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Audition Dec 2010: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

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In the December issue of the monthly magazine, ‘Audition’, 6 pages are dedicated to Fukuda Mayuko from pages 99-104.



Actress Color (joyu x iro)

#8 Red

Fukuda Mayuko


The 8th combination of “actress” and “color” of “joyu x iro” for this time is Fukuda Mayuko-chan, who is appearing in the drama “Q10 (Kyuuto)”.

The chic red, the pop red… The various kind of red in this world, gracefully, lovely, and a bit of an adult…

While showing many different expressions, this is her come back to this magazine after 2 years.


- The Life of a High School Student -

     Able to go to the school that I’d selected, I’m enjoying the freedom. I’m experiencing a new life as I sneak away a bit. After school, as my friends and I walk to our station, we would enjoy looking at clothes along the way. And, I’m also reading books, listening to music. I really like SUM 41. Also, Perfume is cute!

As for school works, during junior high, it felt that you do them because you have to, but for high school, with increasingly more interesting subjects, it felt like you study what you like to study. I really love classical literature! In order to be able to read more classical literature, I study diligently. I already know what I’m going to choose when we have to choose between Humanities or Sciences class in our second year, I’ll go straight to Humanities. I think I want to study classical literature and modern literature.


- The Drama “Q10” -

     Fujino Tsukiko (character’s name) is a girl who’s a shut-ins for a long time, but some times, you’ll see her aimlessly at school by coincidence, and then before you know it, she vanish… As for myself, I’ve not yet try a mysterious person, that’s why I’m looking forward to it.

When I heard about the drama at first, the heroine of this school drama is a robot… Huh? (laughs). But, it’s a really wonderful script. Because I’m a fan of “Sexy Voice and Robo”, that’s why, just being in the same “Robo team” with Kizara Izumi-san as the script writer and Kawano Hidehiro-san as the producer is really like a dream come true. Up until now, I’d never perform in a warm youth drama before, and to wear a uniform for this school drama, with a role that I can only do now, it made me really happy.


- Studies and Drama -

     How do you say it, because both of them exist, that’s why I do my best to do them. It’s not about going to high school in order to graduate, but about having fun while properly experiencing high school life. But, for the school drama this is also something I could only do now… School and also school works, because there are a lot of things I could only do now, I think it would be great if I could go forward while having fun with both.

There’s a period where I’m unable to work in order to study for exams, even when I’m not working, it was still fun. Even though I was having a good time, it’s insufficient. Because I have a lot of things that I “like”, thinking about “doing it” is something I could only do with drama. If I’m not doing drama, it would felt like there’s something “missing”.


- Red -

     I love the color red. For the color red, it felt a bit special. The other day I was thinking of wearing a red knit… and then this (on the casual clothes, a stitched red heart), I like things like this. Even though normally, I have a lot of black clothes, with just a red muffler, it’ll become cute.

I really love to unfasten the cover of the book as I use it, for the hard cover, if the cover of the book is red, my heart would flutter. All the books I love pretty much have a red cover.



- Future -

     What do I want to become in the future, I’ll think about it, but nothing come up. I want to always be able to act in drama, I want to become different kinds of people. There are times where I worried about how to go through with it, but because there are also times where I found it to be interesting, not really knowing how you’re going to become is something I want to enjoy looking forward to.

With that, I’ve never once thought of myself as an “actress”. When I’m an adult performing in a drama, I may consider to call myself as an actress. Because right now I’m performing, and for that I need to do my best…. it doesn’t seems like that way (to become an actress). That’s why, it’s not about what I want to become in the future, but rather, how I should go about living it (laughs).


- Self Analysis -

     Perhaps, I like to be by myself. It’s not that I don’t like to be “always together”, but everyone freely doing what they want, when they want to be together, then be together, I like that sort of connection.

Also, I don’t have any vitality (serious)!! When I entered high school, I lost around 5 umbrellas. It was until much later that I noticed, “What have I been doing” I always thought. I don’t see the things around me. Even walking, I would quickly collide into a wall. Because I only see what interest me, I don’t realize it when I passed people, my field of vision is very narrow. Perhaps.

And also, I often feel sleepy (laughs)…. Wait, what was the question?



- A proper translation after a long time. As usual, I apologize for any mistakes.

- This is my first time using Windows Live Writer to try to write an entry instead of my usual awesome ScripeFire. ^___^;; We’ll see how this goes.

- Her self analysis make me laughs. A very my pace kind of person.

- Is anyone watching Q10? :D The show is already up to the 5th episode and it’s really interesting. Haha! I’m watching it raw since I’m impatient. >w<;; But Fujino-sama really make the story interesting.

- Love this photo shoot, especially her close up. :)

- Lastly, Fujino-sama and her awesomeness!

“See, easy.” *smirks*


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