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B.L.T. February 2011: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) New Year Ambition


This year, my fandom New Year resolutions are:
1. Write/translate at least 1 article per week. (similar to 2010)
2. Draw at least 1 picture per month.
3. Write at least 1 thing per month.
- And then the usual stop being lazy and procrastinate like I do each year, but we all know that’s going to be impossible. >_>;;

- My 2010 resolution was “either translate, write, or draw a week”, but I realized that I ended up doing only 1 (translate) and ignore all the others, so I barely draw or write. ;_; Hopefully, this year, I can stick to this and have something to show at the end of 2011.


- For the New Year, I hope Fukuda Mayuko’s activities will continues to increase more and more in movies, dramas, and animes. Did I forget anything else? How about doing voice over for game? >:D

- This year, I really want to see her doing something music or book related. (^_^;) Like a role of her playing a musical instrument or a character in a drama based on a book, for example. Or even write stories for magazines or something (wishful thinking on my part). XD

- And more normal, happier roles for Mayuko please! Like in “10 Promises to My Dog”, instead of the usual unique characters that she’d been getting… Not that she’s not good in them, but still. (>__<;;)

- As for Kamiki Ryunosuke, more dramas and movies and less voice acting for games and anime. :P

- I also want to see him in a role with musical instrument like in “Kokoro no Ito”, but perhaps, with guitar or something else instead of piano. (*__*) He said he’s learning guitar, so I want to see how good he is. ^^;; We’ve seen him playing piano for “Kokoro no Ito” and “Kaze no Garden” so I think it’s safe for him to move on from piano, yes? :P

- Or, I don’t think I’d seen him in a fantasy-fantasy-ish show before, like Goemon (with Mayuko), so how about something like that? I haven’t seen “The Great Yokai War”, but I want a new one with his current self. D:

- Or how about a school drama?! 8D That would be really nice to see him acting with people his age. And have Hongo Kanata in it and we’ll have a best friend reunion~!! ♪

- Or how about a drama where he and his friend are trying to start a band, and he goes around the school to recruit! They can add Sakamoto Shogo in it for one of the member, and then someone else for bass/drum/vocal and it’ll be perfect! (*__*;;) Shogo and Kamiki can be guitar/voice. Kanata can be piano/bass/which ever instrument he can play. The drama can be similar to Waterboys, except it’s a light music club instead of synchronize swimming. XD;; Hey, someone should write a fanfic about it! I’ll totally read it! O(≧∇≦)O(Well, it’s easier asking for a Kamiki fanfic than a Mayuko fanfic lllorz)



Anyways, since it’s the New Year, let’s start the year off with a Fukuda Mayuko entry.

Text from

Picture taken from the Chinese fans at

Heisei 23rd, Prayer for Luck B.L.T.

Page 177-178 of February 2011 issue of B.L.T.

23 girls wrote their favorite words on the ema to pray for good luck as a present to the reader.

On her ema is the word “” (fuku), which means “good fortune”, and also part of her name.

Fukuda Mayuko
“After becoming a high school student, I’m finally experiencing a new life. Able to work on a drama after a long time, once again, I felt the joy in performing. In 2011, I hope to once again have another year of deep, meaningful fulfillments in both student life and work!”

- Heisei 23rd = year 2011



    rooting for more translations on 2011 (^_^)/
    as always a very informative post!! learn about the name of those wooden plaques (there's always a chance to learn something new!
    interesting idea about the kamiki/hongo/sakamoto drama, people can dream, right?
    I see you'r a morning musume fan, from some time now, I've been following news about 9nine, they have a couple of songs I like
    BTW, this hairstyle really suits fukuda, right? sporting a good look in all her recent photoshoots


  2. I'm rooting for more works and more good scans of them, so I can have more things to translate! >:D

    I've never listen to 9nine before. All I know about them is that Kawashima Umika is in it, and one of the member is Perfume's A-chan's little sister. lol *fail* Ok, let me try to listen some of their songs. lol

    I like her longer hairstyle too.. But I'm not sure about the side swept bangs that she'd been sporting. It kind of make her face looks longer. I kinda wonder if straight bang will be better for her.. :/

  3. Happy new year!!! Thanks for the translations you had made in 2010, hope you will continue to do so.. Because it is wonderful to have such a fan among us, fans. Mayuko hairstyle, what I think best suits her is that the bangs must be long and swept to the side.. Lol. That's my opinion.. Well, anyway.. Its wonderful to have you here himawari ( nha than prang)

  4. You... spelled... my name wrong... but.. >_<;;

    Thank you, but I think you are a better fan. Seriously!! lol

    Hmm... About her hairstyle, do you mean like how her hair is at the beginning of 2010? When she appeared at the Maimai Shinko stage greeting? ^^;;

  5. Waaah *.* I will so write that Kamiki-in-a-band idea <3 It's interesting<3

  6. yatsuiko-chan!!! Seriously? :D
    Pleasedopleasedopleasedo!!! (*A*)♥

  7. Haha, I'll do it once I'm done with my reports for school XD Shall send you a link :p The idea's too precious not to write :)

  8. ♥♥♥ I can't wait for it! :D