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Goseiger Blog: Winter

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Chiba Yudai’s Autumn

Chiba Yudai


How are you everyone?

I, Alata, am very good.


It became cooler in the morning and evening, we are passing Autumn, to Winter!?

Even before I noticed…


This time, I want to talk about Autumn.


For me, isn’t Autumn the “Season of food”?


Because I was raised in Miyagi prefecture, that’s why, for Autumn, there’s stewed potato party.


For stewed potato, you put potatoes into pork miso soup.

It’s literally stewed potato party, and then, everyone would gather and eat (laughs).


There’s a vegetable field at my school during my elementary period, everyone would harvest the growing potatoes, and it became a custom to have stewed potato.


With the change in season, I remember this.


The flavor of Autumn, the flavor of reminiscence.

For the mothers who read this blog, how about having stewed potato as one of the dish for dinner tonight.

It would also be good for the children who swear off vegetable! (laughs)


Please try it if it’s okay with you.


Goseiger is also quickly going into its climax.

Compare to Goseiger at the beginning, if I’m able to expressed Alata’s growth and his consistencies, that would be great.


Playing the role of GoseiRed – Alata, this is Chiba Yudai!



When Speaking About Winter…

Satou Rika


Hello everyone!

This is Eri (*^o^)/\(^-^*)


Up until now, it’s a lie to say it’s hot, it’s actually going to colder days (>_<)


I like Summer, that’s why I’m weak against Winter!


But every year, with the coming of Winter, I’ll happily line up at the convenient store for oden ♪♪


My favorite ingredients are konnyaku, chikuwa, beef tendons, and daikon radish!!


I’ll use up all the dipping sauce (*´∇`*)

It’s tasty together~.


Recently, in order to have simple oden anytime I want, I bought a saucepan ♪


Even though I’m weak with Winter, with such good food I’m able to really enjoy it~~~~~~!


Everyone, don’t catch a cold (^з^)-☆



Excited About Winter

Hamao Kyosuke


Hello everyone ☆

Playing GoseiBlack, Agri, this is Hamao Kyosuke!


Iya~ Even though it’s sudden, it’s already November (laughs)

While we are all filled our mind with 2010, 2011 is coming up soon.

Because I live everyday with fullness for this year, it quickly feel like it’s over flowing… I’m a bit lonely (laughs)


Alright, even though it doesn’t feel like there’s a “Autumn” for this year, it’s it just my imagination? (laughs)

It gotten cold quickly, and Winter was already here!!


For me, out of all four seasons, I love “Winter” the most, that’s why from now on, I’m excited.

If you’re wondering what I like about it…. It’s snow! (laughs)


Even though winter is cold and is the harshest season, but with that, beautiful snow descend.

Because I love snow ☆ the moment snow begin falling I will stop whatever I’m doing and exclaim “It’s snow~!” ♪ (laughs)


Loving it that much, I also look forward to it!



When talking about Winter, because I’m sensitive to the cold, I went through the winter every year as if I’m freezing to death…

Everyone, what’s your counter measure for the cold?


My counter measure is…. “Hot milk” ♪

Before going to bed and also before going somewhere, I’ll drink hot milk and my body will become warm

Your heart will also calm down, so I recommend it ♪


At the filming location, I’m doing my best with around 4 body warmers fixed to myself. (laughs)


Just like that ♪ Let’s us go through this winter with spirit~


The picture is of Gosei-men ♪

The request was “An interesting pose”…. And it became like this. (laughs)



For Winter, It’s Definitely…

Niwa Mikiho


This is Moune!


It’s completely become cold, even at the location, after working for 3 hours, the season become like the mood for evening!


So~~~~ fast.


The thing I look forward to in Winter is, being warm and cozy in the kotatsu.


We can only use it in the winter~


And then, eating hot pot together with everyone.

As I thought, it’s a winter food!


With so much food, you don’t know what to choose ★


I want to over come this Winter with the debut of the kotatsu ♪


When I was a kid, every year we’ll go skiing ♪


And then for Winter, there are all sorts of events!

There’s X-mas and New Year, I look forward to all of those ♪


If you’re eating Goseiger cake for X-mas, that’s the best ♪

I also want to eat New Year dish ♪

There’s still some time left before the year is over!

Let’s make the rest of the year into a wonderful year ♪


This is Moune~~~~!



An Outdoor Child is a Healthy Child

Ono Kento


From the begin shoot of Goseiger, we’ve begin the second Winter.


The air of winter is so clear that make you feel refreshed, the cooking are tasty, and even though I like it, I’m not very good with the cold (laughs)


That’s right!

This time, I want to talk about the mysteries of Winter.


Even though it’s so cold during the midwinter, why are the children go outside to play, wearing such thin jackets and coats? (laughs)


No, with just a hooded jacket, it’s not enough.


Even in school, there would be at least one person wearing short sleeves and short pants in winter.

I’m really amazed.


I think such full of energy people are wonderful!

How can they not feel the cold, please teach me!


That’s what I thought as I stare at the children right now.


The picture is a neck warmer that I bought recently, directly preventing the cold from reaching the bare skin, wearing a muffler can helps you retain high amount of heat.


How about everyone try to use it?


This is Hyde! See you later.




- Hyde’s entry made me laugh. :3 He’s totally right though. I’m always surprised at how people dress despites the coldness. I love winter, it’s the only time I can wear more coat you know. And winter fashion is my favorite. People looks good because they don’t need to show much skin. lol

- Hyde called a muffler/scarf a neck warmer. XDD;; He’s so funny.

- Agri is just adorable, like a kid (though he is the youngest cast). XD;; I also love the snow!

- The picture of Eri, Alata and Moune in Eri’s entry ♥. Alata can pass as a girl! Yes…

- Oh, should I mention that I love Red and Yellow? Though recently, I’m beginning to sway into the Blue and Yellow direction. :x Funny I kinda shipped RedxYellow since the second episode where Moune and Alata both ran toward Dereputa. Wait no, it was in the making of picture (which I don’t have), where Yudai and Mikki was making a heart sign with each others. ♥ Well, it’s too bad that they never really have an episode involved those Red and Yellow. But even if they have one, I doubt they would have any conflicts with each others. Like, Alata would actually be happy and follows Moune’s bratty-ness/selfishness. Moune can be all tsuntsun and Alata wouldn’t get affected and angry by it. He’ll be like, “Oh, that’s great!” no matter what ever ridiculous thing she say. That’s why, I think these two are cute/can be cute!

- As for Blue and Yellow. I like them since their focus episode together. They also have some cute moments during the show as well. Like that episode where we’re about to meet Nozomu’s mom but didn’t. Where Moune was jumping in excitement and Hyde jokingly stood in front of her so she can’t see anything, to which she quickly pushed him away. Or even the recent one, epic 42, with Hyde focus. They brought back the whole “Kodomo” and “Ossan”. :3 And the making of pictures with Blue and Yellow are cute too. ♥ But more people are actually shipping Blue with Pink so… :<

- Well, when you think about it, I like Yellow with a lot of people. I also like Moune and Datas together (not in a romantic way). Like that episode with Hyper Datas introduction, it was actually a Moune episode. And then the next time they have Hyper Datas coming it, it was Yellow that pretty much summon him. And then the recent episode where she’s standing up for Datas when she thought Hyde thinks of Datas as just a machine. And there’s also Moune and Knight, which for some reason, I think they have a pretty good relationship. Like that time when Yellow apologized to Knight for mistaking his good intention. Or that time when Knight stop attacking because Yellow was being hostage. Also, Yellow and Pink and the good friends. They always have girl talks when one of them are feeling down. That is great friendships. ♥ And lastly is Moune and Agri, but they are brother and sister so of course their interactions are good. Okay, enough my shipping talks. XD;;

- Yes, I like Moune. She’s a great character.



  1. I also ship hyde/moune couple. :")
    Can you tell me the episode u told, "Like that episode where we’re about to meet Nozomu’s mom but didn’t. Where Moune was jumping in excitement and Hyde jokingly stood in front of her so she can’t see anything, to which she quickly pushed him away".. thank u!