Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介), A Son’s Conversation: Part 3

Kamiki Ryunosuke, A Son’s Conversation

Part 3 – The Reversal of Father and Child

- Do Ryunosuke-kun have something you like or dislike?

Ryunosuke: (Shakes his head)

- Nothing? For example, bell pepper?

Ryunosuke: Hmm, I think I hate parfait.

- Parfait? That much. (When Ryunosuke-kun said “Parfait” he’s so cute…)

Ryunosuke: If I eat everything, it’ll be too sweet and I’ll ended up feeling nauseated.

- Ah, because the amount is too much. I think it’s alright if you don’t finish it all.

Ryunosuke: But, it’ll be a waste, no matter what I’ll finish it.

- You also finish all your food at home?

Ryunosuke: Un, no matter if it’s outside or inside, I don’t leave anything uneaten. Even when my stomach is toootally full, and there’s still some food left, I’ll finish them.

- Did your mother taught you that?

Ryunosuke: No, it’s because it’s a waste. “Even with just a piece of rice, let’s savor the taste” I thought. Even if it’s a grain of rice, or even if there’s anything, I’ll pick it up and eat it!

- How admirable. That’s somehow similar to “Otou-san no Backdrop”’s Kazuo. (Kamiki’s character)

Ryunosuke: Really? And then my Papa, in his bowl there’s a lot of rice. If there’s hamburger or vegetable he only eat the hamburger, my Papa. “Papa, please make sure to eat the vegetable too”, he’ll say “My stomach is full”.

- Un~, it’s also similar to the movie with Kazuo and Ushinosuke (Kazuo’s father). But perhaps the situation got reverse.

Ryunosuke: Usually I’m the one that criticize him. First, he’s really bad at hiding.

- Hiding?

Ryunosuke: When I think about there he’ll be hiding, “Here!” I thought, and most of the time he’ll be there. Because, I believe in god.

- Is that so?


Why does Ryunosuke-kun believes in god, perhaps it’s due to “Spirited Away” where he’s the voice of Bou… Or not, there’s actually a reason for it. For this story, we’ll continue next time.



- Lol, his family really get along well. :P


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