Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shukan Bunshu 『週刊文春』December 2010: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

Alright, first of all, I have a request.

- Do you know where I can get the scans for Fukuda Mayuko on +act mini issue 11 of 2010? I can’t find any scan of her for that magazine, which make me wondered if she has any picture in that magazine. :/

- Another request, do you have clearer Kamiki Ryunosuke scan for the same magazine? I pretty much just need the text part. I found them on baidu, but of course, the scans are too small for my already bad eye sight to read. (I don’t feel like working on my Chinese at the moment, lol)

- Third, do you have a better scan of Kamiki pages for JUNON January 2011 issue? Because the one that I have has words cut off at one side, which I’m not sure how I’m supposed to translate it (unless I take out my Chinese textbook again, which I rather not). (>_<;;)

- If you do, please tell me! I really appreciate it. (^__^)


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Fukuda Mayuko

The Reason Why She Grew Up A Bit

In the summer of this year, actress Fukuda Mayuko become 16 years old. From when she was 9, she had her movie debut with “Kamikaze Girl”. The evaluations of her acting are constantly high. However, her gaze isn’t about just that, there’s strength.

“When I was young, it was natural for me to work, I never thought about giving in to myself. But  from around when I was in third year of junior high, I really didn’t have any self-confident… I, myself, didn’t know whether I really like working on drama or not.”

There’s a period when she’s taking a break half a year for her high school entrance exam. This actress considered quitting.

“But, just a time of not acting, I felt like there’s something missing. Ah, so I really do like it. Because of that, even though it was natural, I realized that if I don’t continue to work, I can’t continue on.”

Appearing suddenly, a new goal in life. After realizing this, perhaps her smile, and her gaze became a bit like an adult.

“I came to hate the me before who make mistakes by being a coward. But when I entered high school, it was a brand new experience, that I felt my serious thoughts before was actually trivial. The life of a high school student is very enjoyable. There are so many various types of motivations. Also, when I’m by myself I will read. I love Kawakami Mieko-san. I read her debut work perhaps more than 100 times (laughs).”



- Translation may not be correct.

- Somehow, this translation is a bit depressing. >_<;;

- There was a time she doesn’t have confident and want to quit acting… It’s a good thing she changed her mind. But I do wondered what caused that moment of self doubt…

- But I like this photo shoot, especially her close-up, they are always so nice. :)



  1. They have the images and text from the JUNON piece you were looking for here:

    just scroll down and you'll see that one of the commentators posted the texts as 5 sections.

  2. Thanks, but I mean Japanese text, not Chinese. :<

  3. are you still interested in the JUNON scans? i found some pretty good pictures here:

    You can zoom it too =) the characters are readable & clear

  4. Actually, that's the version I have, but the words are cut off at one side, so you pretty much don't know what he's saying for #1 and #2. >_<

    We really need someone rich to be the designated Kamiki scanner. lol

  5. I love all the pictures , wonderful