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Two Reasons to Look Forward to "Q10"

"Q10" or can be pronounced 'cute'/'kyuuto', is a Fall drama from NTV. It stars Sato Takeru and AKB48 Maeda Atsuko as the robot heroine. The drama will air on October.

Fukai Heita (Sato Takeru) is a ordinary, but timid high school student who has no interest in love. This all changes when a new transfer student arrives at his high school. Heita discovers that the girl is actually a robot named Q10. The duo starts to cause trouble in school, while Heita starts to fall in love with the robot ... (TokyoGraph)

From "Q10" Official Website (second part):
We also have, an otaku boy who like 2D girls
An honor student with a complex
An isolated student in poverty
A girl with red headband, a repeat student due to illness
And other classmates with different characteristics.
Furthermore, a homeroom teacher that's hunting for marriage, an workaholic female teacher,
Parent that's fail to pay tuition, a family with a sick son, etc.

Depicting various "love, friendships and life"
This is a story with tears and laughter.

Other casts include:
Renbutsu Misako
Kaku Kento
Emoto Tokio
Takahata Mitsuki
Hosoda Yoshihiko

Tanaka Yuuji (half of comedians Bakushou Mondai)

Matsuoka Rinako
Mitsuishi Ken
Shiraishi Kayoko
Ono Takehiko
Yakushimaru Hiroko

The staffs are:
Screenwriter: Kizara Izumi
Producer: Kawano Hidehiro
Director: Kariyama Shunsuke

Even though we have a wide array of good and bad (Maeda-san) casts, and great staffs working on this project, there are only 2 reason that made me REALLY looking forward to "Q10".

First Reason: ♥Ikematsu Sosuke

Not many people are familiar with Ikematsu Sosuke since he mostly starred in movie. He did one drama about calligraphy (Tomehane!) for NHK earlier this year though. If you'd watch the American movie "The Last Samurai", starring Tom Cruise, Ken Watanabe, and Koyuki, you may remember him as the little boy, Higen. Sadly I haven't watch "The Last Samurai", so I can't say much about it.

What really put him on the map for me was the 2008 movie "DIVE!!", starring along side Hayashi Kento and Mizobata Junpei. During the first half, his role was minimal, playing Hayashi Kento's best friend and someone he looked up to. But it wasn't until the second part where his character really shine, when he finally sees his friend as the rival, that was when I'm truly amazed. Out of the 3 characters, I ended up liking his character and his story the most.

Because of "DIVE!!" I decided to watch the 2008 movie "Sunadokei", starring Kaho and Sosuke. Of course, I read the manga, so I enjoy the storyline, but the movie is really cute, especially the first half. The second half was a bit confusing, but it was really cute. Though I didn't like it as much as "DIVE!!". ^^;; Reason unknown.

Sosuke is also in the movie "Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora", out this year, with Kutsuna Shiori.

Anyways, he's a great actor and... yes, he's very much eye-candy. XD;; So I cannot wait! I'm surprised that he's not in that much drama. But he is really someone to look forward to in the future.

Second Reason: Fukuda Mayuko

Though it hasn't been official, according to Japanese fans, in this month "TV Guide", where they are introducing the Fall drama, Mayuko's name is listed as one of the student. :) Since it'd been published on "TV Guide" magazine, we can assumed it's half-way official right? ^^;; I mean, surely the people working on the magazine must not print misleading information (I'm sure they do once in a while, but for now there's still hope). Right?

It was rumors for a while back, around the time when "Q10" was announced and the filming of "Miporin no Ekubo" that Mayuko is going to be in this drama. Their reason is, apparently one of the producer for "Hikari to Tomo ni" and "Miporin no Ekubo" are the same (Hazeyama Yuko). Both are NTV dramas that Mayuko worked in before. Though I'm trying to understand how that relate to "Q10".... :x  

edit: Okay, I think I kind of understand a little bit about the rumor now. In director Sato Toya's twitter and blog, he mention he's in the middle of negotiating with the company for his favorite actress to appear on the show. The hint he gave was that, her name has 5 kanji characters (福田麻由子), and she appeared in both "Hikari no Tomo ni" and "Miporin no Ekubo". Of course, Mayuko's name has 5 characters and she appeared in both show, so this lead the fan to guess that it's her. If this rumor is true then I didn't know the director is such a big fan of Mayuko. ♥ I think I like him already! >:3 Then again, I thought he's working on "Ogon no Buta" for this fall, what does that have to do with Q10? In Ogon no Buta, it has Shinohara Ryoko, who starred in "Hikari no Tomo ni". I guess he'll do a few episodes in Q10, and the one he directs may have Mayuko in it. :o

Since she's only 16 years old, while the other casts for classmates are from 19 to 20 years old, fans are thinking that she may actually someone's younger sister instead, so her screen time may actually be less than expected.

My feelings was divided right in the middle when I heard this rumor. Half, why did they cast her, playing a small role against Maeda Atsuko (who is very boring in whatever drama/movie I watch her in). But, on the other, it's her first serial drama in a loooong time, so I'm definitely excited about that.

Plus she got to act along with Ikematsu Sosuke! :D When I first saw Sosuke in "DIVE!!", in the back of my mind, I thought it would be interesting to see Sosuke and Mayuko act together. Talent vs. talent, kind of thing. XD;;

edit: FlaMme's website is finally updated! :DD It's officially confirmed that she's going to appear in "Q10"! OMG I can't wait! But why the heck so late FlaMme? D: It didn't say "Guest" role, so she'll be a regular cast. :D Hahaha, I'm so happy. One thing good about cheering for the underdog is that when something good finally happened, the happiness multiply exponentially. ♫

Oh, the drama will be out on October 16! Don't miss it!

So yes, I cannot wait to see this drama! :D

I'm sorry Kamiki, though I'll watch "Keizoku" and "Kokoro no Ito" for you, I may follow "Q10" a little bit closer. :( Hmm, actually, Keizoku has Fukuda Saki and Kase Ryo who are awesome actress and actor... :x There's also "Reinoryokusha Odagiri Kyoko no Uso" with Ishihara Satomi♥ and Tanihara Shosuke (he's fabulous!). There are a lot of dramas to look forward to this Fall. :o Can't wait for all of them. :3

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