Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介), A Son’s Conversation: Part 5

Kamiki Ryunosuke, A Son’s Conversation

Part 5 – Life is Good

- In the movie, Ukaji-san is your father. What kind of father is he?

Ryunosuke: Ukaji-san is really huge, kind, and talk with me about various things. In any case he’s really kind, really kind.

- We have a message from Ukaji-san, did you read it?

Ryunosuke: (Nodding with a really happy face)

- “For me, life is not delicious. For you, is it good?”

Ryunosuke: Arya!

- What kind of meaning… you don’t get it right… “For you, is life good?”

Ryunosuke: …… (Think a bit) It’s good.

- So it’s good?

Ryunosuke: Un, it’s good. Because I’m happy.

- Heeeee. Why are you happy?

Ryunosuke: How to say it, perhaps, because there are a lot of good things?

- Is working on the drama fun?

Ryunosuke: Un, it’s very fun. The drama itself is also fun, the way to behave, the way to talk, and becoming that person is fun.

- Do you think to yourself “I’m able to do it well”?

Ryunosuke: I don’t think about it.


He’s able to clearly answer Ukaji Papa’s question. Ukaji-san said this about Ryunosuke-kun “From now on, those eyes will be face with many experiences. No matter whatever is in his way, he will be able to cross it by himself.”



- Ukaji-san’s question to him is so funny. 「俺は人生はおいしくねえよ。 おまえは人生、うまいか?」(literary: For me, life is not delicious. For you, is life tasty.), which made me have a confused expression at the beginning… :P

- I also love what he said about Kamiki at the end too.


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