Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Goseiger epic 33-34 Making Of

This week of Goseiger Making Of, taken from Toei's Goseiger official site.

Why is this harder to understand than last time?! >__<;;

1. 2 new enemies
From the Matrintis Empire
2. "Please take care of us"
3. "I'll do my best to freely use this pad." (The A-pad, similar to the iPad)
4. While we're aiming to defeat the new enemy...
5. A special training on attacking! "Ei!"
6. "Is that all you got~"
7. "You're still not there yet, heh..."

1. First, please think of the injured.
2. "Yes, the enemy is here"
3. "Tou" (The sound of doing/stopping something difficult)
4. Wah.....
5. Kuwah.......
6. GyawawawaaaaaaAAAH
7. "Then..." (Sorry I'm not sure what ゴマス means D:)
8. "How about we capture the enemy..."
9. "Un, that's a good idea!"
No no, we'll struggle against them the next time too.

Next epic preview

One by one...
For the leader role,
Baton touch!


  1. Greetings. Himawari, on earth is there no way to contact you?

  2. Hm? You can contact me here. Is something wrong?