Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sato Takeru: It's the Second Episode.

Quick translation from Sato Takeru's ameblo.

It's the Second Episode.
October 23, 2010


Kyuto is today. (Kyuto = Q10)

So fast.

Everyone, the second episode of "Q10".

Is tonight at 9.

Because we already seen it ahead, this time,

I'll ask the student actors, who made an appearance, about their impression of the second episode.

"It was interesting. I'm in here more than the first episode."
- Hosoda Yoshihiko-san

"So clever, it's good."
- Kaku Kento-san

"It was interesting. Hosoda-san was wonderful."
- Fukuda Mayuko-san

"Kyuto is cute."
- Renbutsu Misako-san

"Everyone's performance was wonderful."
- Maeda Atsuko-san

"I'm sorry, I haven't watch it yet."
- Takahata Mitsuki-san

By the way, my impression is the same as everyone.

Well then, tonight at 9 o'clock.

Please looks forward to it.

Goseiger epic 35-36 Making Of

This week of Goseiger Making Of, taken from Toei's Goseiger official site.

Didn't have that much time any more to translate anything long. (_ _|||) That's why all I've been doing is the short Goseiger stuffs. I apologized!

I actually have a tumblr where I post my drama screen caps and random stuffs sporadically. If you want to follow, please do! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

1. "Director, I'm worried!"
2. "What is it?"
3. "Do I really have to run?"
4. "Don't give up! Look forward!"
5. "Okay!"
6. "Go forward!"

1. To~!
2. Basha~n!
3. Rush forward!
4. Unleash!!
5. It looks just like it! (a joke, I'm guessing, a pun on all the "-da se")
6. "That's right! Now is the time"
7. "Running toward the future!"
8. "My leg, my leg..."

1. Uwaaaaaaah~~
2. Gaaaaaaahhhhhh~~
3. HOT!
4. Amazing, it's too amazing!
5. "I did it!"
We'll also do my best next time!

Epic 37 Preview

Excited Moune

Moune's focus episode! :D


Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku
As usual, it'll be a crossover of characters from Goseiger and Shinkenger.
Cast: Chiba Yudai, Sato Rika, Hamao Kyosuke, Niwa Mikiho, Ono Kento, Matsuzaka Tori, Aiba Hiroki, Takanashi Rin, Morita Suzuka, Soma Keisuke

Monday, October 18, 2010

Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) Magazine Scans

I got these for a while and was thinking of translating them. However, because of the lack of time, I'm unable to, so I thought, "Hey, since I can't translate them, instead of hogging them to myself, I should put them out so that people who can and willing to can do it!!" :D

So yea, if you want to translate them, please please please, help the Kamiki's fan community out and do it! (人´∀`*)お・ね・が・い☆ミ

Here they are. Scans are not mine! Taken from Kamiki's Baidu.

+act June 2010 - Chinese translation

Flix plus June 2010 - Chinese translation

Animage August 2010 - Chinese Translation

Enjoy! (●>v<●)☆

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Goseiger epic 33-34 Making Of

This week of Goseiger Making Of, taken from Toei's Goseiger official site.

Why is this harder to understand than last time?! >__<;;

1. 2 new enemies
From the Matrintis Empire
2. "Please take care of us"
3. "I'll do my best to freely use this pad." (The A-pad, similar to the iPad)
4. While we're aiming to defeat the new enemy...
5. A special training on attacking! "Ei!"
6. "Is that all you got~"
7. "You're still not there yet, heh..."

1. First, please think of the injured.
2. "Yes, the enemy is here"
3. "Tou" (The sound of doing/stopping something difficult)
4. Wah.....
5. Kuwah.......
6. GyawawawaaaaaaAAAH
7. "Then..." (Sorry I'm not sure what ゴマス means D:)
8. "How about we capture the enemy..."
9. "Un, that's a good idea!"
No no, we'll struggle against them the next time too.

Next epic preview

One by one...
For the leader role,
Baton touch!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Goseiger Blog: Parent and Child

Tensou Sentai GoseigerGo! Say! blog. Slightly late. :x

- These blog entries pertain to Goseiger Epic 28 - A Father's Treasure
- Alata's blog is way to formal that I didn't get it at all. >__<;;
- Hyde's blog is sweet. ♥
- Most of them (3 out of 5) have the same title. D: They need more variations.

Hello, this is Alata

Rebellious age.
Even though it's over for me a long time ago,
Even until this year,
For some reason
I still disobey.

Against their kindness,
Somehow, when I am
Excessively cruel,
I started hating that of myself.

Even so,
When trying to mend the relationship
The time that we are together
Are different from other people,
Isn't it like the image of a family.

From even before,
My mother is quite attentive
She's a person who will assign their job to people.

On the other hand, my father
Doesn't really talk much
The type that say only one thing after.

Such type of parents
Did not oppose
When I decided to start this job.

If you want to do something, please do it
But do it properly.

Father, Mother
Right now,
Am I doing it properly?

They may have know such things,
10 years ago.

Please have a long life.

This time, epic 28 is,
Nozomu and Professor Amachi's parent and child story "A Father's Treasure".
Because of that, a speech about parent and child.

With that, see you later *

This is Alata!!

I'm Eri~☆

The theme this time is Parent and Child!
Including myself, my father and my mother make a 3 people family, we're quite close ( ̄∇+ ̄)

Especially my mother who seems like a friend that I can talk naturally with,
Even now, that didn't change
The time when we don't meet, we'll call or send mail a lot to each other ☆

Actually, the time when I thought I want to do this job
The person who supported me was my mother.

"Why don't you try to do your best and not give up?" She said.

Because my mother supported me
That I think I'm able to do this job today.

Thank you Mother ☆

Please continue to support me from now on!

Hello everyone!!
Playing the role of Goseiblack, Agri, this is Hamao Kyosuke ☆

Long time no see~ ♪ (laughs)
How are you??

I am full of energy as usual!
Just like that, the season changed to Autumn...

Well then
The theme this time is "Parent and Child".
Even though it's sudden, I was an extremely terrible child to my parents (laughs)

When I was little, I'm spoiled and selfish...
When I entered elementary, I became mischievous, always soiled my clothes,
My rebellious age is when I'm in junior high
I would fight with my older brother every day and made my mom cry... (laughs)

For that, I want to apologize to my mother and father, I'm sorry.

But there are also a lot of fun memories ♪
The number one memory is the time when we go to the beach ♪
The time when I was in 3rd grades,
In order for me to play in the sand, my mother and father bought a lot of plastic tools,
But an hour later, the thing I was making was lost by the wave...
I remembered that I was angry at my parents for laughing at me (laughs)

Even though it's a trivial matter, it's a memory that I still clearly remember.

Without my parents, I won't be able to grow into the me here today,
There are many things I'm grateful for ♪

Even though I think everyone get angry at their parents,
But generally, parents are importants being.

... Even though I wrote that, I may ended up forget about it (^^; (laughs)

That sort of episode ♪

Well, see you later~ This is Goseiblack, Agri!!

Playing the role of Moune, this is Niwa Mikiho.

The earlier "Goseiger" of
Professor Amachi and Nozomu's parent and child love has a warm feeling.

Because of that this time is
A talk about my parents ♪

Hmm when I think about my parents
Even though somehow, I become a bit embarrass...

The two of them
As father and mother
Or even as human
I really respected them, that's their fascination.

My father is always calm
When I'm in a pinch
He gently give me kind advices
Always a big support
To everyone in the family.
Fiercely supporting with all his strength, that's my father.

My mother is a strong ally.
You'll know when you even just listen to her voice,
I'm grateful for scolding me strictly a long time ago!!
When I became 20
Able to talk to her about many things made me happy.

The two of them like fun things
They are my cheerful friends.
Some day, if I can become that sort of parents
I think that will be great.

Even now
Not only able to receive their protection
In order for the two of them who continue to protect me
I think I want to grow up. Shine >∇<

We'll end this time with that!

The picture is of EriMoune.
After a long time, at an event,
I'm appointed with the head mike. (I'm guessing, like an MC or the person who in charge of talking/explaining?)

Hello, this is Ossan (rude term for a middle age man).
Ah, that's a mistake. This is Hyde (laughs)

It seems like ever since episode 14 when Moune called me "Ossan"
I've established the "Ossan character"...

But this nickname, truthfully, I don't hate it.
No, on the contrary

I like it!

Well, let's continue.

The theme this time is "Parent and Child".

"Parent and Child" is eternal.
Because, no matter how old you are or whatever happen aren't you always always a parent and child?
With such a strong bond, that's why it's eternal.
There's nothing else like that.

With that, from before and even now, perhaps I'm a trouble to my parents.......

I didn't really help out around the house.

Even so, for my mother, who always cooked delicious meals for me, I have one word.

"Thank you for everything"
"Also, from now on, please take care of me"

Well, a talk about parent and child, because I don't usually talk about them, it's somewhat embarrassing.

Even though it's embarrassing,
Everyone, let's try saying "Thank you"!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

SPEC: Kamiki Ryunosuke Interview

Quick short interview. :D Wondered if I should put a designated Q10 and SPEC tag. :/

Can't wait for this drama~! ♥

Random: For those wondering why his name is Ninomae (二ノマエ) instead of Ichi (一) like how the kanji was written, when you separated his name, Ninomae become Ni-no-mae (2 の前), which basically mean "before 2". And the number "before 2" is "1", which is where the 一 come from. So his character name is basically means "Eleven before 2" (if you put it in the western way where first name first and family name last) or even "2 before 11" (like 2 minutes before 11 o'clock or something like that, I'm guessing). Perhaps that will be an interesting clue to the drama. >:3 It was bothering me for a long time until I figured it out. *proud of self* XD;;

Interview of Kamiki Ryunosuke from SPEC Official Site.

Kamiki Ryunosuke as Ninomae Juuichi (一 十一)

Q. Please tell us your honest feeling when the role was decided for you.
Kamiki: Because I worked with director Tsutsumi for "20th Century Boys" before, frankly, I'm very happy.

Q. How did you read your script?
Kamiki: The story progressed speedily, it was really interesting! Because each time, a person with different spec (=specification = special characteristic?) appeared, what kind of person will appear next time? I would excitedly wait for it.

Q. What kind of person is your character, Ninomae?
Kamiki: If I were to put it in one word... "mysterious boy". In fact, even myself would wondered, what kind of person is he? And for what reason does he appear? And even is he good or bad? From the producer to the directors, they didn't tell me at all.

Q. What's your impression of Tsutsumi's works?
Kamiki: When I was in one of them, I thought there are various components like interesting, fun, affections and others expressed in it.

Q. For Kamiki-san, what kind of spec do you posses?
Kamiki: About this... My spec is that my funny stories ended up to be "always not funny" (laughs). At school, when I tried to liven up everyone by saying a gag, every time, it ended up to be not funny. Perhaps, that's not really a spec... (laughs)

Q. For Kamiki-san, what kind of spec would you like to have for yourself?
Kamiki: I want to be able to read other people's hearts. I'll be able to know what kind of birthday present to give, and I'll definitely win when playing card games (laughs).

Q. Lastly, please give a message to the viewers.
Kamiki: Because the story is full of riddles, I think how such riddles will develop is a highlight of the drama. Please be sure to watch Friday drama "SPEC".