Monday, November 8, 2010

Goseiger Blog: Deepest Impression

Tensou Sentai GoseigerGo! Say! blog.

Hello, this is Chiba.

Goseiger is becoming a site without delay.

And next to appear are

Up until now, the battles and the daily lives of everyone from Goseiger are shorten, but not yet half. (I don't get it either!)

Even though I'm not sure how the story is going to progress from now on, I hope to carry Goseiger on with a soft and tender mood.

I want the action to be even more and more challenge, and the saga of the second half to have various attraction.

From now on, please continue to cheer Goseiger on.

Well then, this is Alata.

The picture are with Gosei Girls!

Hello, this is Eri ☆

Goseiger is quickly rushing into the second half.

So fast (>_<)

Up until now, there are a lot of fights, but the one battle that leaves the biggest impression is the battle just recently broadcast.
The story of episode 30's Erumugaimu eating Eri's dream!

Even in a pinch, never give up in reminding each and everyone there about their hopes and dream.
Such Eri is really wonderful (・∀・)

The battle scene with Gosei Knight as the tag team is really cool!!

For me, with this story, I came to love Eri (*^▽^)

And then, the appearance of the new rival, Matrintis.
For the battle with the Matrintis, I think we'll be able to observe more of Gosei Angel, 5 people, growth!

Don't miss it everyone ♪

Hello everyone!!
Playing the role of GoseiBlack, Agri, this is Hamao Kyosuke☆

It's a bit sudden but... How are you??
Are you properly do your best in your studies and work?? (laughs)

Well, with the recent change in season, the weather become hot and then cold, the common cold is getting popular that I'm worried (. .)

As always, I'm drawing my Landick power from the rock and do my best ☆ (laughs)

Looking back at the battles up until now, the one that leave the biggest impression is the "Warstar"!!

Even though they are the first enemy, but Dereputa is of course the most memorial☆

For example, the scene of Alata and Dereputa's fight... and also, the scene where each of us attack individually!
And there are also others that can't be mention, but in any case ♪ Warstar left the deepest impression.

... ... Well, everyone of our enemy all have a strong impression (^^; (laughs)

Our newest enemy, Matrintis, machine monster, appear!
I can't say they are not profound, but they did unthinkable things.
Also! And that impossible person is resurrected...
Fully loaded with highlights ☆

Like Agri, lately, become even more in character, and do normal things with fever is the highlight of this play, small drama, ad lib, and many other challenges.

Please look forward to the broadcast ♪ (laughs)

The picture mail is the close friendships of Gosei Men ♪
See you next time (^^ゞ

It's already the 7th time for this blog♪
This is Moune

Just like that, "Goseiger" is already in its 8th month.
During my free time, I look back from the first episode.

All of the scenes left an impression, however, for me, the scene where Moune first fight with an enemy "Yuzeikusu" left the biggest impression.

For that battle, as an apprentice Gosei Angel, Moune is not yet strong (even though she's still not yet there), the deep bond between the Landick siblings, also my first time at the location by myself, everything was reliably heating up.

Definitely, everyone please think of a scene that left the biggest impression for you.

From now on, I'll brace myself for the filming ♪
Thank you for your supports.

Finally, at the end of October, there will be an event at Tokyo Dome City - Theater G Rosso.
I'll look forward to meeting everyone.

The picture is the messages everyone gave me for my birthday♪

Hello, this is Ono.

It's getting colder each day, how is everyone pass the time?

For me, my activities everyday include filming, but Goseiger is already meeting its later half, the time continues quickly giving a painful and impatience feeling.

Though we are still "Apprentice", and for the drama and also as the heroes who protect the Earth, we are still novice, but there are a lot of challenges I want to try.

I want to meet more and more stronger opponents and do more violent action scenes, from now on I want Goseiger to increasing to a deeper color. (aka leave a deeper impression)

Because I want everyone to remember it as the most magnificent series in the life.

For that, all of us use "Definitely never give up" as our mutual motto.
That's why our teamwork became like friendships.

The unexpected story development is the highlight.
Please look forward to it.

by Hyde.

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