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Arrietty Guide Book: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) Interview

Scans and Chinese translation from Wind at Kamiki’s baidu page.


A Boy’s and Girl’s One Week
”Karigurashi no Arrietty” Guide Book



Suffering from illness, a young boy with a hopeless view of the world,

After meeting with a young girl, his sudden change…

Kamiki Ryunosuke talks about this new world.


When I’m around 6 years old, my first anime work I challenged was “Spirited Away”. Later, as we start “Howl’s Moving Castle”, once again I got to appear in Ghibli’s work. For me it was a really enormous experience, that if I didn’t included it, it would be hard to define myself (laughs). Even so, when it was decided that I will be in “Karigurashi no Arrietty” this time, meeting an working together again with the same staffs from 10 years ago, I’m very happy.

More over, it appears that director Yonebashi (Hiromasa) was the one that created the character Sho from looking at my calendar picture, I’m very honored. That’s why in regard to voicing Sho, I was able to get motivated quickly.

This time, Sho, the character that I’m performing as, to simply put it, he’s a 12 years old boy who’s doesn’t have any expectation for the future. His way of speaking is slow,  or rather, when I read the scenario, Sho’s characteristics intuitively appeared in my mind. This type of lacking of emotions and flat way of talking, up until now, I have not yet perform with a character this different, it was a lot of challenge.

When that type of Sho meets Arrietty, he experienced various type of feelings and connection, the many shades of colors in his heart begin to blossom…. In order to perform as Sho, I have to take note with my greatest effort in that type of subtle change in his expressions. That type of “change”, I think that is also one of the movie’s highlight.

The characters that appear in this movie are, though not that many, everyone are different types. Dark and light, good and bad, stillness and movement… Each differences are easy to understand, I feel that even in the real world, that type of human characteristics do exist.

It’s my first time voicing together with Shida (Mirai)-san, who played Arrietty. Even though up until the recording day, she was really nervous, but when we begin at the recording site, her performances was able to quickly becoming perfectly like how I’d imagined. Brimming with presence, we completely able to co-act together.

That type of peak in presence is the scene where Sho said “Let’s search together” to Arrietty when her mother’s whereabouts is unknown. The little people and human, meeting even though their differences exist, even their hidden thoughts collide with each others, and even when they are living with misunderstandings… Up until this time, Sho didn’t possess the “strong livelihood”, he give a straight forward line. Even though his word is simple, wanting to help and connect with Arrietty’s serious matter, Sho’s thought is enormously delivered in that line. For me, that’s his turning point. Finding the things that one has but the other doesn’t charming, accepting each others’ differences, removing your prejudices, it’s that kind of scene. This Ghibli work is drawn in such a beautiful way that left a deep impression.

Which reminded me, when I first learn of this story, even though I always thought about the existence of the little people, but for me, I actually really want them to exist. I imagined the little people as living with together with nature. As for us human, we are living while making the best of nature, that subject of coexistence is always there. At the beginning, Sho gave up all connections with things, and living with emotions is definitely not possible for him. But to be accepted, clash, understand, and become happy…. just like that “the shades of the heart that’s contains many things = living”. Sho was able to realized it because of Arrietty, and I also think that because Sho is able to feel that understanding, he was able to do things. To be able to work with such a great work, I’m really happy.




- My kanji vocabulary banks are not very much, that’s why I have to pretty much guess the kanji as I look them up. There are many mistakes, don’t be hesitant to point it out. I should also noted that my Japanese isn’t as good as I want it to be so… please do. >___<;;

- I know I’m not the one scanning it (though I’m also very grateful to the scanner), the markings is a bit annoyance for me because it’s distracting and take away the atmosphere of the picture. >___>;; Well, beggar can’t be chooser. lllorz


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