t leave me with a confused state like it did for Aichan’s announcement. I wondered why?

Then I realized it.

Takahashi Ai

Her existence itself is my existence.

Because Aichan exists that part of my life exists. Even if it’s just a small part, but because she was there that I was able to learn of Morning Musume. Because she was there that I ended up following MM’s graduations and auditions. Because she was there that I learn of the Jpop world, I learned of Hey!Hey!Hey! and Utaban. Because she was there that I learn of Takarazuka (though I’m still unable to spell it). And I also learn of other artists. It’s like a web that’s growing bigger and bigger. Because she exists, that Morning Musume, Hello! Project, Utaban, Jpop, etc… exists. That’s why, because she exists that part of me exists.

Sure, if Aichan didn’t exists, then I’ll just like a different person and different Jpop group. But without Aichan, the me here right now would be totally different. For one, I wouldn’t be typing this whole thing out. And also, this blog, aimuse, wouldn’t start in the first place. Or even if it start, it would probably be about totally different things.

That’s why, her existence is also my existence.

Thank you, Takahashi Ai.


My first and favorite Aichan’s OPV of all time. She’s so young in here. XD


Reading through the others’ message about Aichan’s graduation, I think Suzuki Airi’s message touched me the most. The translation is thanks to snoboat from H!O Aichan’s forum.

「And amidst all that, today it was announced that Takahashi Ai-san will be graduating from Morning Musume at the Fall Tour.

Takahashi-san is a senpai I've always admired since before I entered H!P Kids.

Whether at the rehearsals, or the actual performances, on stage, or during the musicals, the more I watched her, the more my admiration increased. It was frustrating that I couldn't catch up to her, but one day I wanted her to admire me too. That was the kind of person she was to me.

I truly believe that because Takahashi-san stood at the top of Hello! we are here now.

Backstage, I don't really trade compliments that much with the other members (lol [her lol not mine] ). I've met a lot of the different members at the Hello concerts and all, and they've said a lot of nice things to me. I remember that Takahashi-san praised my dancing.

When she saw that I was unsure of myself, she said "You should be more confident. You look very cool when you dance."

For the person I admired to say something like that to me... at the time, I just said Oh, thank you, or something, but inside I was so happy.

I wanted her to recognize me more.

Because I felt that way, I thought I'm not going to call her Ai-chan.

I only want to call her Takahashi-san. [Takahashi-san can seem more distant than the friendly, affectionate Ai-chan, which is why Ai probably has everyone call her Ai-chan, but Airi wants to communicate how much she respects her and doesn't take her lightly by using it]


In the time we have left together, I'm going to be watching her like crazy during rehearsal. I'm going to try to absorb as much of her as possible, so that I can become just like her.

I'm going to look her right in the face

and say "I want to be like you, Takahashi-san!"

Maybe I should give that idea up, lol.

Even though I say that, I won't give it up.

Also, during the last song we sang together, I held Takahashi-san's hand.

During that moment, all the tears I had tried to hold back couldn't be held back anymore.

I love her!

I can't finish all my thoughts but we'll have memories up through the fall tour.

Today I took 2 pictures with Takahashi-san.」


Front girls of their respected groups… I like the power in this performance.


It’s too difficult condense everything that I like about her in one post. Though I should probably write this when her graduation take place instead of now… lol

But, I hope after her graduation, she’ll have a solo career where it’s easy to follow. I don’t mind if she does theater, but I probably can’t see it. >__<;; I was thinking for a long time ago, that if Gaki-san and Aichan were to graduate together, then they can form a duo… But that dream was quickly crushed. Lol.


Beautiful voice ♥


Anyways, even with the additions of the Kyuukies, I’m not sure if I will be able to still follow MM after she’s gone. My second favorite was Michishige Sayumi, but it’s easier and more entertaining to watch her in variety shows. And sure, I do like Sayashi Riho, but it’s only around 10 days since her name was out, so it’s still too early to tell. ^_^;; But hopefully, they will be able to force me to like them. Well, they still have 1 years, so I’ll look forward to what they can bring.

Yasshi, I’m counting on you!


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Goseiger Blog: Aspiration for 2011

Tensou Sentai GoseigerGo! Say! blog.

Goseiger is almost finish… It’s kind of sad.


Aspiration for 2011

Chiba Yudai


Happy New Year everyone!

Goseiger is still continuing, until the last part, please continue to support us.

Well then, my aspiration is, until that day when I stop being called Alata by others, I hope to continues to be love as Alata.

This year also, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!



Aspiration for 2011

Satou Rika


Happy New Year everyone!

This year is the year of the rabbit, it’s my year!

Because of that, I hope to become an adult woman from outside to inside~!

I’ll do my best to improve myself. laughs



Aspiration for 2011

Hamao Kyosuke


To everyone of the viewers!!

Happy New Year ♪

Tensou Sentai Goseiger will continues to struggle on.

We only have a bit more left, but until the last minute, I hope we’ll get everyone to get excited, and give everyone a drama like their dream, please treat us well!

For my aspirations for 2011…

Hamao Kyouuke, finally will be 20 years old this year!!

My 2011 aspiration is for “Myself and my character to both become an adult”!

There are still many things about me that’s childish (laughs)

I hope to absorb many things as I swiftly finish this year!!



Aspiration for 2011

Niwa Mikiho


Everyone, Happy New Year.

I passed 2010 with Goseiger, where I’m able to meet many of you.

To also have these important meetings and personally experience various challenges for another year in 2011, that would be great.

Until the last minute, please continue to cheer for Goseiger!!



Aspiration for 2011

Ono Kento


Everyone, Happy New Year.

There will only be 1 month left of Goseiger broadcast.

But, it’s not yet finish.

Until then, I must do my best for the last spurt, and must not have any regrets as I play Hyde.

In order to see my growths in 2011, I want to put my greatest effort to progress on.

This year also, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.


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Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) 2011 Calendar

His calendar scans taken from Kamiki’s Baidu.

Hope you enjoy.




Download for slightly bigger scans. ^^;;

Download link: Media Fire

Size: 2.19 mb

Type: ZIP file

Password: 2011


Kamiki Ryunosuke 2011 Calendar PR

Beside from ASmart, the Calendar isn’t on sale anywhere else, so… I guess you can wait until it comes out in CDJapan to get one for yourself. :D



- A rather bland and boring calendar, imho.

- September - October remind me of Miura Haruma.

- January - February and November – December remind me of  Sato Takeru.

- May – June remind me of Sakurada Dori. XD;;

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Pict Up: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) & Suga Kenta (須賀健太) Interview

I recently got myself lots of Kamiki’s newer interviews, but… I also really want to translate this, when he and Suga Kenta are both still chibis. For this interview, they work in the same movie ZOO, which, if you’re a member of Kamiki Ryunosuke’s lj community, then sarapinpin post the movie to download. I’m not too good with horror movies so I have to pass watching it. ^^;;

I’m also not sure which issue of Pict Up this scan was. But the scan is credit to Kamiki’s baidu page. Thanks again, Chinese fans! :)


Kamiki Ryunosuke X Suga Kenta

An adult-like association? These two acting as the key person for “ZOO”

“Hello, I’m Kamiki Ryunosuke. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” “I’m Suga Kenta.”

Around 4 years ago, they first met at an audition. A relationship a bit different from their normal elementary school friends.

In the omnibus movie “ZOO”, these two appears in different short stories. Like a dream, we will be able to listen to them talk seriously.


On this day, Kamiki-kun’s tension is high. Facing him, Suga-kun is feeling a bit nervous.

Even though it’s rare for two young characters to meet, but this is a popular person’s privilege. Being on television, they are able to talk with each other about each other’s circumstances.

Kamiki: (When seeing Suga-kun on TV) ‘Ah, it’s Ken-chan! Mama, Ken-chan appear!’ I will called out.

Suga: As for me, around this time I watch him in “Howl’s (Moving Castle)”.

Kamiki: You appeared in a television program right? You went to Hokkaido right?

Suga: Un, that’s right.

Suga-kun pretty much has a cool way of talking. Calling the big brother Kamiki (older by 1 year) “Ryu”, and calling himself “boku”. They are currently in 4th-5th grade of elementary, a delicate period.


“It was amazing.”

“The white eyes part?”

Not talking about their impression of each others’ acting, instead, discussing about the contents of the movie “ZOO”.

Kamiki: Ryu is very weak at scary stories, that’s why I didn’t watch it at all. I only watch my part. It’s a really mysterious story. When I read it at first, I’m unable to understand it. I wondered, “Does that sort of thing exist~?”

Kamiki-kun’s part is “SO~far~” is a story about a mother and father that are under the impression as already dead. Kamiki-kun acts as a mysterious young boy.

Suga: (About Kamiki-kun’s acting) Somehow, it’s really good. Somehow, even though I didn’t really understand it, it was good.

Kamiki: The part where I showed the white of my eyes?

Suga: Ah~, I can’t show the white part of my eyes.

Kamiki: You just need to point your eyes upward, then close it and GAN, then it’ll be good, just point upward……

Suga: (Trying it out) I can’t…..

Suga-kun acted in “Seven Rooms”, a story about a pair of siblings, jailed in one of seven of the concrete room. Suga-kun’s character is “Boku”, who’s able to navigate through the sewer drainage into every other room to help his sister escape.

Suga: The filming was very hard, in 1 day, I felt myself being soak in tororo konbu.

Kamiki: Did you open your eyes?

Suga: When I open my eyes, I thought the tororo konbu is entering my eyes.

Kamiki: Tororo konbu seems tasty.

Suga: Bu (snickers)

And then Suga-kun gave the biggest laugh up until now. Is there anymore scary things?

Suga: No, there are still a lot.

But you seems so calm.


For a young boy actor, tears is?

Young boy actors that can cry are are especially sought after for drama. For these two, they talk about how they are able “to cry” normally.

Suga: For crying, because I don’t know how I should cry, that’s why, it’s hard.

Kamiki: Even though I don’t think crying is hard……

Suga: In “Oh! Oku”, Matsushita (Yuki, in the drama playing Ushi’s mother)-san was so good that I cried. After that, remembering my saddest moment, at one time, filming in Tokyo for 2 weeks without my mother, and I felt lonely staying at the hotel, like that.

Kamiki: As for Ryu, I also felt for my character, but I thought about the thing I hate the most….

What’s the most recent time you cried?

Suga: I cried 3-4 days before. My little sister was playing on the futon, and then she fell. When I told her to “get up”, she pulled it and “Baki” (he fell down), and I cried. I thought my back was breaking…. But nothing was wrong in the end.

Kamiki: For me, (while acting) in the drama, is pretty much where I cried~. When I watch the movie “The Great Yokai War” I pretty much cried.

Kamiki: Ah, I also watched the movie “I Am David”. Hahaha.

Kamiki-kun, who seems to misinterpret the time you cried yourself. He seems a bit obsess with television. Now that I mention it, recently, watching his work seems not to embarrass him anymore. Perhaps, it’s due to puberty.


The thing these two are interest in from now on!

What do you want to try after this?

Suga: A battle, for example. I want to try using a sword in a drama.

Kamiki: Everything!

What about outside of work?

Kamiki: Taking picture!

Suga: ………… Making my eyes turn white.

And Suga-kun once again decide to practice making his eyes white.

Kamiki: Then do like this, and with your hand on the outside! Yes!

Frantically helping him is Kamiki-kun. These two are a good combination.

How do you want yourself to be when you grow up?

Kamiki: If possible, I want to eat natto. I like Takano tofu, suiton, and soba, because they taste great together….

Suga: U~n, I can’t think of anything.

Kamiki: I also can’t think of anything, but when people ask me about it, “I want to be cool”, I would thought of saying. Or “I want my leg to become longer” (laughs).

By the way, when watching the Wide Show Team, Kamiki-kun said “I want to continue to be an actor.”, and Suga-kun exposed with a serious face “I want to continue being an actor until I’m 19 years old. After that, I want to be an adventurer”.

We’ll be looking forward to these two from now on.



- First, the scan is REALLY small, so I ended up guessing most of the contents as I go.

- Kamiki is so random. I wondered if it’s because of me misunderstanding the interviewer’s question, or he misunderstood their questions… >__<;; Kamiki, you are one confusing child.

- This is perhaps the beginning of Kamiki’s taking picture obsession?

- Suga Kenta is so cute! And he’s so much more calm and mature compares to Kamiki. And he’s adorable! ♥ When he talks about being lonely without his mom, and also crying when he thought his back broke. ♥

- By the way, Kamiki tends to speak in third person here at first, calling himself “Ryu”. On the other hand, Kenta just called himself as “boku”.

- Speaking of “Boku”, I didn’t watch the movie, so I don’t know what’s Kenta character’s name is, “Boku” or “Poku” due to the blurry scan, so I just guess it as “Boku”. Anyone watched it already, please correct me if I’m wrong.

- I laughs at how Kamiki was teaching Kenta how to make his eyes white. XD;; These two are so hilarious together.

- I love Kenta for saying he want to make his eyes white. ♥

- And the last picture, Kenta’s probably trying it out. Hahahaha

- And when he grew up, Kenta want to be an adventurer! ♥

- Kamiki’s suggestions about how to answer the question (of how they want to be when they grow up), ♥. Random, but… ♥

- Kamiki keeping thinking of food. Lol He is so random!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Generation: SAYASHI RIHO♥

!!!!!Sayashi Riho!!!!!


Though I’m a bit disappointed that Otsuka Aina didn’t make it, but Sayashi Riho!!! ♥

I do hope that we’ll see Otsuka Aina again, one of this day. :)

But… Sayashi Riho!!!!


Oh, and from the news from Hello! Online (which apparently took its news from TokyoHive), the other two new members from the audition that are entering Morning Musume are Suzuki Kanon and Ikuta Erina. The last new member is Fukumura Mizuki (14 years old), originally an Egg. It’s perhaps not that rare to put an Egg member into Morning Musume, since LinLin (now graduated) is also an Egg. This additions increased Morning Musume size, from 5 people to 9 people. Not that bad, since there’s a time where MM contains around 15 members in total.


But still!! Sayashi Riho!!

I’m amazed that she got in, because she almost pretty much the whole package, aka the type of girl that Tsunku (almost) never choose in MM later audition. He always choose the type of girls that’s make you think “WTF is he thinking?!” at first until you finally got use to them.


Lol, that’s why, SAYASHI RIHO!! ♥

o(≧∇≦o)(o≧∇≦)o イエーイ