Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sato Takeru: It's the Second Episode.

Quick translation from Sato Takeru's ameblo.

It's the Second Episode.
October 23, 2010


Kyuto is today. (Kyuto = Q10)

So fast.

Everyone, the second episode of "Q10".

Is tonight at 9.

Because we already seen it ahead, this time,

I'll ask the student actors, who made an appearance, about their impression of the second episode.

"It was interesting. I'm in here more than the first episode."
- Hosoda Yoshihiko-san

"So clever, it's good."
- Kaku Kento-san

"It was interesting. Hosoda-san was wonderful."
- Fukuda Mayuko-san

"Kyuto is cute."
- Renbutsu Misako-san

"Everyone's performance was wonderful."
- Maeda Atsuko-san

"I'm sorry, I haven't watch it yet."
- Takahata Mitsuki-san

By the way, my impression is the same as everyone.

Well then, tonight at 9 o'clock.

Please looks forward to it.

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