Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介), A Son’s Conversation: Part 7

Kamiki Ryunosuke, A Son’s Conversation

Part 7 – Kingyo Camera Fever

Ryunosuke: (Looking at the computer) That’s my picture!

- At last, you finally noticed the existence of Kingyo (Goldfish) Camera. Even though it’s a background image, right now, Ryunosuke-kun image is seen throughout the country.

Ryunosuke: Eeeehhh~!!!!

- That’s a sudden peace sign. Even though you’re a talent, Peace…. And also, extremely Peace. I haven’t done the peace sign in a while. It’s only one shot every minute, so you need to do the pose for a long time.

Ryunosuke: (Looking at the Kingyo camera while continues to smile and do the peace sign)

At the time, the girls: There are a lot of mails coming it.

Ryunosuke: The peace picture was sent! Yay~!! Eh, what is it, mail?

Girl 1: Un, more over, just now, from New York.

Ryunosuke: Eh, just now? Just now? It cam just now? Just now? Wha!!! Let’s read it, read it.

Girl 2: Wait a second. How about this person’s mail.

Ryunosuke: Just now, today, it came?

Girl 2: That’s right.

Ryunosuke: Waah, there are a lot that came. (Excitedly) Eeerrmm.

mail: He’s so cute!! Kya~ ☆

I’m currently an exchange student in American, right now it’s 4 o’clock in the morning.

Normally, I’m already sleeping, but since it’s Friday, I’m having a night life out with my friends, and just came back.

While trying to sober up, I thought of looking at Kingyo, and there, Kamiki-kun!!

Cute!!! I’m glad today is the weekend.

Bou’s voice from “Spirited Away” is really the best.

From Ayakoba-san! (smoothly)

- Amazing! Like a narrator. As one would expected! I thought since you’re a 5th grader that you won’t be able to read some of the kanji. But when you think about it, normally the scripts are full of kanji.

Ryunosuke: Aaah, if Papa were to sit in front of the camera, he’ll become popular.

- Let’s have one of the staff sit in front of it for a test. (Producer Harada Izumi was chosen)

Ryunosuke: Harada-san, please make sure to face the camera, and stare at it while wait!! That’s no good, you can’t move. (Absorbed)

Girl 2: There’s a mail that said “Right now, there’s a picture of an old man”….

Ryunosuke: Then I’ll be in the picture!! (Ryunosuke-kun having fun with the Gingyo camera)

Girls: Kya~ Kya~ Kya~ So~ Cute~.

Ryunosuke: I wan to look at the camera, is that ok?

- Go ahead. When this lamp become green, that’s when the camera take a picture. And this computer will send the picture to the internet, so anyone in the world with internet can see it.

Ryunosuke: Heeee. Ah! My picture isn’t there anymore!! (a bit dejected, Ryunosuke-kun quietly head back to the sofa)

- When the image is captured, it will be drop into the computer and will become a picture. Look, when you print it, it’s a picture.

Ryunosuke: Agyaa~!!


Saying such honest tings, the time Ryunosuke-kun come to the building, half of it is spent playing with the “Kingyo Camera”. Rather than “While playing with the Kingyo Camera, Ryunosuke-kun roughly make the eyes of the girls turned to hearts as they gaze at him”.

Ryunosuke-kun, thank you for making the whole world have that calm down time.



- Kamiki is such a hyperactive kid. ♥

- I’m guessing Kingyo camera is like a live camera that must’ve been popular back then. Though it’d been 5 years already.



  1. happy holidays!!
    it was very refreshing to find your blog this year
    hopefully next year more translations keep coming to your journal :D
    since there's a chance to ask questions,
    how did the idea of this blog come to life?
    was it because of a specific artist you like?
    how come you don't post in some lj communities?
    PS: did you have the chance to watch kamiki's kokoro no ito? it's a nice drama


  2. blogspot deleted my comment... lllorz

    It was great meeting you this year, another Kamiki fan. ♥ And thank you on the many times you helped me out.

    I hope Fukuda and Kamiki activities next year will be packed, so I'll have more things to post. lol

    Hmm, about your question, you're right! I want to blog more about the people I like that other seems to not (Yamashita Shoon, Takahashi Ai, and Ishihara Satomi). Since a lot of people seems to dislike them at that time, I decided, if nobody is going to do it, I will, and that's how this blog came about. That's what aimuse is, ai muse, they are my muses and I love them and I will promote them. lol

    Of course, now that Shoon quits JE, Aichan is doing great, and Satomi suddenly has a spurt in popularity, I decided to moved on to Fukuda and Kamiki. Obviously, Fukuda are not at all known and liked in the English community, and even though Kamiki has lots of English fan, the materials for him is shockingly lacking. And I think they also helped me learn and practice reading Japanese better. Also my favorite jdrama blogger used blogspot instead of lj, that's why I decided to use blogspot as well.

    As for the lj communities, I'm actually a member of somme, but... I don't exactly know what to write in them. Perhaps you can give me some suggestions? XD;;

    I still have it on my hd but haven't got a chance to watch kokoro no ito yet (failure as a fan). D: I've been watching Aoi Yu movies during this holiday break. >__<;; I probably should do it tonight or something.

  3. Oh! Speaking of which, did you have a chance to watch "Namida wo Fuite" with super young and adorable Kamiki? It's actually torrent in d-addicts! :D I really like the show. Japan don't do good feel-good family drama anymore...