Friday, December 24, 2010

Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介), A Son’s Conversation: Part 6

Kamiki Ryunosuke, A Son’s Conversation

Part 6 – Because I Want to Surprise Mama

- What would your feeling be if your father is a pro-wrestler?

Ryunosuke: I wouldn’t be like Kazuo-kun in the movie, I think I’ll be really happy. Even if he’s a bad character, it’s okay. You can ride on his back, and you can play with him. When I asked to play catch with my Papa, after around 30 minutes he’ll stop.

- But isn’t 30 minutes of play already good enough?

Ryunosuke: No, it’s still not good yet!

- Kazuo-kun of “Otou-san no Backdrop”, he’s a different character from Ryunosuke-kun right? Is it hard becoming hin?

Ryunosuke: Not really, it’s not hard at all.

- So you’re able to quickly become a cool Kazuo-kun.

Ryunosuke: Un.

- Like that, what do you say that took all your might to talk with your father?

Ryunosuke: I don’t have anything that took all my might. I just talk to him about the normal stuffs. But because our hobbies are different so sometimes our conversation don’t match. My Papa like car’s motor, surfing and tennis, while I like train.

- You really know a lot about your Papa’s hobbies…. There’s a scene where you’re doing the laundry in the movie right? You looks very skillful, but normally do you help out with the chores?

Ryunosuke: No, I don’t. On the tatami mat with the laundry, Mama taught me, but after 3 minutes I forgot how to. Hehehe. I only help with washing the dishes.

- So you wash the bowls?

Ryunosuke: Un, I’ll hide myself from Mama and wash the dishes. “Fu~ (It’s finished")”, and when Mama finally noticed, “Eh?”.

- So your Mama was surprised.

Ryunosuke: Un.

- Is she happy?

Ryunosuke: Un, she’s happy.

- She would be happy. That’s great for your Mama. For Ryunosuke-kun, is there a scene in the movie that stuck in your mind?

Ryunosuke: At the end. The scene at the end at the Yakiniku shop.

- That’s a quick reply. At that place, where Kazuo, to his father

Ryunosuke: Giving rice porridge to his father. That’s the first time he felt respect to his father.

- Kazuo-kun’s most happiest scene is also the scene that Ryunosuke-kun remembered the most. That’s great!


In the movie “Otou-san no Backdrop”, there’s scenes where Ryunosuke-kun do the laundry and other household chores. In order to get use to the work, at home he also help out normally. In the movie, though there a strong figure of the father, but for the Kazuo-kun that Ryunosuke-kun played, how is his life begin in Osaka, how he make friends, and how he thought about his mother and father is also a splendid development. Showing in the day time at Shibuya, tomorrow will be the last day.



- It’s weird when Kamiki said about helping his mom with the dishes, because I also do the same thing when I was younger. I’ll wait until my mom do something else, and then I’ll secretly washed the dishes. Funny that nowadays, washing the dishes is my most hated chore. That and washing the vegetables. XD;;


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