Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介), A Son’s Conversation: Part 2

Kamiki Ryunosuke, A Son’s Conversation

Part 2 – Laughing So Hard That I Got Off The Train

- In the movie, the moment you talk with your father is during dinner or when you’re playing catch. I really like that playing catch scene. Ryunosuke-kun mentioned about your Papa proposing to your Mama before, when did you heard about it?

Ryunosuke: When I suddenly thought  of it. Or rather, I will quickly ask about it when anything suddenly pop into my mind.

- Oooh, is that so. Perhaps it’s good that every adult become honest.

Ryunosuke: I’m actually chatty even from before. Like going to the supermarket, I’ll approach an old man I don’t know and say “Hello, I’m Ryu”. Even when I don’t have anything to ask, I’ll say, “Hey hey hey, Ryu is 3 years old, my favorite thing is train!”

- In order to not get kidnap, you only come up to that point right!

Ryunosuke: And also, in the middle of the train ride, there are times when I’ll get off. While riding the Toujou line (from Tokyo to Joetsu of Niigata), there’s a conductor with a voice similar to Kato Cha-san. It was so funny, “I’m at my limit, I give up” and when the door opens, I got off.

- You got off in the middle?

Ryunosuke: Un, I was laughing so hard, that I got off. That’s why, I got on the next train.

At that time the girls (in a distance): Aaah~ It’s an angel!! (Noisily)

- Because I’m together with Ryunosuke-kun that everyone is having fun.

Ryunosuke: Really? When I call “Let’s play” to a kid earlier, a lot of them became tired.

- Ryunosuke-kun is also very energetic!


Whatever I ask of him, Ryunosuke-kun looks happy as he say “About that~!!” and consider it. With an image of a child actor, I imagine him to be a level-headed and modern child. But actually, he’s filled childlike sympathy, the word “charming” described him perfectly.



- Kamiki may actually be a handful to his parents when he was younger. I’m really worried for him. Luckily he’s alright from all his bold action.


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