Saturday, January 1, 2011

Morning Musume (モーニング娘。) 9th Generation Audition

Morning Musume Audition used to be such a big thing back in the days. Now, well, I didn’t realized that the 9th Audition already took place until today while I was trying to google KumaiCho (Kumai Yurina). :<

Anyways, here are the clips from youtube.

Part 1:

Part 2:

So the last 5 are going to be Otsuka Aina, Ikuta Erina, Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon, and Mogi Minami. They are so young, from 11-13 years old. It really made me feel old. lol

Otsuka Aina (12 years old)

I actually like Aina a bit. She seems like a very my-pace kind of character, but unlike the rest of the girls, she seems the most down to earth. Her voice isn’t bad at all, in fact, she sounds like she could be in C-ute. lol

Ikuta Erina (13 years old)

Erina is quite pretty an cute on her own. I found her a bit similar to Mizusawa Nako (though Nako is definitely prettier). During the training, she was pretty quick in picking up the dance, and she didn’t have much problems with memorizing the lyrics. But I think her singing is just alright. Truthfully, there wasn’t anything particularly distinguish between her and the other girls, or rather, she doesn’t stand out like the rest. But her over reactions during the dance is a bit… She also keeps on looking at the camera during the singing part. Haha. Too conscious of the camera, I guess. Erina does have that girl-next-door feel to her. Tsunku, in particular said, she is like an imouto-character, or little sister character.

Sayashi Riho (12 years old)

I think my favorite have to be Riho. The way she carried herself is oozing with confident, like a diva. Her dancing is pretty good and her singing wasn’t bad either. And she is cute! When the girls came out for their dance audition in the yellow outfit, I was like “Cute!” when the camera zoom in to her. lol The only thing is that she’s not very good at acting. When Tsunku told them to “laugh” or “cry”, she was the one that use her hand to cover her faces a lot, which is a very bad choice. It’s like saying, since I can’t laugh or cry, I’m going to cover my face so people don’t realize it.

Suzuki Kanon (12 years old)

Kanon isn’t particularly good at singing nor dancing, but I think her personality is very strong. She really stand apart of the other girls in the happy and cheerful department. I think it’s interesting to note that during the acting segment, she was the only one that doesn’t use her hand to act, though I didn’t really notice whether she did well or not. Even in her audition before, she used acting as her strong point. Her face keep remind me of Kusumi Koharu. :/ But her over reaction when she sings and dance give me goose bumps, in a not good way.

Mogi Minami (11 years old)

Minami is pretty much the black sheep. She’s not particularly cute/pretty, and neither is her dancing or singing good. She looks like she’s half Japanese. Her nervousness get the best of her, and she keep stopping in the middle during the audition (particularly her singing auditions). During her dance audition, I was impressed that she looks so much more confident than she looks during the training. Maybe because of her age that she lacks that confident, I’m not sure. But… I don’t know, I kind of wondered why she got to the final audition in the first place. Was it because of her ability to make the viewer feel sorry for her? Because I really did feel sorry, and was cheering on her during the show. But I ended up disappointed when she stop singing part way. :<

Of course, after watching the show, I am definitely rooting for Sayashi Riho to be add. My second choice would be Otsuka Aina. But for some reason I feel that Tsunku probably will add either Mogi Minami or Suzuki Kannon. As for Ikuta Erina, she’s probably our third choice. lol

Unless he did like the 6th Audition and add all of them… :o

But I really hope that he’s going to add Riho. Please do not let another Sato Sumire go, please!! I really like Sumire too, but I guess she’s happy in AKB48… But still… Riho and Aina!! (*A*)

For once, make the right choice Tsunku!

The announcement for the new member is going to be on January 2nd on a Hello! Project 2011 Winter concert. It’s going to be in 2 days! :) I can’t wait.

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