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Seventeen December 2010: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

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On page 181 of the monthly magazine “Seventeen”, December issue 2010, there’s an interview with Fukuda Mayuko on her role, Fujino Tsukiko, for the NTV drama “Q10”.

Even though she’s only just 16 years old, she has a grand presence!
The next generation actress with a classical style

- Please tell us the highlights of “Q10”!
Fukuda: I want people to recognized the charms of all the characters’ individual personalities. I played Tsukiko, a mysterious girl that falls in love with Sato Takeru-san’s character, Heita. Even though I don’t resemble Tsukiko’s personality, the feelings that a honest and straight forward person like Heita is nice, I really understand it. In the story, there are a lot of wonderful phrases and scenes. In order to not miss it, please watch it!

- How do you spend your student life?
Fukuda: For afterschool, it’s definitely girls talk with my friends! I think it’s the same for the readers. However, when I receive a book I want to read, I’ll immediately go straight home and be so absorbed in reading it that my friends said “You’re only doing things that you pleased” (laughs). When I have a day without work or school, I won’t take a step outside but just spend the day reading. I’m the completely indoor type.

- Please give a word to “Seventeen” readers.
Fukuda: "Q10” is a drama that high school students are able to sympathize with. Please watch it!

- Been reading a lot of her recent magazine scans. She’s always talks about reading books. XD;; I wonder if she write stories too. It would be interesting if she become a writer when she grows up, beside from acting, kind of like Mizushima Hiro. Oh, by the way, congrats for winning the 5th Poplar Publishing Grand Prize for Fiction. I really want to read his work. Hopefully, it’ll be translated into English. :)
- Does anyone know where exactly/which magazine the picture comes from? I would like to learn about the source. I got a full version of the picture, but it doesn’t say which magazine it came from…. :< Sometimes, I wish people state their sources.

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