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Miporin no Ekubo Staff Blog: Week 6 (Last)

Since 24hr TV just passed, and also the blog entries pretty much ended, this will be the last translation for the drama special. Thank you for reading this. I had a great time translating the blogs (because it's easy and kind of interesting at the same time). XD;;

The last week of "Miporin no Ekubo" Staff Blog.

- Just a note, usually, when they say ロケ (roke), it means locations, aka, filming location.
- All up = finished filming.

Nature Location!
August 22, 2010

We left Tokyo to go to the plateau for the shooting!

The weather was great! You can see Mt. Fuji!

The local say, "For each week, you can see it around 1 day" about their precious Mt. Fuji!

It's a great location!

At such place, appearing on screen are horses!

Surrounded by mother nature, the filming start!

Amazing as always, Hirosue-san!

Riding horse for the first time is Fukuda-san, at first a bit nervous, but around the time after the filming finished, she's able to get used to the horse and her smiling face was able to come out.

With Manatsu-chan sitting in front of him, Nagase-san easily maneuver the horse.

Surprisingly, the horse Nagase-san rode on is named "Arashi"!

Having a kouhai group in his agency with the same name "Arashi", Nagase-san is delighted and said, "Arashi's energy is amazing~! I'll get on board Arashi~!" causing the whole place to be engulfed in laughter.

Manatsu-chan is also in high spirits while exclaimed "Cute~ Cute~"

Horse-san, thank you~!

The broadcast of "Miporin no Ekubo" is only in 1 week!

The night of August 28 (Sat), please don't miss 24hr TV!

Nature Location! Part 2
August 23, 2010

Here it is.
A cow.
It's big.
Miporin is small.

Here it is.
A calf.
It's small.
Miporin is big.

This is a different species of calf.
It's sleeping.
"C~U~T~E~" together, Hirosue-san and Manatsu-chan continuously exclaimed.

Nature Location! Part 3

August 24, 2010

Here it come.
It's the sheep.

Here it comes.
It's the goat.
... And thus?
It become like this.

In short, it become a fun place!

Fukuda-san seems to like animals.

Nagase-san and Manatsu-chan are playing together with the sheep. It seems fun!

The last picture. Near the sleeping calf, Hirosue-san is in the middle of filming (laughs).

Nature Location! Extra Edition!
August 25, 2010

Naturally, the mood during the waiting time is pleasant!

Getting excited with the sisters.

On the other hand, Hirosue-san found a 4-leaf clover!

I have a premonition that today will also become a blessed day.

Then, dinner is barbecue!

In the state of waiting for too many things is Manatsu-chan.

"Hurry and not be burn~"

Nagase-san is, in front of the grill, sitting on the cooler box, putting his mind to the grilling.

Nagase-san, out-door suited him a lot!

The Sisters All Up!
August 26, 2010

When the scene with the whole family sitting together is finished...

Finally, Fukuda Mayuko-san and Kimura Manatsu-chan finished filming!

Their forms as they bow become similar.

First, the older sister, Fukuda-san, gave a reliable speech.

"It was a wonderful filming place. I'm very happy to be able to participate in this drama."

And then, the shy Manatsu-chan also able to do her speech.

"To always taught such kind way of acting, thank you very much."

In order to become like real sisters, these two connected. Their last close-up is also at the same time.

Otsukare sama deshita! (A job well done!)

And Then, Finally...
August 27, 2010

At last, the filming finally finished late into the night!

Hirosue Ryoko-san and Nagase Tomoya-san finished filming!

Lastly, we have the speeches from these two.

Hirosue-san "When the filming is finish, my chest feel like there's a hole opening up. Every scenes was important, this is a work that no matter how the rehearsal phase was like, I can act without any calculation!

Nagase-san "I have thought that I didn't want to perform such heartbreaking role, but I want to work with such wonderful casts and staffs again."

With such harsh schedules, performing such difficult roles, Hirosue-san, Nagase-san, really, otsukare sama deshita.

Lastly, a souvenir picture of Hirosue-san and director Satou.

Then! "Miporin no Ekubo" finished shooting!!

It will be broadcast tomorrow, August 28 (Sat) night!

Please don't miss it!

Thank You Very Much!
August 31, 2010

4 days have passed after the broadcast, the season is welcoming fall.

With this blog coming to an end, we'll have a message from the producer as a tradition.


The 28th (Sat), the broadcast for "24hr TV Drama Special Miporin no Ekubo" was able to successfully completed.

Everyone who read this blog until today, and the people who watch the drama, I'm deeply grateful.

Also, more than anything, to Okada Miho-san and her family that allows us to use her story, from the bottom of our heart, the entire staffs and casts that put their efforts on this film are deeply grateful.

Because of Miporin's picture letters, and thanks to each family's different personalities, we are able to appreciate each important scene and each important cut while making this drama.

Because we are able to received such deep impression from Miporin and family, even though we're only able to handed down to the viewers in just a small detail, please forgive us.

Thank you very much.

August 31, 2010  NTV  Drama Station  Producer
Ogino Tetsuhiro


Even though it was short, thank you very much.

Though the broadcast was over, we are happy if the messages of Miporin's picture letters was able spread to everyone who watched the drama and to everyone in Japan.

- So was you able to catch the drama? I watched the first 30 minutes of the drama, but because I had prior plans, I wasn't able to finish watching it live. But a few days later, Chinese fans was able to posted the drama (Chinese subbed and everything) on to the web. You can watch it on Youku. Though, make sure to watch it when Chinese are already asleep so it won't be so slow. ^^;;
- If you want to wait for the English version, you can also spoiled yourself a bit by looking at the screen caps of Mayuko here. >:3
- Or if you're curious on the drama, you can also watch the CMs for it, even though the pictures are a bit dark and blurry. ^^;;

- The drama itself received 19.9% ratings, which is a bit lowered if you considered the 24hr TV drama specials years before, but it really wasn't that bad. The story is focus is mostly on Miho (Kimura Manatsu) and her mother (Hirosue Ryoko), but Minami (Mayuko) and the kind dad (Nagase Tomoya) did have relatively good screen time. ^^;;
- The DVD for "Miporin no Ekubo" will be on sale on October 10th.
- The most important thing about 24hr TV, after all, is the awareness of other people's disabilities and the fund that was raised, imho. For that, good job everyone. Thank you for another year!
- Oh, even though it was late, on August 29, at around 7:15am, NTV broadcast a documentary on the life of Okada Miho (the story focus). Fukuda Mayuko acted as the voice narration. :D Truthfully, the time reported on FLaMme's website was actually around 7:30am, but the broadcast was at least 15 minutes earlier. Somehow, I managed to get home early at around 7:20am, so I somehow able to catch the later part of the show (though Keyhole was acting up on me). =__=;; Oh, I forgot to mentioned, that FLaMme said it was going to broad cast on the 28th, so I was all ready to watch it on Friday evening (my time), but it turned out to broad cast on the 29th instead.. >__>;;

• 「24時間テレビ ドラマドキュメント『みぽりんのえくぼ』の真実」(NTV・7:30頃)*ナレーション出演
• 24hr TV Drama Document "Miporin no Ekubo" Real Story. (NTV - 7:30) Narration Performance

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