Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介), A Son’s Conversation: Part 9

Kamiki Ryunosuke, A Son’s Conversation

Part 9 – I Want to Become Like Ushinosuke

(What he wrote: Kaerima~su. Otsukare sama deshita! = I’m returning home. Thanks for your hard work! Ryunosuke)

- It seems that Ryunosuke-kun is good at drawing pictures.

Ryunosuke: I love it. I draw trains.

Staff: He’s pretty good.

Ryunosuke: Just before, I was drawing Shikoku’s “Shiokaze” renovation car. In the back of Seto Ohashi bridge, I finally finished drawing a sunset~♪

- So you’re finished~♪ (laughs).

Staff: Beside from train, it seems like he also drew a portrait of Studio Ghibli’s Suzuki Toshio-san. It seems like he gave it to him for decoration.

Ryunosuke: Oh that~, it’s embarrassing. Tehehehehe.

Staff: He don’t read the script, but he always drawing.

Ryunosuke: Tehehehe.

- But your lines was perfect. Were you able to remember it right away?

Ryunosuke: Un.

- Ukaji-san said that there’s a time when he’s unable to memorize the line. He told me when it happens.

Ryunosuke: Hee, really?

- With just 3 lines, he’ll only remember one, and when he close the script, he forget it.

Ryunosuke: Wha~?!

- It was cured when he became 30 years old.

Ryunosuke: What~!! Hyee~!!

- Ryunosuke-kun able to remember the lines just before filming and suddenly able to get in character, you’re like a genius child actor.

Staff: He’s really like that. It’s like he’s able to do many things other adults can’t.

- Ryunosuke-kun is there anything you’re worried about recently?

Ryunosuke: U~n, the thing I’m worried about…. nothing!!

- You only worried about things when you become an adult. Ryunosuke-kun is having fun everyday right!

Ryunosuke: Un, everyday is fun!! Even today, there are a lot of fun moments.

- I see, I see. I’m happy that you said that. Thank you. Then, let’s go to the next question. Outside of work, what kind of person do you want to become?

Ryunosuke: Kind person with will power… That’s right, a person who can scream and shows his will power would be good.

- A person like Ukaji-san from “Otou-san no Backdrop” right.

Ryunosuke: Un!

- Being such a honest and good child, you don’t seems like you get scold at home.

Ryunosuke: I do. When I do something wrong, I’ll get scold. Mama said, please give thanks for anything important. But people shouldn’t say “Thank you” and “I’m sorry” just for appearance.

- I see.

Ryunosuke: That’s why, when I think I didn’t do anything wrong, it’s alright if I don’t apologize.

- Just apologizing for lip service, the message won’t reach the other person. For one’s own sake, we shouldn’t do it.

Ryunosuke: When I think about it, if you say “I’m sorry” just once from your heart, that’s good enough. Mama also said, if I did something bad then I can say “I’m sorry”.

- That’s a wonderful mother.

Ryunosuke: Un.

- Thank you very much. It’s was really fun.

Ryunosuke: Thank you very much!!


This young boy, being called a “genius child actor”, and also having such charmingly honesty, this wonderful person don’t think himself as any of that. We’ll also look forward to his activities next year. Just for a short while, appearing on the big screen, he’s enjoying watching the close up of himself. Like a spring breeze, Ryunosuke-kun brighten up the building that he’s in.

After this, for a short while, the girls won’t be helping out at work.



- Finally finished. Me being drained while quickly translating all of it in 1 day. (x__x;;)

- Kamiki is actually a REALLY good artist! I remember seeing his arts in a variety show and he’s really good. Though we don’t get to see him draw that much anymore these days. On the other hand, from reading JUNON and stuffs, in Amuse, I think Sato Takeru is really good at drawing too. His pictures really stand out from the rests.

- For being so young, Kamiki has a lot of words of wisdom! ♥



  1. thanks for these series of translations!
    he was a muture kid, wasn't he ^^
    a suggestion I could give about LJ is, for example that you post one of your kamiki's translations in his lj community, posting the link to your blog (that's how I found your blog)
    haven't watch Namida wo Fuite, reading from your comment it seems a good drama
    (I'll try to help you out every time there's an opportunity, fans should stick together!! :D)


  2. Yes, Namida wo Fuite is a really good drama. :D

    I'll try to help you out every time there's an opportunity, fans should stick together!! :D

    Well, true, I perhaps, should put the links to the translation... Thanks for the suggestion. But most of the time my translations are VERY old so... :/ It's not up to date, so not sure if people are willing to read it.