Friday, December 10, 2010

Maeda Atsuko: Sou-chan

Translation from Maeda Atsuko’s ameblo.

- I realized that she used a lot of uncommon kanji for sound effects. I pretty much just skipped over them. *sweats* She also used a lot of ameblo’s emoticons, which I also skipped since I don’t have it saved.



December 6, 2010


Sou-chan is Ikematsu Sosuke-kun


Somehow, from the casts of Q10, Ikematsu-kun was the first one to finish filming


Otsukare sama deshita (Well done/Good job)


Ikematsu-kun is


Really a wonderful person ♥ !!!!!!!!!




Even though this time, we didn’t have a direct relationship


I sincerely hope we will be entwine together again one of these day


When Ikematsu-kun finished filming, I wasn’t there with him


If possible, I want to be there for everyone’s last shoot….


That’s what I hoped



  1. well, i don't know why but it seems like acchan quite close with him. i read in her blog she say that she came to watch "sou-chan" play
    i love this couple XD

    1. Really? That's interesting to know, thanks. :D