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SPEC: Kamiki Ryunosuke Interview

Quick short interview. :D Wondered if I should put a designated Q10 and SPEC tag. :/

Can't wait for this drama~! ♥

Random: For those wondering why his name is Ninomae (二ノマエ) instead of Ichi (一) like how the kanji was written, when you separated his name, Ninomae become Ni-no-mae (2 の前), which basically mean "before 2". And the number "before 2" is "1", which is where the 一 come from. So his character name is basically means "Eleven before 2" (if you put it in the western way where first name first and family name last) or even "2 before 11" (like 2 minutes before 11 o'clock or something like that, I'm guessing). Perhaps that will be an interesting clue to the drama. >:3 It was bothering me for a long time until I figured it out. *proud of self* XD;;

Interview of Kamiki Ryunosuke from SPEC Official Site.

Kamiki Ryunosuke as Ninomae Juuichi (一 十一)

Q. Please tell us your honest feeling when the role was decided for you.
Kamiki: Because I worked with director Tsutsumi for "20th Century Boys" before, frankly, I'm very happy.

Q. How did you read your script?
Kamiki: The story progressed speedily, it was really interesting! Because each time, a person with different spec (=specification = special characteristic?) appeared, what kind of person will appear next time? I would excitedly wait for it.

Q. What kind of person is your character, Ninomae?
Kamiki: If I were to put it in one word... "mysterious boy". In fact, even myself would wondered, what kind of person is he? And for what reason does he appear? And even is he good or bad? From the producer to the directors, they didn't tell me at all.

Q. What's your impression of Tsutsumi's works?
Kamiki: When I was in one of them, I thought there are various components like interesting, fun, affections and others expressed in it.

Q. For Kamiki-san, what kind of spec do you posses?
Kamiki: About this... My spec is that my funny stories ended up to be "always not funny" (laughs). At school, when I tried to liven up everyone by saying a gag, every time, it ended up to be not funny. Perhaps, that's not really a spec... (laughs)

Q. For Kamiki-san, what kind of spec would you like to have for yourself?
Kamiki: I want to be able to read other people's hearts. I'll be able to know what kind of birthday present to give, and I'll definitely win when playing card games (laughs).

Q. Lastly, please give a message to the viewers.
Kamiki: Because the story is full of riddles, I think how such riddles will develop is a highlight of the drama. Please be sure to watch Friday drama "SPEC".

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