Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 44 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

I missed this episode as well.


1. Merry Christmas!

2. Merry Christmas!

3. Dancing with Panko-chan

4. Dance

5. Dance...

6. Merry Christmas!



1. Christmas is

2. Christmas is...

3. The best!

4. Nice!

5. Akebono Shiro (Battle Fever J) secretly appeared
Please look forward to the movie as well ☆


Ever since my brother exchange the motherboard of my computer, a lot of programs I usually use doesn’t work properly anymore.

Windows Live Writer, for example, don’t let me embed youtube videos anymore.

My Snipping tool also give me a large white space on the picture (ex: 2nd pic) for some weird reason.

Along with other problems.

Despite going to google and search for it, nothing seems to work. I wonder how I can fix it.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Random Fukuda Mayuko post

I should be doing something else (like fixing my computer, installing programs, finishing my writings, etc...), but I'm in the mood for Mayuko.

When will she get her next project? I'm so anxious. (*´;ェ;`*)

Thanks to Paulinetay.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 43 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

I’m finally caught up!

Luka’s turn next time. I can’t wait. ε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノキャー


1. It's the second half of the big battle with Daramasu!!

2. It's full of Hakase's henshin fight!

3. Shimizu-kun was also full of spirits.

4. For action, even though the comedy aspect of it is done as usual

5. But it's still dangerous and hard

6. In the midst of all that is the birth of a magnificent fight.

7. Ouch!!
The cruel one is actually Dairando

8. Fiveman and Sun Vulcan are...

9. Being a hero
Was a lie~ (laughs)



1. And then, after he henshin, he became really good

2. Look carefully!

3. Getting carried between them

4. Unable to look ahead after getting caught at his own cloak

5. The somersault is

6. A pro-wrestling move!



1. Though we already said it before...

2. It's really a superhuman feat.
It's not something everyone can do.

3. All green!!
Please also treat us well next week!

4. Marve "Don-san, you were really cool!"
Hakase "Teeheehee"


Gokaiger Episode 42 Making Of

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.


1. Continuing after Ahim is Hakase!

2. Event though it wasn't said, his past is finally revealed!

3. Ah, Luka is so cute ♡

4. Cleaning, cleaning ♪

5. Then, I'll entrust everything to you

6. ... So dirty!!!

7. Star shape birthmark...
Do you really have it?

8. Eh!?
Nandesu to~! (Sosuke-like) (Monomane)

9. The contents.
It's the results of Props-sand and Assistant Director's sweats and tears.



1. Are you really the legendary hero!?

2. Even though you're this pitiful character!?

3. Hakase's underpants is also the result pf clothes designer-san's sweat and tears.

4. Also showing his worth, Hakase's weird fight.

5. But it's actually on a pretty high level (laughs).

6. Here it is
Skylab Hurricane!!



1. For some reason, he's wearing cardboard equipment

2. Pounding while he's prepared for death

3. Finally getting serious as he carried the box!
Special technique! Urya!

4. The story will continues next week.

5. Against Damaras,
Against Basco

6. What will he do!? What will he do!?


Gokaiger Episode 41 Making Of

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.


1. It's an episode that showcase Ahim's shining performance.

2. The emotional Ahim that we don't see everyday

3. Striking the earth while feeling frustrated

4. On the Galleon, gentle tears for her friends.

5. There's also an unexpected heart throbbing scene.

6. They really looks like sisters.

7. The reason for Ahim to become a pirate is revealed.

8. She really put a lot of efforts to become stronger.

9. Also showing the destruction of Famile planet.
It's really devastating.



1. Fighting before henshin that we haven't see for a long time!

2. Joe is increasingly better in slashing everyday.

3. This is the result of continuous practices.

4. Zangyak's new formation.
Somehow looks exaggerated!

5. Meanwhile, our pirates are playing (laughs) (total guess)

6. Ship captain and the playful Gai



1. Joe taking up the arm wrestling challenge with the ship captain

2. Hakase taking a picture of the ship captain.

3. Hakase: How about doing it like this??
Marve: Oh, that's pretty good

4. Please watch next week too ♡


Monday, November 28, 2011

Notice: Kamiki Ryunosuke Translations

As you may have guess from my recent lack of translations… Erm, to say it truthfully, my lack of time and money prevents me from doing proper translation like I have wanted.

However, good news to those who are looking forward to Kamiki translations, because you don’t have to wait any longer!!!

I don’t know how I receive this blessing from above, but a Chinese translator, Miji-san, is willing to take the helm at Kamiki’s translation! YAY!! She is more of an expert than I am, especially in Chinese, so you guys are in good hand! She’s extremely quick and able too!! ♥

If you have livejournal, you MUST befriend her at mplusmismm! She already have 2 articles translated! So DO IT NOW!

As for me, I’ll focus on Kamiki’s untranslated Japanese stuffs (when I have time), until I receive another blessing and a Japanese translator is willing to help out with more Kamiki translation! Yes, I’m still waiting for you! Sign up if you haven’t already!

Now, I’m going to give you some instruction for when you finished reading this short notice, so please pay attention.

1. Befriend/favorite mplusmismm!

2. Learn Japanese and become Kamiki’s translator #2 for his Japanese stuffs!


On another note, “11 Nin mom Iru!” is hilarious!


Thank you for your time. ( ̄ー ̄)


Gokaiger Episode 40 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

I just realized we only have 12 more episodes until the next Super Sentai debut. It’s going to be sad seeing Gokaiger end, though I am also excited for the first time since I start watching Super Sentai about the new team. I think this series may be push Shinkenger down from its spot as my 2nd favorite. The top spot is still Magiranger for me.

So apparently Izumi Shuuhei is in Kuroshitsuji Musical as Undertaker with Sakamoto Shogo. News to me!

This episode made my eyes moist. Even though I haven’t seen that far of Timeranger, Domon is already becoming a favorite character just with this tribute alone. That’s probably saying a lot more than I should have. The last scene is ♥.


1. Gokaiger and time travel
It seems fun! So small!! (laughs)

2. Director Takemoto and Izumi-san.
They are good friends.

3. Domon is getting ready to film.

4. Ah~ How nostalgic.

5. Ah~ But this will be the heartrending last (laughs)

6. Even though it has been 10 years
He still has a great smile.

7. This is the letter that caused Domon to tear up

8. Moriyama Honami is played by Yoshimura Tamao-san.
Of course, as the original cast.

9. A commemorative photo, crossing space and time!



1. Gai-kun of the past is also a bit different

2. But as they fight, they became good friends. Yep.

3. Last week total reward price went up.
Ahim "We can't go up anymore"

4. Ah!! What could you be thinking...!!

5. There will be new memories so
ZanKTO!!! (this pun, I don't get it! It may be thank you + MoW??)

6. Yes, we're still at 0.
We're still not done yet.

7. Let's continue to look forward to the excitement next week~!!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 39 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

Denji Sentai Megaranger tribute. Megaranger made me remember it as the only one with all its casts as high school students during the run of Boukenger.

This episode is nice as we see all of our Gokaiger as high school students.

Next week is Timeranger with Domon and time slip. ♥ I spoiled myself with Domon’s story while watching Timeranger. ;__;


1. Gokaiger, school uniform version!

2. It suited us right?

3. A long time since I wore school uniform again, teehee (shy)

4. While turning back to this time

5. It makes us remember

6. Our high school days

7. Having lots of fun (laughs)

8. Taking a picture of such scene

9. It feels like a field trip.



1. There's also Marve-chan's exciting dunk.

2. Osawa-kun used to be in basketball club!!

3. How nice,
I want to try on school uniform too...

4. From Megaranger is Mega Red, Date Kenta

5. Ooshiba Hayato-san came rushing in!

6. One of Megaranger's director
Director Ta�A also came to visit.

7. School is fun!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 38 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

I… Don’t even know what to say about this week episode. Best scenes was Joe saying goodbye to Sid sempai… And then the prince freaking out when he find Joe killed Barizorg. It’s sad for me to say it, but I’ve really like the spoiled prince. So… I’m disappointed to see him go.

Next week, Gokaiger high school student.


1. Please Director

2. Just for this time...

3. I want to do it!

4. For the sake of...

5. Rescuing

6. Sid sempai's soul!

7. A, amazing spirit

8. Joe-san do your best!

9. "Go~! Joe~!" "Gya~"



1. Once more

2. Excellent serious action

3. The feeling of the meeting of blades

4. Barizorg is also

5. Very strong

6. Until his last moment...



1. Joe and Sid sempai's

2. Tragedy

3. Is finally over

4. Good bye, Barizorg

5. And also, Waruzu Gil-sama~~


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Daily Yomiuri Online: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) Interview


Taken from Daily Yomiuri Online (English).


Finding his voice / Child actor Kamiki is all grown up, ready for more

Makoto Fukuda / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writer

There was a time when Ryunosuke Kamiki was known as "that cute child actor." Even now, many people's image of him probably comes from movies like Yokai Daisenso (The Great Yokai War). But that little boy is already 18 years old.

In To Aru Hikushi e no Tsuioku (Recollections of a certain pilot), which premiered Oct. 1, he voices a role older than he is, marking an important step in his growth as an actor. Recently, Kamiki spoke candidly to The Yomiuri Shimbun about his thoughts on his career.

The first time I saw "Kamiki-kun" in the flesh was in November 2004 at NTV's Shiodome headquarters in Tokyo for the premier of Howl's Moving Castle. He was just the cutest thing as he tried to cut the tape, a true angel. Audiences were enthralled with Kamiki in his touching role on the TBS Sunday drama Aikurushii (So lovely) and as the lively main character of NTV's Tantei Gakuen Q (Detective school Q).

"The other day, a junior high school student said to me, 'You've really gotten big.' People's opinions of me seem to have been put on pause a while ago," said Kamiki with a wry laugh. "It's not that I want to erase any of their memories, but I want to carve a new image on top of that."

In To Aru Hikushi e no Tsuioku, Kamiki plays the main character Charles, a 21-year-old fighter pilot. This is the first time for him to play a character older than himself, in either film or anime. "Charles has a lot of inner strength, and also a big sense of responsibility and justice," Kamiki said. "I tried to focus on making my voice lower, to sound like a steadfast adult."

To Aru Hikushi e no Tsuioku is the movie version of the novel of the same name by Koroku Inumura. In it, ace mercenary pilot Charles is charged with secretly delivering the heir to the throne, Princess Fana (voiced by Seika Taketomi), safely back to her nation by breaking through enemy lines in a lone reconnaissance seaplane. Risking their lives on the trip through the sky, the two gradually become attracted to each other. Released by Madhouse Inc., the film was directed by Jun Shishido, director of Saiunkoku Monogatari (Tale of the land of colored clouds).

With several credits from Studio Ghibli under his belt, one might think of Kamiki as a voice-over specialist, but he said it took some getting used to. "At first my voice would get really high all of a sudden," he says. "During combat scenes with other planes, I'd unconsciously start moving my hands along with [the action]."

One memorable line in the film is after Charles avoids a missile and somehow causes it to strike the enemy plane that fired it. "Sorry," he uttered.

"Since [Charles] was discriminated against while he was growing up, I think he understands other people's pain and sadness twice as much as a normal person. He doesn't really want to kill people. I put a lot of different thoughts into my performance," Kamiki said.

Character designer Hidenori Matsubara praised Kamiki's work in the film.

"The strength of his voice really brought out Charles' purity. It really increased the sense that he was the main character," Matsubara said. "It's an incredibly poignant story of love between different classes, but it's also got white-knuckle battle scenes and a beautiful ending. I hope a lot of people get to see it."




On becoming an actor

The Saitama Prefecture native claims that since his debut in TV commercials at the age of 2, he has never thought of his job as difficult or considered quitting.

"Back then my health wasn't very good, so my mom tried to get me work [in show business] because she wanted some kind of concrete proof I had lived. Now she tells me I can quit if I want, but I enjoy it so I'm not about to stop." His first TV role came four years later, in 1999, on the TBS show Good News.

The first time Kamiki thought seriously about the job of an actor was during his first lead role in Yokai Daisenso. "I had a lot of new experiences, like acting with wires and shooting in out-of-town locations, but it was during the promos and interviews that I started to realize I needed to be a representative for everyone who was involved in the movie. That's when something like a sense of responsibility gradually started to take shape," he said.

Other major productions Kamiki has appeared in include 20 Seiki Shonen: Saishusho Bokura no Hata (the final installment of 20th Century Boys Series), as well as the Fuji TV series Kaze no Garden (Wind garden) and the NTV series Kokosei Restaurant (High school student restaurant). His anime voice-over credits are numerous and include hits such as Summer Wars.

But, has he really never run up against an obstacle? "People around me have all kinds of special talents, like singing or dancing," Kamiki said. "One day I started to think that there wasn't anything special about me, and I got really down."

When asked if he considers acting to be a special talent, Kamiki answers that before he didn't think of performing that way, it was just something people asked him to do. "But after talking to a lot of people, I decided I needed to have pride in my acting," he said. "If I think I need something else, I can give dancing or singing a try, but acting should be my foundation. I've gained enough confidence to trust that I should grow in the ways I think I need to."

Approaching 18 years of age, "People tell me, 'Wow, you've grown up,' but I want to mature in lots of ways, not just physically. Up to now I've had pretty tame roles, so I'd like to try playing someone evil. I'd also like to act in a love story. So far my real-life loves tend to stop at, 'You're a nice guy,'" Kamiki said shyly. With that expression, one sees that "Kamiki-kun" is still there, but there's an enchanting adult about to appear.

(Oct. 14, 2011)



- Last part, hahaha.( ´∀`) I found it amusing at the reason for his love rejection. Well, maybe next time.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 37 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

Disappointed to say, I haven’t seen this episode, so I don’t really know if there are any puns and what not.


1. The action scenes this time are fully loaded with highlights!

2. Here it is! Hakase's

3. Extremely amusing fight and

4. Gokai Blue and Barizord's

5.  Extremely serious fight.

6. It doesn't look like it's a work of men (laughs) (aka work of god)



1. Warzu Gils-sama's comical movement

2. And Zuban's zun zun also

3. In the mist of a serious development,
Funny moments shine.

4. Joe is very kind

5. Kuu, it made you want to cry

6. Well then, everyone, let's do it together...
See you next week! Zun zun!


Friday, November 4, 2011

Yomiuri Newspaper 12.21.2010: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

Second part of Otaku Week!

Old interview taken from mayukofukuta.seesaa.net.


"2010 Best Seller & Popular Book special"

With "Moshi Koukou Yakyuu no Joshi Manager ga Trucker no 'Management' wo Yondara" breaking through 1 million copies after just half a year of release, "1Q83 (3)" by Murakami Haruki continues to be best seller, the recent winner of Honya Taishou, Ubukata Tow, for "Tenchi Meisatsu", and many others, we won't run out of popular work to talk about this year. Have you discover a favorite book? Actress Fukuda Mayuko-san will talk about her personal experience in reading, showing such an straight forward face that you cannot see her as a simple high school student.

Despites being just 16 years old, actress Fukuda Mayuko has read from Natsume Soseki to Dostoyevsky, Sartre and Kant, as well as many others. With the opportunity of getting into novel and philosophy when she was a second year in junior high (8th grades), she came across a work by Kawakami Mieko.

Fukuda: There's an interview that she said "Because words are just codes, speaking our thoughts doesn't mean we can convey it." For me, when talking to others, and even when acting out a story, there are a lot of things that I want to convey, but I'm unable to convey it skillfully. Even though it leaves a bitter taste in my heart, but when the other person was able to response, I would thought "So this person can understand my feelings."

After first reading the Akutagawa Prized "Chichi to Ran", again and again, she read and reread her favorite book at least 30 times. Even plunging herself into philosophy is because of Kawakami-shi's influences.

Fukuda: Since I was able to quickly understand the content of the book I'm reading, when I ended up agreeing with the philosophy book, it makes me like the book more. When I'm reading Natsume Soseki's "I am a Cat", going back and forth to read the footnote and text at the end of the book is a lot of work, but it's really fun.

Not only classical literature, but she also really love contemporary authors like Murakami Haruki, Murakami Ryu, Machida Kou, and others. "My backpack is packed with books that it became heavy...", she lamented.

Fukuda: I'm simultaneously advancing through novel and essays. Even so, my "Must Read List" still has some way to go, I'm really bothered by it. When I go to the bookstore, 2 and 3 hours passed in a blink of an eye.

For her to spread her horizon through reading, her father gave her an advice.

Fukuda: Even now, there are times when I let myself loose as I read my favorite book again, but my father would say "Favorite author = confidence in the author, even with time, that won't change. But you're still young to already have a favorite author." It make me want to come into contact with as many authors as possible. The novels that I don't usually read is borrowed from my father. Right now, I'm reading "Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?".

For Fukuda-san, reading is 'part of her normal day'. From her junior high days, her way of thinking has changed.

Fukuda: When reading, instead of a virtual reality, it's a mystery that I feel the importance of real communication of the outside world. Before, I'm secluded in my own shell, but I realized that it's bad to not properly face a person, and that the world is very vast.



- Second and last part of my Otaku Week. This time featuring Mayuko talking about her favorite thing, books.

- The only book I’ve read from her list of already read books is “I am a Cat” by Soseki Natsume-sensei. It’s definitely one of my favorite Japanese novel, except I haven’t read that much Japanese novels in the first place. It’s a good book about philosophy in a sarcastic cat’s point of view. I recommend it.

- Mayuko read a lot of hard core books… I feel stupid the first time I was reading this interview. When I was in junior high, I felt that I’ve read a lot, but not like those books that she read (Kant, Dostoyevsky, Sartre, Soseki Natsume, ect…). I doubt I know who all these people are in the first place (can’t even spell their names properly).

What have I been doing with my life? (´□`川)ゝヵ゛-ン

- But really, kudos to her being smarter than the rest of the people her age.

- Pandora 3 is so interesting! Mayuko’s scenes are pretty entertaining in this serious drama. It’s not really entertaining because it’s funny, rather it’s entertaining seeing her acting as someone totally different from her usual roles.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

BOOKasahi: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) Interview

First part of Otaku week.

Interview taken from BOOKasahi.com.


"My Personal Comic History" Actor Kamiki Ryunosuke-san

Charles is a man among men


- What's the first manga that you like?

Kamiki: Ever since reading "The World Only God Knows", I became a full blown manga and light novel reader.


- What about it is interesting?

Kamiki: It's a story about a protagonist who's good at love simulation games and he has to try conquering the girls in real life. But he doesn't confess his feelings using cellphone or email but directly to the girl. I think that is really great. Even though the protagonist is originally a gamer, at first glance he has a digital image, but he's actually prefers analog. It's a work that put human feelings in high regard.


- I see.

Kamiki: Other works that I like are "Baka and Test" and "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya". As for shoujo manga, I think "Nosatsu Junkie" is interesting. Even though I like romance comedy and science fiction, seeing as I am a high school student, the basic genre that appeal to my feelings and I read a lot of are "school story".


- You also appeared in the movie "20th Century Boys" right?

Kamiki: Yes. Because I'm originally a fan of the work, when asked to participate on the project, I was really happy. On the day it was screen, I lined up to see the movie (laughs). My very first Urasawa Naoki-san's work is "PLUTO". The first time I read it, there are a lot of deep and hidden meanings, you only learn more as you continues to read... Like there are a lot of foreshadows. Especially with "20th Century Boys" where the volumes have many long parts, and of course there are many foreshadowing, and so many unexpected developments that I read them all in one go.


- Recently, is there a manga that you take notice of?

Kamiki: "Kamisama no Memocho", the story of Alice, the NEET detective. It's originally a light novel, and there's only one volume of the manga version. Most of the characters are NEET, and so they solve all the crimes indoor using the internet.


- This October, the anime movie "To Aru Hikushi e no Tsuioku" will begin to screen across the country. What's your feeling when you first read it?

Kamiki: I have a lot of 'How beautiful' when I read it. The relationship between Charles and Fana is like that, and the battle scene feel really speedy. Because I also love the sky, the various expressions of the sky is really this movie's charm.


- What's the scene that left a big impression?

Kamiki: The first air battle scene where the enemies are shooting and Charles evade and send the missile back to the enemy. At this moment, Charles murmurs these extremely heavy words "I'm sorry". Charles, who really hate fighting, truly want to freely fly across the sky. He lost his parents when he was young, and his social status is low, so there are many unhappy moment in his life. He's a person who feel others' pains, so for me, that "I'm sorry" has many different and deep meanings...


- Since you're playing Charles for the movie, what kind of person do you think he is?

Kamiki: He's a very straightforward person, with a strangely strong heart. I think he's a "man among men". One thing I really respect of him is his sense of responsibility. Accepting the superior officer's order while risking his life protecting Fana, that sense of responsibility is amazing.


- While playing Charles, what do you have to keep in mind?

Kamiki: Charles is 21 years old, someone older than me. Since my voice is normally high, I have to keep in mind to make it lower.


- Then lastly, please give the fans, who look forward to watching the movie, a message.

Kamiki: Though there are charms in the intense air battle and beautiful scenery, the number one thing to look forward to is Charles and Fana's love story. Charles is just an aerial pilot, and Fana is the next empress. Though they match each others, they were unable to cross the wall of their "differences"... Even though the ending is painful, but I think the ending is very beautiful. It’s packed with so many thoughts and feelings, it's a movie that make you think about a lot of things, so I hope many people will be able to receive this when watch.



- Of course, it’s not really Otaku week (is there such thing?). Just show casing certain people being otaku.

- (○´艸`) Kamiki named so many of my favorite light novels/mangas that I have to translate (though it really took me a long time before I started).

- The description of Keima (protagonist of “The World Only God Knows”) being analog instead of digital made me laughs like crazy. It’s seriously a perfect description. You’ll only get this if you’ve read the manga. Great manga, read it!

- Urasawa Naoki-sensei’s works are great! Though the contents are really heavy packed, he’s definitely one of my favorite manga-ka. His stuffs really make you think and question reality/beliefs. His current work is Billy Bat. I’ve only read “20th Century Boys”, “Billy Bat”, “Happy!” and “Monster” though. I should start reading “PLUTO”.

- “Baka and Test” and “Suzumiya Haruhi” light novels. ♥ Kamiki has good taste!

- Oh, I’m enjoying “11 Nin mo Iru!” so far. Best scenes have to be between Saigo and Megumi (Hirosue Ryoko) though. Only seen the first episode so far, so not much to say yet.


Monday, October 31, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 36 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

This week is the second part of the Engine Sentai Go-Onger tribute. I just realized how little screen time Buson get. Speedor, BeaRV, and Machalcon trying to fix their family problems. Lol I don’t even know what to say, but I guess I like that Machalcon felt neglected by his parents storyline. It’s just a bit silly when you look at them as car.

Going to miss Sosuke.

Next week, Joe focus, aka Joe being emo again.


1. Second half of the Go-Onger tribute!

2. The addition of a strong partner, Machalcon

3. Careless Marve-chan also relaxed (laughs)

4. Playing with the props on the set, Luka and Joe

5. Gai and Joe acting silly
And also everyone's coat (laughs)

6. There was a small rain. Marve-chan's impromptu poncho looks silly right?

7. Also, this person, Sosuke continues to play a big part from episode 35!

8. Gai-kun continuously requesting for the henshin pose

9. Without even one unpleasant face
He happily obliged again and again



1. Ahim-chan also took a picture
These two who are the old and new Red

2. Everyone, were you able to watch me?
(For some reason, Takeuchi-san break out laughing)

3. Everyone, let’s GO-ON!

4. From episode 35, filming the scene where Sosuke become Go-On Red

5. A fierce handshake with Hakase

6. Let's also be Mach, baribari (crunching/work hard) , and showy next week!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Izumiya Shigeru Blog: Pandora’s Rebellion!

Excerpt of an old blog post from Izumiya Shigeru’s blog about Fukuda Mayuko for Pandora 3.

September 28, 2011

Pandora’s Rebellion!

[… Premises of Pandora 3…]

Our roles are
The legendary terrorists!
Planning for a coup d'etat, we link arms with many colleagues for a "revolution", but in order for a revolution to take place, a heroine is necessary? Thus on the street we picked up a homeless girl "Jeanne d'Arc" to use her "brainwashing"! Perhaps, she may be the most dangerous character in the drama.

Utilizing this chance from all the frustration of this modern era for the "rebellion", we ignite a riot!
She was tossed into the middle of this riot, she jumped onto the patrol car while displaying her violence and "stirring up" the riot even more, becoming like a rebellion goddess!

For this scene, doing something she's unable to do normally, that young actress is freely displaying her self-complacent while acting violent (laughs).


[… More information about the show…]



Sorry, I just have to. (○´艸`)

- Pandora 3 is one of those show that you need to be able to understand the content to really enjoy it. So I can’t say I really enjoy the drama at the moment as I don’t understand most of what they are saying.

- Needless to say, I’m enjoying Mayuko’s scenes. She’s always eating/drinking something, and her lines are quite interesting. Someone need to gif those! :3

- Oh, speaking of eating, I didn’t realized that Mayuko was so skinny. Skinny as in unhealthy skinny. Her arms are like stick. D: I’m glad that they are making her pig out in the drama.

- Mayuko’s character’s name is Yuuki Kae.

- I’m impatiently waiting for episode 3 to be upload. Really hope the uploader aren’t thinking of dropping it. :/

- Izumiya Shigeru-san use “oira” to talk about himself. The meaning is “we”, so I keep it as “we” instead of “I”. His writing is really interesting, but it’s a bit difficult for me, as I have absolutely no interest in politics, which is what the show mostly about.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 35 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

This week is Sosuke from Engine Sentai Go-Onger! I was giddy while watching Sosuke being his silly Go-On self in this episode. It made me missed watching Go-Onger.


1. All the good boys and girls
Was episode 35 fun!?

2. The guest is Furuhara-kun who haven't act violent in a long time!!

3. Spirit enters body and soul

4. Mach Zenkai fully loaded performance

5. With his always doing his best attitude...

6. Somehow give all of us big laughs (laughs)

7. Speedor, Buson, BeaRV also appear!

8. And of course Bomber!

9. A nostalgic meeting
They really look happy



1. There are also a lot of combine scenes
Director "We need to do this at this place..."

2. The degree of difficulty for the action scene is also high
Though it's a harsh filming place

3. The laughter never die
A fun filming place

4. Isn't that because this person is too funny (laughs)

5. Gokaiger
These two who are also in charge of comedy

6. Won't lose!

7. In order to make even steel laugh, I'll do my best

8. But, Furuhara-kun's hand reached across

9. And he got one for himself (laughs)



1. Joe accept a challenge at making strange faces

2. But in the end, he only able to do this much (laughs)

3. Do your best Joe Don't lose Joe
Everyone let's try it!

4. Our blue
He somehow managed it

5. Next week is the concluding part!

6. Let's also look forward to it!
(Switching clothes)


Monday, October 17, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 34 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

Kirihiko-san! ♥(。→v←。)♥

Even the staffs are happy by his appearance as there were so many of Kamen Rider W jokes in this week making of. (。・艸・)ウフフ

I actually thought Cain going to come in and be selling out Luka and the gang to get the wanted reward and all, so I’m surprised and glad at the revelation. I guess my original thought was a bit cliché.

Next week is Sosuke from Engine Sentai Go-Onger! It’s my first official sentai. (*≧▽≦)bb めっさ楽しみやん!!


Kimisawa Yuuki is like my age.. o___o;; Actually a few days younger than me. lllorz What have I been doing with my life?


1. This time it's Luka!

2. Eheh, she has such a mischievous face (laughs)

3. It also shed some light to her past

4. Continue from episode 23 is her little sister - Ria
Played by Hamano Mari. And.. Hm? The guy on the right is...

5. Somehow, I think we've seen him before...

6. Hmm?? Such graceful looks
Could it be...!?

7. I knew it, he's taking something out from his chest!

8. Could it be, Gaia Memor.

9. Or not, it was money (laughs)



1. Hah!! But now that attaché case!!
It looks familiar...

2. Could it be! Inside are Gaia Memo...

3. No no, it's just money
Zangyack bills

4. On the other face

5. In conclusion, appearing after a long time for Super Heroes Time since
Kamen Rider W, is Kimisawa Yuuki-kun.

6. Well, to drag on this joke for 3 verse is a little (laughs)

7. Then how about the 2 yellows

8. Somehow, her movements are strange.
It left an enormous impact

9. It looks a lot like Hakase's actions



1. Sneaking in from the ceiling. Marvelous and Joe displaying a raw
action after a long time!!

2. Let's hurry and eat ~♡

3. Don't be impatient, A~h♡

4. Hakase and the director somehow have matching clothes

5. On this day, they also become plaid friends

6. As expected there are a lot concealed inside!! I hope you thought so.
Next week is Mach Gokai (exciting) !




Monday, October 10, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 33 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

This week tribute is Gosei Sentai Dairanger.

I really don’t understand why Gai all shy away just because he lost his henshin device when his few debut eps, he showed that he has the heart and mind to fight even when Marvelous confiscated it.

Well next week is another Luka focus. Let me apologize for being excited over that rather than Gai’s focus this week. Why? Because it’s Kirihiko-san (Kamen Rider W)!! Enough said.


1. I really did my best for episode 33~

2. The guest is the Chinese shop ikemen (pretty boy) owner
Tenkasei Ryo played by Wada Keiichi-san

3. These two full impact action is perfect

4. Using the trampoline
Ho....... Yo......

5. Toryaaaaaaahhh!!!

6. Even after being knocked down by the Gormin,
Unable to bear Zakyura

7. Gyoza looks tasty...
But since they are props, you can't eat them...

8. Oh right... Film me more...

9. We are Shopping District Sentai!... the Manly



It was really fun at the filming place
Let's look forward to next week~!



Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 32 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

I kind of missed this episode.

But actually, the guest star for this episode is the psycho Naoki from “Kokuhaku”, played by Fujiwara Kaoru. I was thinking that he looks familiar, and then suddenly remember “Kokuhaku” lol. He definitely grew taller since “Kokuhaku”.


1. The record of Hakase's strenuous efforts

2. Without a doubt, he is this week's MVP

3. Somehow, it's a reminiscence of episode 3

4. Even doing a lot after henshin!!

5. An unusual sword play from Hakase. Putting up his hand (laughs)

6. Finally, the rumors' Galleon Buster!

It looks interesting

7. Run run run run ♪

Fan fan fan ♪

8. Nuwa-cchi!!

Even though I had a good feeling...

9. Another beautiful flying jump kick

Captain isn’t going to lose



1. It looks like an accident (laughs)

2. I'm sorry, Jun-chan (laughs)

3. It's Yui-chan who really love to play pranks

4. Ao-! He really made a lot of sounds at the back (laughs)

5. As expected, his experienced form is beautiful!

6. Fujiwara-kun is also experienced. Wouldn't such volley be dangerous

7. Take 1: Running intensely Luka and the tripping Joe

8. Take 2: Dashing Marvelous, seems like he doesn't like the packed food

9. Marve "No, that's not true"

Be sure to tune in next week!



Yamada Yuki’s Birthday

1. Receiving the cakes from 2 beautiful ladies

A long "Fu~" (blowing)

2. Sousuke (Go-Onger's Go-On Red) also came to celebrate

From the props' department, it's also Yodonawa-san's birthday

3. This cake isn't made by Joe

It's made by Yodonawa-san from the props' department!


[ミ☆ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ☆彡]⌒ヾ(・ω-。)~♪


Kokuhaku trailer

じーっ (。・.・)┣[TV]┫

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

+act Issue 13th 2007: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) & Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子)

Article from mayukofukuda.seesaa.net

Kamiki’s images from baidu during his recent trip to Korea.

Mayuko’s images from various Japanese BBS during her Q10 days (from her cellphone gallery).


+act Issue 13th 2007

Page 96-97


- Please tell us about your first impression with each other.

Kamiki: She's really adult. Whenever I made a mistake, she quickly tell me and fixed it. It helped me a lot.

Fukuda: He's a person that I never know what he's thinking (laughs). Sometimes he hazily do nothing, and suddenly his tension would be really high. Also, when I talk to him, he don't answer back. There are a lot of things like that.


- Even though you're acting as a year older, Mayuko-chan is actually a year younger, right.

Kamiki: That's right. But I always received help on studying from her that it seems like the opposite (that she is older). I don't really talk to girls, so at first, I didn't know what to say and was really nervous. That's why I can't return her talk. During the filming, we became more and more familiar with each other, so I finally was able to talk normally.

Fukuda: I really like boys who are shy, that's why even though Kamiki-kun is older, I thought he's really cute.


- That's just like how Tamaki is.

Fukuda: There're really a lot of common features. Tamaki probably thought Tarou is cute. Even though when I first read the script, there're parts where she seems like an innocent girl, but for me, I don't think she's just an innocent girl (laughs). Feeling that the cute and shy Tarou is holding back his feeling, I tried to perform with that in mind.

Kamiki: For me, I was nervous. I just pretty much be shy, awkward and embarrassed. But because of that I was able to realistically act as Tarou. Because I was really nervous! Just a little bit of dokidoki (sound of heart beat) from Tarou, I slowly become him. It wasn’t really acting anymore (laughs).


- What are your thoughts when reading the script?

Kamiki: At first, I was moved by the story. Just reading it, you can feel the importance of life and conveying your feelings. Able to receive such a memorable character, before the filming, I was looking forward to it.

Fukuda: I thought the script is really interesting, but since I haven't experience love before, I was really worried about portraying Tamaki's feeling. So at school, I went around and asked people "What's love like?". Though at that time, I was in 6th grade, I asked the first and second grade students as well as the cafeteria lady. After asking a lot of people, I also have a lot of different answers back that it's fun. "Like when the teacher is angry at you" or "thinking about a person through the whole day" or "you get irritated when a boy you like talk to another girl". When we talked about love stories, everyone really has such cute facial expression!


- As for Kamiki-kun, what did you have to research for this film?

Kamiki: I discussed about Tarou's hospitalization. I asked my older sister "What's it's like to be hospitalized?" and we talked about it. Since the setting of the movie is in the 70s, I asked my mother "What's something nostalgic?"

- Tarou is a boy who loves the radio, but for the two of you, do you listen to the radio?

Kamiki: Because my grandfather usually listens to baseball game broadcast, I always listen together with him. That's why me and Tarou are alike in that we both like baseball.

Fukuda: Since I love Porno Graffitti, (Okano) Akihito-san, who's in charge of vocal, has the radio program All Night Nippon, so I always listen to it every week. I haven't send in a postcard yet, but I really understand the feeling of looking forward to a radio broadcast.


- What are the good points of the radio?

Kamiki: Perhaps about one's thoughts and imagination. Comparing to manga or novel, it's a different feeling. For TV or manga, you can see it, but for a novel and radio, what kind of baseball ground and who is hitting and in what way, you have to personally imagine it yourself.

Fukuda: When talking about radio, I like the live broadcast. Even if it's not a broadcast, stage play is like that too. At the same time, conveying one's thought to that person and be able to reach them. When I listen to the radio I would think, "Right now, Akihito-san is talking!", or when I see a music show "Right now, they are singing!". I think the high point is they can occur simultaneously.


- Well then, how was acting as the DJ who’s trying to convey feelings to others?

Kamiki: Since Tarou is a DJ, being able to bring hope and happiness to other really touched me. It's like being an actor, it's great if I can bring happiness and hope to many different people. That's why I was able to empathized with Tarou, and portraying him was really easy.


- Were you able to become your role?

Kamiki: Yes, with all my might, I was able to become Tarou.

Fukuda: Though it's like this for any work, but at home I don't think about it. At the filming site with other actors, in this case watching Kamiki-kun acting, I was able to response to his feelings. Since I was able to feel my partner's emotions from the lines, I was able to feel the honest feelings and able to be Tamaki. That's why, it doesn't seem like I did anything to the character. Though the director did explained "for this, this is how it should be."


- What kind of person is Director Nagata Kotoe?

Kamiki: The director is really energetic and young with high tension, making the filming place became more cheerful. Because of that, I also became even more high tension (laughs). She's a person that helps me become more energetic. It was fun.

Fukuda: She's really cheerful that she make the whole place cheerful... The filming site is really bright. Since it feels like everyone came together to have fun while making this film, I think the director's presence is the most important.


- Is there an advice from the director that you still remember strongly?

Kamiki: Perhaps for the scene with the radio cassette player. I remember director told me "Let's use the radio-cassette player to convey your thoughts (to Tamaki)".

Fukuda: Before acting, director told me "The Tamaki in my mind is normal, but when talking to Mayuko-chan about it, I think we should make her be blunt". Because I feel that there are parts that I am similar to Tamaki, that's why to hear director told me that it's alright to make the character a little different, it really made me feel relief.


- Is there something that you found difficult when acting for this film?

Kamiki: The most difficult are the facial expressions and feelings when you're sick. For me, when I was a baby, I was hospitalized, but since I can't remember it, it can't be helped that I can’t remember it. That's the most troubles for me.

Fukuda: Though I don't have a lot of difficult scenes, but from all of them, the scene where I struggles is when Tarou-kun confessed. Perhaps, Tamaki's love is like this? was my guessed, but when I asked my friends about love, it was different from person to person. That's why half was from my imagination, and half from research (laughs).


- Tarou and Tamaki slipped out of the hospital and went to the movie. For you, do you have an ideal first date?

Kamiki: I want to first go to an amusement park. You can really enjoy yourself there. I want to go on the rollercoaster. It's really fun. In any case, I want to go to a place where anyone can enjoy oneself.

Fukuda: I think for a date, the aquarium would be good. At first, normally looking around and going to the sea lion show. And after that, drinking juice from the same glass, and when you return, buying matching key chains.


- That's so detailed (laughs).

Fukuda: Since it's a date, it's alright to not hold hand, but just at the end, you can feel today was a fun day (laughs).

Kamiki: You're just like a director (laughs). Did you produced a script too?

Fukuda: At the end, two of them take a photo for memory. Not until the two return home that they part.

Kamiki: You thought of a lot. For me, just enjoying myself is enough. Approximately about that much. (To Fukuda-san) Then, if you become lost, would it be okay for him to call you using the broadcast system?

Fukuda: Because the second date is at the amusement park. So at the end, they must go on the Ferris wheel. At first, facing each other in the Ferris wheel, then later sitting next to each other.

Kamiki: You're still directing, even to that point?

Fukuda: Because it's an ideal date. The third date will be at the zoo.

Kamiki: I also want to go to the planetarium.

Fukuda: Ahh, that sound good. Let's add that.


- (laughs) Then, if Tarou and Tamaki able to exist longer, then they would have a lot of things they want to do.

Kamiki: Since they are hospitalized, they would probably want to do broadcasts together. It's also good to see Tamaki working with Oo-sensei as a DJ while Tarou helping out.

Fukuda: But I think they definitely must go to the aquarium, amusement park and the zoo. Occasionally they go to watch movie, and their hand touch for a moment. In drama and manga, whenever couple watch a movie, they would always touch their hand right. Isn't that kind of nice? And then, I think it's good if you have matching items.


- Leaving your dream date aside (laughs), lastly, what are the highlights of the story?

Kamiki: It's a movie that after watching, your heart become quiet as you feel a person's kindness. I was really moved. Really. I want people to feel the importance of portraying your feelings to someone else.

Fukuda: I think it's good if you're able feel the love for another when watching this movie. It's not only just Tarou and Tamaki, but Tarou's mother and father also love Tarou, and he also love them... For the patients, they also have someone they love, it's a really good movie. Having someone to love. Loving someone together. Though it's obvious subjects, but it's not really like that. That's why, I hope you can feel that importance in this movie.



- Excuse my translation.

- It’s another old one for Little DJ… I’m really just too lazy for the newer interviews, especially since they keep coming so fast… D:

- One thing I really like about this interview is that for once, Kamiki actually tried to tease Mayuko… Only she’s too oblivious in her fantasy mode that she kind of ignore him. lol Mayuko wins once again.

- This drama season is the battle between Kamiki (11 Nin mo Iru) and Mayuko (Pandora 3)…Except it’s not really a battle since Mayuko’s drama is on a satellite… It’s still great to see them in more drama. (゚∀゚)

- But I’m starting to see them more as a rival now. Of course, this season, I will be rooting for the underdog. Not sure drama is the underdog yet… But as an actor/actress, it should be obvious.


(≧ω≦)人(>ω・) 仲良し