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Goseiger epic 43-44-45 Making Of

This week of Goseiger Making Of, taken from Toei's Goseiger official site.

The last making-of of the year. I’m really happy I got a chance to try translating them, because they are pretty funny. On the other hand, they also helps me finished my 1 translation a week New Year resolution for 2010, since they are relatively easy to do.


1. Director Kato is filming the series’ ending…

2. He’s strict~

3. “Don’t cry!”

4. The development of the series is also at its climax…

5. Somehow, the pictures for the making become

6. Grand

7. Even so, in front of the camera, still doing their utmost effort!

8. Exhausting themselves to make it the best

9. They have grown, becoming more earnest…


1. Of course

2. Until the last of the last

3. With smiling face

4. And fighting spirit

5. We’ll do our best!

6. Next year also, please treat us well!


Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介), A Son’s Conversation: Part 9

Kamiki Ryunosuke, A Son’s Conversation

Part 9 – I Want to Become Like Ushinosuke

(What he wrote: Kaerima~su. Otsukare sama deshita! = I’m returning home. Thanks for your hard work! Ryunosuke)

- It seems that Ryunosuke-kun is good at drawing pictures.

Ryunosuke: I love it. I draw trains.

Staff: He’s pretty good.

Ryunosuke: Just before, I was drawing Shikoku’s “Shiokaze” renovation car. In the back of Seto Ohashi bridge, I finally finished drawing a sunset~♪

- So you’re finished~♪ (laughs).

Staff: Beside from train, it seems like he also drew a portrait of Studio Ghibli’s Suzuki Toshio-san. It seems like he gave it to him for decoration.

Ryunosuke: Oh that~, it’s embarrassing. Tehehehehe.

Staff: He don’t read the script, but he always drawing.

Ryunosuke: Tehehehe.

- But your lines was perfect. Were you able to remember it right away?

Ryunosuke: Un.

- Ukaji-san said that there’s a time when he’s unable to memorize the line. He told me when it happens.

Ryunosuke: Hee, really?

- With just 3 lines, he’ll only remember one, and when he close the script, he forget it.

Ryunosuke: Wha~?!

- It was cured when he became 30 years old.

Ryunosuke: What~!! Hyee~!!

- Ryunosuke-kun able to remember the lines just before filming and suddenly able to get in character, you’re like a genius child actor.

Staff: He’s really like that. It’s like he’s able to do many things other adults can’t.

- Ryunosuke-kun is there anything you’re worried about recently?

Ryunosuke: U~n, the thing I’m worried about…. nothing!!

- You only worried about things when you become an adult. Ryunosuke-kun is having fun everyday right!

Ryunosuke: Un, everyday is fun!! Even today, there are a lot of fun moments.

- I see, I see. I’m happy that you said that. Thank you. Then, let’s go to the next question. Outside of work, what kind of person do you want to become?

Ryunosuke: Kind person with will power… That’s right, a person who can scream and shows his will power would be good.

- A person like Ukaji-san from “Otou-san no Backdrop” right.

Ryunosuke: Un!

- Being such a honest and good child, you don’t seems like you get scold at home.

Ryunosuke: I do. When I do something wrong, I’ll get scold. Mama said, please give thanks for anything important. But people shouldn’t say “Thank you” and “I’m sorry” just for appearance.

- I see.

Ryunosuke: That’s why, when I think I didn’t do anything wrong, it’s alright if I don’t apologize.

- Just apologizing for lip service, the message won’t reach the other person. For one’s own sake, we shouldn’t do it.

Ryunosuke: When I think about it, if you say “I’m sorry” just once from your heart, that’s good enough. Mama also said, if I did something bad then I can say “I’m sorry”.

- That’s a wonderful mother.

Ryunosuke: Un.

- Thank you very much. It’s was really fun.

Ryunosuke: Thank you very much!!


This young boy, being called a “genius child actor”, and also having such charmingly honesty, this wonderful person don’t think himself as any of that. We’ll also look forward to his activities next year. Just for a short while, appearing on the big screen, he’s enjoying watching the close up of himself. Like a spring breeze, Ryunosuke-kun brighten up the building that he’s in.

After this, for a short while, the girls won’t be helping out at work.



- Finally finished. Me being drained while quickly translating all of it in 1 day. (x__x;;)

- Kamiki is actually a REALLY good artist! I remember seeing his arts in a variety show and he’s really good. Though we don’t get to see him draw that much anymore these days. On the other hand, from reading JUNON and stuffs, in Amuse, I think Sato Takeru is really good at drawing too. His pictures really stand out from the rests.

- For being so young, Kamiki has a lot of words of wisdom! ♥


Goseiger Blog: New Year Anticipation

Tensou Sentai GoseigerGo! Say! blog.

This week, it seems the Making Of are back! キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!!

But anyways, here are the blog entries. X3


New Year Anticipation

Chiba Yudai

Eat and sleep.

Like that I ended up exhausted!


I love that carefree atmosphere of New Year!


This year, there will be a talk show in Tokyo Dome City G-Rosso, I can’t wait to meet everyone!



New Year Anticipation

Satou Rika


On New Year Eve, watching Kohaku Uta Gassen while eating soba noodles with my family, and visiting the shrine for the first day of the new year ♪


This year, I’m unable to spend it with my family, I’m currently wondering what I should do (゜~゜;)



New Year Anticipation

Hamao Kyosuke


For New Year,

Every year we return to Grandfather’s house

It’s a habit for everyone one to eat New Year foods.

Then everyone visit the shrine on New Year, then go and watch a movie!


For this year’s New Year anticipation……..

It’s not what I usually do!

It’s an event at Tokyo Dome City G-Rosso ☆ (laughs)

From the start of the new year, able to meet everyone, somehow, I’ve never experienced something wonderful like that!

I’m looking forward to it from now on.



New Year Anticipation

Niwa Mikiho


It’s basically an idle life.


My family usually wait until the last minute to visit shrine on New Year.

But from this year’s New Year, there’s going to be a movie greeting at Tokyo Dome City G-Rosso.

I can’t wait!



New Year Anticipation

Ono Kento


Every year, a gathering with my relative while everyone are waiwai gyagya (chatting noisily), that is the standard.

But, in 2011, I want to do something different from what we always do.



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Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介), A Son’s Conversation: Part 8

Kamiki Ryunosuke, A Son’s Conversation

Part 8 – The Person Ryunosuke-kun Looks Up To

- From now on, what kind of person do you want to become?

Ryunosuke: Hmm (looking really happy) Ikariya Chosuke-san, Koto-sensei, and Nakai-chan!

- Koto-sensei?

Ryunosuke: Yoshioka-san!

- Yoshioka Hidetaka-san. And Nakai….. Mashihiro-san?

Ryunosuke: Un. I hope to be able to do anything. Able to do a short play, also sing and dance, and able to act in drama….. I think I want to be a person like that.

- So, is there something that you want to be able to do?

Ryunosuke: Hmm hmm, is anything fine?

- Anything is fine.

Ryunosuke: I want to move.

- (That’s not something you, yourself want to be able to do!) So you want to move.

Ryunosuke: If the six people in my house join forces, I think we’ll be able to move.

- 6 people…?

Ryunosuke: Un, Papa, Mama, Ojii-chan, Obaa-chan, Onee-chan, and me.

- Onee-chan… (The girls in the room suddenly have an aura of wanting to exchange place with Onee-chan)

Ryunosuke: Do you know how old Onee-chan is?

- A sudden quiz!

Ryunosuke: (To the staffs) It’s a secret!

Every girls: Kyute!!

- Tell us, tell us!!

Ryunosuke: Bubu~! (Using a rhinoceros puppet to talk) That’s wrong!

Girls: Kya~~~~~~!


He kept Onee-chan’s true age a secret forever from the girls. In the movie “Otou-san no Backdrop” where Ryunosuke-kun played as Kazuo, there are Otou-san, Ojii-chan and Kazuo living together. The talk between Ojii-chanan and Kazuo is also really great. Normally, Ryunosuke-kun must’ve also spent a lot of time with his Ojii-chan. Ojii-chan is played by Chanbara Trio’s Minami Eiji-san, who was able to give a great flavor to the movie.



- He is so random. So how old is his sister anyways? I want to know!

- Kamiki said Nakai-chan! X3 And then Koto-sensei! XDD;;


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介), A Son’s Conversation: Part 7

Kamiki Ryunosuke, A Son’s Conversation

Part 7 – Kingyo Camera Fever

Ryunosuke: (Looking at the computer) That’s my picture!

- At last, you finally noticed the existence of Kingyo (Goldfish) Camera. Even though it’s a background image, right now, Ryunosuke-kun image is seen throughout the country.

Ryunosuke: Eeeehhh~!!!!

- That’s a sudden peace sign. Even though you’re a talent, Peace…. And also, extremely Peace. I haven’t done the peace sign in a while. It’s only one shot every minute, so you need to do the pose for a long time.

Ryunosuke: (Looking at the Kingyo camera while continues to smile and do the peace sign)

At the time, the girls: There are a lot of mails coming it.

Ryunosuke: The peace picture was sent! Yay~!! Eh, what is it, mail?

Girl 1: Un, more over, just now, from New York.

Ryunosuke: Eh, just now? Just now? It cam just now? Just now? Wha!!! Let’s read it, read it.

Girl 2: Wait a second. How about this person’s mail.

Ryunosuke: Just now, today, it came?

Girl 2: That’s right.

Ryunosuke: Waah, there are a lot that came. (Excitedly) Eeerrmm.

mail: He’s so cute!! Kya~ ☆

I’m currently an exchange student in American, right now it’s 4 o’clock in the morning.

Normally, I’m already sleeping, but since it’s Friday, I’m having a night life out with my friends, and just came back.

While trying to sober up, I thought of looking at Kingyo, and there, Kamiki-kun!!

Cute!!! I’m glad today is the weekend.

Bou’s voice from “Spirited Away” is really the best.

From Ayakoba-san! (smoothly)

- Amazing! Like a narrator. As one would expected! I thought since you’re a 5th grader that you won’t be able to read some of the kanji. But when you think about it, normally the scripts are full of kanji.

Ryunosuke: Aaah, if Papa were to sit in front of the camera, he’ll become popular.

- Let’s have one of the staff sit in front of it for a test. (Producer Harada Izumi was chosen)

Ryunosuke: Harada-san, please make sure to face the camera, and stare at it while wait!! That’s no good, you can’t move. (Absorbed)

Girl 2: There’s a mail that said “Right now, there’s a picture of an old man”….

Ryunosuke: Then I’ll be in the picture!! (Ryunosuke-kun having fun with the Gingyo camera)

Girls: Kya~ Kya~ Kya~ So~ Cute~.

Ryunosuke: I wan to look at the camera, is that ok?

- Go ahead. When this lamp become green, that’s when the camera take a picture. And this computer will send the picture to the internet, so anyone in the world with internet can see it.

Ryunosuke: Heeee. Ah! My picture isn’t there anymore!! (a bit dejected, Ryunosuke-kun quietly head back to the sofa)

- When the image is captured, it will be drop into the computer and will become a picture. Look, when you print it, it’s a picture.

Ryunosuke: Agyaa~!!


Saying such honest tings, the time Ryunosuke-kun come to the building, half of it is spent playing with the “Kingyo Camera”. Rather than “While playing with the Kingyo Camera, Ryunosuke-kun roughly make the eyes of the girls turned to hearts as they gaze at him”.

Ryunosuke-kun, thank you for making the whole world have that calm down time.



- Kamiki is such a hyperactive kid. ♥

- I’m guessing Kingyo camera is like a live camera that must’ve been popular back then. Though it’d been 5 years already.


Merry Christmas 2010

Thank you for following aimuse this year.

I just want to say, Merry Christmas, for those that celebrate it. ^^;; And even if you don’t, Happy Holiday.

Hope next year will be another good year.


I think they want you to go back and watch Little DJ for this Christmas. (>w<;;)

Remember that Little DJ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~ promotion period was actually around Christmas, so a picture of the people that help established aimuse into what it is today.






Also, Happy Birthday to Aiba Masaki and Ishihara Satomi! ♪♫

ヾ(´・∀・)ノ << Happy Birthday♪



- On another note, if you have any question about aimuse, please ask and I’ll do my best to  answer.

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Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介), A Son’s Conversation: Part 6

Kamiki Ryunosuke, A Son’s Conversation

Part 6 – Because I Want to Surprise Mama

- What would your feeling be if your father is a pro-wrestler?

Ryunosuke: I wouldn’t be like Kazuo-kun in the movie, I think I’ll be really happy. Even if he’s a bad character, it’s okay. You can ride on his back, and you can play with him. When I asked to play catch with my Papa, after around 30 minutes he’ll stop.

- But isn’t 30 minutes of play already good enough?

Ryunosuke: No, it’s still not good yet!

- Kazuo-kun of “Otou-san no Backdrop”, he’s a different character from Ryunosuke-kun right? Is it hard becoming hin?

Ryunosuke: Not really, it’s not hard at all.

- So you’re able to quickly become a cool Kazuo-kun.

Ryunosuke: Un.

- Like that, what do you say that took all your might to talk with your father?

Ryunosuke: I don’t have anything that took all my might. I just talk to him about the normal stuffs. But because our hobbies are different so sometimes our conversation don’t match. My Papa like car’s motor, surfing and tennis, while I like train.

- You really know a lot about your Papa’s hobbies…. There’s a scene where you’re doing the laundry in the movie right? You looks very skillful, but normally do you help out with the chores?

Ryunosuke: No, I don’t. On the tatami mat with the laundry, Mama taught me, but after 3 minutes I forgot how to. Hehehe. I only help with washing the dishes.

- So you wash the bowls?

Ryunosuke: Un, I’ll hide myself from Mama and wash the dishes. “Fu~ (It’s finished")”, and when Mama finally noticed, “Eh?”.

- So your Mama was surprised.

Ryunosuke: Un.

- Is she happy?

Ryunosuke: Un, she’s happy.

- She would be happy. That’s great for your Mama. For Ryunosuke-kun, is there a scene in the movie that stuck in your mind?

Ryunosuke: At the end. The scene at the end at the Yakiniku shop.

- That’s a quick reply. At that place, where Kazuo, to his father

Ryunosuke: Giving rice porridge to his father. That’s the first time he felt respect to his father.

- Kazuo-kun’s most happiest scene is also the scene that Ryunosuke-kun remembered the most. That’s great!


In the movie “Otou-san no Backdrop”, there’s scenes where Ryunosuke-kun do the laundry and other household chores. In order to get use to the work, at home he also help out normally. In the movie, though there a strong figure of the father, but for the Kazuo-kun that Ryunosuke-kun played, how is his life begin in Osaka, how he make friends, and how he thought about his mother and father is also a splendid development. Showing in the day time at Shibuya, tomorrow will be the last day.



- It’s weird when Kamiki said about helping his mom with the dishes, because I also do the same thing when I was younger. I’ll wait until my mom do something else, and then I’ll secretly washed the dishes. Funny that nowadays, washing the dishes is my most hated chore. That and washing the vegetables. XD;;


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介), A Son’s Conversation: Part 5

Kamiki Ryunosuke, A Son’s Conversation

Part 5 – Life is Good

- In the movie, Ukaji-san is your father. What kind of father is he?

Ryunosuke: Ukaji-san is really huge, kind, and talk with me about various things. In any case he’s really kind, really kind.

- We have a message from Ukaji-san, did you read it?

Ryunosuke: (Nodding with a really happy face)

- “For me, life is not delicious. For you, is it good?”

Ryunosuke: Arya!

- What kind of meaning… you don’t get it right… “For you, is life good?”

Ryunosuke: …… (Think a bit) It’s good.

- So it’s good?

Ryunosuke: Un, it’s good. Because I’m happy.

- Heeeee. Why are you happy?

Ryunosuke: How to say it, perhaps, because there are a lot of good things?

- Is working on the drama fun?

Ryunosuke: Un, it’s very fun. The drama itself is also fun, the way to behave, the way to talk, and becoming that person is fun.

- Do you think to yourself “I’m able to do it well”?

Ryunosuke: I don’t think about it.


He’s able to clearly answer Ukaji Papa’s question. Ukaji-san said this about Ryunosuke-kun “From now on, those eyes will be face with many experiences. No matter whatever is in his way, he will be able to cross it by himself.”



- Ukaji-san’s question to him is so funny. 「俺は人生はおいしくねえよ。 おまえは人生、うまいか?」(literary: For me, life is not delicious. For you, is life tasty.), which made me have a confused expression at the beginning… :P

- I also love what he said about Kamiki at the end too.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介), A Son’s Conversation: Part 4

Kamiki Ryunosuke, A Son’s Conversation

Part 4 – In Luck Because of Kami-sama

Ryunosuke: When I was a baby, it seems like I almost die. Even the doctor said “There’s only 1% chance of survival”. But then~!

I was saved by a miracle.

Then, at that time, it’s also because everyone said it’s all thanks to kami-sama, it’s thanks to kami-sama (laughs), that’s why I believe in kami-sama. That’s why, when I’m looking for Papa, I was able to find him.

When we were filming for the movie, during the waiting time, I’ll play a game like Casino Roulette together with Ukaji-san, the director, and Minami-san. When I think about it and then said “6!”, it will be 6. If I said “1 and 9”, it will be 1 and 9, or 9 and 1. Also, if I were to loose a random piece (of game), after I said “Let’s think about where I put it”, it will turn up.

- Heee~. That luck is because of kami-sama. When you’re looking for your Papa, do you ask about his location?

Ryunosuke: I don’t ask for his location. When people say “Papa is here, is here”, I’ll purposely ask “Where is he?”. And they say “You’re good!” when he rolled out with a bang.


With the role of father and child reversed, the child become level-headed while the father want to play, and want to connect to his child. The same could be said about Kazuo that Ryunosuke-kun play in the movie, when his body is defeated, it shows in his expression.



- The last part, I didn’t really understand it entirely.

- I’d just realized that his shirt print is dragonflies. :o Cute!

- Even now, I think it’s really is a miracle that he lives. I mean only 1% chance of living? That’s a miracle!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介), A Son’s Conversation: Part 3

Kamiki Ryunosuke, A Son’s Conversation

Part 3 – The Reversal of Father and Child

- Do Ryunosuke-kun have something you like or dislike?

Ryunosuke: (Shakes his head)

- Nothing? For example, bell pepper?

Ryunosuke: Hmm, I think I hate parfait.

- Parfait? That much. (When Ryunosuke-kun said “Parfait” he’s so cute…)

Ryunosuke: If I eat everything, it’ll be too sweet and I’ll ended up feeling nauseated.

- Ah, because the amount is too much. I think it’s alright if you don’t finish it all.

Ryunosuke: But, it’ll be a waste, no matter what I’ll finish it.

- You also finish all your food at home?

Ryunosuke: Un, no matter if it’s outside or inside, I don’t leave anything uneaten. Even when my stomach is toootally full, and there’s still some food left, I’ll finish them.

- Did your mother taught you that?

Ryunosuke: No, it’s because it’s a waste. “Even with just a piece of rice, let’s savor the taste” I thought. Even if it’s a grain of rice, or even if there’s anything, I’ll pick it up and eat it!

- How admirable. That’s somehow similar to “Otou-san no Backdrop”’s Kazuo. (Kamiki’s character)

Ryunosuke: Really? And then my Papa, in his bowl there’s a lot of rice. If there’s hamburger or vegetable he only eat the hamburger, my Papa. “Papa, please make sure to eat the vegetable too”, he’ll say “My stomach is full”.

- Un~, it’s also similar to the movie with Kazuo and Ushinosuke (Kazuo’s father). But perhaps the situation got reverse.

Ryunosuke: Usually I’m the one that criticize him. First, he’s really bad at hiding.

- Hiding?

Ryunosuke: When I think about there he’ll be hiding, “Here!” I thought, and most of the time he’ll be there. Because, I believe in god.

- Is that so?


Why does Ryunosuke-kun believes in god, perhaps it’s due to “Spirited Away” where he’s the voice of Bou… Or not, there’s actually a reason for it. For this story, we’ll continue next time.



- Lol, his family really get along well. :P


The Starlit Paths of 6 Colors - Star Child's Past and Present

No translation. I found these scans on baidu so I’d thought I’ll share it, because all of them are so adorable. *squee* And I just realized that I’m obsessed with completing sets (like magazine scans)… (´∀`)

From my guess, this is from the Chinese magazine called Easy, and from the pictures, it seems like it’s published around November of 2009. Of course, I’m not 100% positive on the date.

The 6 colors they are referring to are (obviously from the scans - from left to right, top to bottom): Shida Mirai, Fukuda Mayuko, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Narumi Riko, Miyama Karen, and Hongo Kanata.






Wait wait wait, I just realized that they don’t have Ohgo Suzuka!! Σ(゜ロ゜;)!! She’s also a child actress…. That is weird!


Hey! Hey! I just realized something… Isn’t this season drama (Fall 2010) kind of amusing?! Beside from the whole Shida, Kamiki, and Mayuko are in a drama. The other thing is they all have special abilities.

- Kamiki can stop time in SPEC.

- Mayuko can time travel in Q10.

- And then Shida can get possessed by her mother in Himitsu.


If you think about it, even though it’s coincidence, their “powers” are kind of related to the Suzumiya Haruhi story.

- Kamiki = Nagato Yuki

- Mayuko = Ashahina Mikuru

- Shida kind of = Koizumi Itsuki


Lol… XDD;; Actually, Yuki can do anything, not just stop time, and Itsuki isn’t really similar to Shida’s “power” at all, but if I have to choose from the three of them, I could only think of Itsuki. :/ On the other hand, I’m not a fan of Mikuru character.. =__=;; If you considered Mayuko’s love of book character, she would be more suited as Yuki. Shida would be a bit like Haruhi… And I think Kamiki…. don’t really fit any of the characters in Haruhi. lol

Just my random moment of amusement. >:3

I think someone should put them in a drama with super power, that would be kind of interesting.

Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介), A Son’s Conversation: Part 2

Kamiki Ryunosuke, A Son’s Conversation

Part 2 – Laughing So Hard That I Got Off The Train

- In the movie, the moment you talk with your father is during dinner or when you’re playing catch. I really like that playing catch scene. Ryunosuke-kun mentioned about your Papa proposing to your Mama before, when did you heard about it?

Ryunosuke: When I suddenly thought  of it. Or rather, I will quickly ask about it when anything suddenly pop into my mind.

- Oooh, is that so. Perhaps it’s good that every adult become honest.

Ryunosuke: I’m actually chatty even from before. Like going to the supermarket, I’ll approach an old man I don’t know and say “Hello, I’m Ryu”. Even when I don’t have anything to ask, I’ll say, “Hey hey hey, Ryu is 3 years old, my favorite thing is train!”

- In order to not get kidnap, you only come up to that point right!

Ryunosuke: And also, in the middle of the train ride, there are times when I’ll get off. While riding the Toujou line (from Tokyo to Joetsu of Niigata), there’s a conductor with a voice similar to Kato Cha-san. It was so funny, “I’m at my limit, I give up” and when the door opens, I got off.

- You got off in the middle?

Ryunosuke: Un, I was laughing so hard, that I got off. That’s why, I got on the next train.

At that time the girls (in a distance): Aaah~ It’s an angel!! (Noisily)

- Because I’m together with Ryunosuke-kun that everyone is having fun.

Ryunosuke: Really? When I call “Let’s play” to a kid earlier, a lot of them became tired.

- Ryunosuke-kun is also very energetic!


Whatever I ask of him, Ryunosuke-kun looks happy as he say “About that~!!” and consider it. With an image of a child actor, I imagine him to be a level-headed and modern child. But actually, he’s filled childlike sympathy, the word “charming” described him perfectly.



- Kamiki may actually be a handful to his parents when he was younger. I’m really worried for him. Luckily he’s alright from all his bold action.