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「Q10」 and 「SPEC」: Character Information

「Q10」 Character Info

The official site for "Q10" is finally updated, of course Fukuda Mayuko's name in on the list. :)

In the recent issue of "TV LIFE" and "The Television", more information about "Q10" casts are known.

Warning: Most of the names are guessed from their Kanji, so may not be correct. Most of the names mentioned are from the main casts. There are others that's not main, so... :x I apologize for not adding them (since I don't know anything about them).

From "The Television"?

From "TV LIFE"

School: Shikahamabashi High School
- A co-ed school

Fukai Heita (Satou Takeru)
- Third year high school student with no dream and doesn't care for love
- When he was younger, he's managed to over come an illness that supposed to take his life
- 4 people family, include his parents, an older sister, and him.
- Accidentally activated Q10 in the science room. From then on, Q10 begins to call him "Mama" and clings on to him.
- Ended up having to take care of Q10

Q10/Kyuto Karen (Maeda Atsuko)
- A study robot model that the principal picked up.
- Can be recharged using home electric hole.
- After started up by Heita, begins to follow him around.
- Live in her homeroom teacher's, the Ogawa's, household.
- Unfashionable appearance (skirt to the knee).
- Whenever she encounter an inconsistency, she'll short circuit.

Kubo Takehito (Ikematsu Sousuke)
- Second year high school student
- Because he's hospitalized due to illness, that's why he stayed after a year.
- Heita's childhood best friend
- In order to overcome his illness (different from Heita), he'll be going back to surgery

Fujioka Makoto (Emoto Tokio)
- A boy with gloomy eyes
- Because he's unable to pay his tuition, he'll currently being expelled.

Nakao Jun (Hosoda Yoshihiko)
- An otaku student that's live in the 2D (e.g. animation/manga/etc...)
- Unable to fit in with school
- Is obsessed with Q10

Kageyama Satoshi (Kaku Kento)
- Popular boy
- Truthfully, he's interest in Kawai Emiko, but he's unable to tell anyone.

Fujino Tsukiko (Fukuda Mayuko)
- A hikikomori (shut-in) who's a beautiful girl
- Mysterious, but is actually hiding a secret
- Will appear from episode 2 onward

Yamamoto Tamiko (Renbutsu Misako)
- A girl who dye her hair in bright color
- Outside of school, she's part of a band.
- Outside of school, her personality is totally different

Kawai Emiko (Takahata Mitsuki)
- Prodigy
- Though she has confident with her studies, however she has complex with herself.
- Interest with Q10 memory

Yanagi Kuriko (Yakushimaru Hiroko)
- A poor robot doctorate who live in the science preparation room
- Noticed that Q10 is a robot from the beginning
- A junior of the principal
- Interest in Q10

Kishimoto Michirou (Ono Takehiko)
- Principal
- While drunk, picked up Q10
- In order to hide his drinking habits, he enrolled Q10 as a transfer student
- He appoint Heita and Ogawa to look after Q10

Ogawa Otozure (Tanaka Yuuji)
- Heita and Q10's homeroom teacher
- Living together with his mother, with the principal's command, he's looking after Q10

Ogawa Shige, Ogawa's mother (Shiraishi Kayoko)
- Living together with Q10 and her son
- Encouraging her son to get married.

- Interesting to note that Mayuko is the youngest from all of the main classmates. She's 16 years old while everyone else are 19-20, with Takeru the oldest as 21 years old.
- Heita's life, for some reason reminded me of Kamiki's life. He's also overcome illness that the doctors thought he won't be able to survive. XD;;
- Ikematsu Sousuke as Heita's best friend. :D That probably means he's going to have decent screen time.
- I didn't realized it, but Renbutsu Misako is also in "DIVE!!" along with Ikematsu Sousuke as Mizobata Junpei character's girlfriend. :3 She's really pretty in there even though she only have a small role. DIVE!! Reunion! >:D
- Speaking of "DIVE!!", did you know that Ikematsu Sousuke and Hayashi Kento become best friend after the movie? The interesting thing about that is that, Q10 is the drama right after Mioka, where Hayashi Kento played a main part in. I love random friendship coincidences. XD
- When speaking about reunion, how about Satou Takeru and Fukuda Mayuko GOEMON reunion? :D Takeru played the young Kirigakure Saizou, Goemon's best friend, while Mayuko played Princess Chacha, Goemon's love interest. :D
- Also a Little DJ reunion with, of course, Mayuko as Tamaki, and Kaku Kento as the older brother with the sunglasses. Also, Nishida Naomi is going to be in Q10 as well, where she played Tarou's mother in the movie. :3
- Though I never seen Renbutsu Misako before (aside from DIVE!!), she's known to did a really good job as the main character for the 2008 drama, Nanase Futatabi. I can't wait to watch her. :)
- Hosoda Yoshihiko is also in a lot of drama, apparently, but the he left the deepest impression to me as the psycho bondage loving rapist in the drama LIFE with Fukuda Saki. ^^;; Ever since then, I only remember him as the rapist, instead of his name. I apologize to his fans. ^^;; He did a great job in creeping me out!
- Though you already know that screenwriters Kizara Izumi and producer Kawano Hidehiro worked together in "Nobuta wo Produce", they also worked together in "Suika" and "Sexy Voice and Robo". Suika won a few awards, but Sexy Voice and Robo is actually Mayuko's favorite drama. I'll bet she's very happy to be working with them. :)

The 15s CM is also out and graciously posted on youtube. For some reason, NTV doesn't let people with IP address outside of Japan watch it. >_>;;


「SPEC」 Character Info

"SPEC" also known as "Keizoku 2" also updated their official site.

Unknown magazines also published the character information. If you know which magazine these scans came from, please inform me.

Not much to say about this drama, except, this drama has a lot of good casts! Ryu Raita, Kamiki, Kase Ryo, Fukuda Saki, Shiina Kippei, their names only guarantee great acting! *drools*

Toma Saya (Toda Erika)
- Part of Unidentified Crime Unit
- Sebumi Takeru's partner
- Genius with an IQ of 201 with the ability of photographic memory
- Unable to read the atmosphere
- Her left hand is in sling
- If she don't have an interest in it, she won't remember it
- A huge glutton
- 24 years old

Sebumi Takeru (Kase Ryo)
- Unidentified Crime Unit
- Toma Saya's partner
- best fighting skills at the National Police Agency and is viewed as the top prospect in his division
- stubborn with a methodical character
- A military mania
- Don't like to rely on Toma
- Used to be a part of the Special Military Force (SIT), but since he accidentally shoot a subordinate cause him to be demoted to the Unidentified Crime Unit.
- 36 years old

Shimura Mirei (Fukuda Saki)
- A sister of Sebumi's subordinate when he was still a part of SIT.
- She's watching over her brother, who's in a vegetative state.
- Detest Sebumi when she learned that he was responsible for causing her brother to be like this.
- 19 years old

Chii Satoshi (Shirota Yu)
- A pretty boy that went out with Toma during her college days.
- Still wanting her back, even now doesn't have a girlfriend.
- 24 years old

Ninomae Jyuichi (Kamiki Ryunosuke)
- With a beautiful appearance, a mysterious boy
- His special ability created a deep connection with Toma

Tsuda Tsukehiro (Shiina Kippei)
- Head chief of Public Department Special Service
- Use special ability people to investigate the crime
- Has an interest in Sebumi's past scandal

Nonomura Koutaro (Ryu Raita)
- A lazy but master as soothing the clients and members of Unidentified Crime Unit.
- Love Kaki peanuts
- Has a close relationship with Metropolitan Police Department police woman.
- 70 years old

Also a minute CM of "Spec"! Can't wait for this drama as well. :D

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