Monday, December 20, 2010

Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介), A Son’s Conversation: Part 1

Erm, I know I should be translating his recent stuffs, but you do want to know how adorable chibi Kamiki is don’t you? >:3


Isn’t he adorable? O(≧∇≦)O

(Information about Kamiki that you already know)

This is a 9 parts question and answer talk with Kamiki during the time of his “Otou-san no Backdrop”. Since it’s pretty easy to understand, I’ll try to put one out once a day for 9 days. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Anyways, this is part 1.


Kamiki Ryunosuke, A Son’s Conversation

Part 1 – Mama Cut It.

- Hello, Ryunosuke-kun.

Ryunosuke: (A bit shy) Hello!

- How old are you now?

Ryunosuke: I’m 11 years old.

- Which means you’re in 5th grades right.

Roughly that day (bustling in)

Girls: Kya~ So cute~!!

Girl 1: Are you hot in this room?

Ryunosuke: No, I’m fine!

Girls: Kyaaa~~~~!

- Hehe! Erm, what should I ask…. You’re cute (strength draining).

Ryunosuke: Hahahaha.

- Your hair is nice. Do you go to a beauty parlor?

Ryunosuke: No, mama cut it for me. In the living room.

- In the living room!

Ryunosuke: The waste basket, I’ll be holding it like this, and then, snip snip, mama will cut it. Mama then said, I was part of the drama club during school. Mama and Papa actually met each other at the sea. (talking animatedly)

- Is that so. You really know a lot.

Ryunosuke: Un. It’s because I want to know. From when I was young I always ask “Why?”. It’s also because I’m blood type B, I’ll talk a lot about anything. I’ll also quickly able to talk to anyone.

- So you’re type B.

Ryunosuke: Self-centered, my pace. (Describing the characteristic of his blood type)

- Ukaji-san is also type B. (His father in the movie)

Ryunosuke: Ehh~, so Ukaji-san is also type B! I didn’t know!! And also, I know where Papa proposed, but I don’t know exactly what he said. I forgot. Just kidding, I’ll search within my heart for it~!!

- Uu, Ryunosuke-kun, you’re seems like a pretty interesting character.


Even in the movie, Ryunosuke-kun is great. Making many ladies goes “kya~” and faint. “Otou-san no Backdrop” is currently showing in Shibuya during day time until November 19 (Friday). In order not to miss it, please go watch it early!!



- Cute-ness overload! (x_x) His mom made him hold a waste basket in order for him not to move when she’s cutting… That’s a great idea!

- First, I finally managed to find a clear text version of Kamiki’s part on +act mini, issue 11 2010. Yay! However, Mayuko’s +act mini pictures still aren’t found yet, nor a better version of Kamiki’s January 2011 JUNON page. Also, I would like if you know where I can get a clear text scan of Kamiki’s part for the SPEC Magazine. Please inform me, it’ll be greatly appreciated. >__<;;

- On another note, a few weeks ago, I found that my Kamiki translation was translated into Vietnamese on Japanest Kamiki’s forum. I think it’s kind of amazing. From Japanese/Chinese to English to Vietnamese. It made me happy to know that Kamiki love is spreading all over the world. ♥ Because truthfully he deserved it. :) And reading over the translation, it made me amused that my broken translation managed to changed smoothly into Vietnamese. XD;; Yes, the Vietnamese language is also quite beautiful. It kind of make me feel motivate to translate more Kamiki stuffs. lol

- I guess you may be interest in watching the trailer for “Otou-san no Backdrop”



  1. he seemed to be a normal, polite kid, as always your post is very informative!! :D
    about the scans, I was looking for them on the net but no luck (T_T) hopefully HQ scans pop up soon

  2. Thank you thank you thank you for trying to look for the scans! (T__T)♥