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H: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) x Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) - Let's Have a Party After School!

I happened to come across the Chinese version a few months ago at mymayuko.com forum (which is imho, the most difficult forum to use EVER!). It's interesting that it's easier to get Mayuko information from Japanese fans than Chinese fans. On the other hand, it's easier to get Kamiki's information from Chinese fans than Japanese fans. What's with the discrepancies? ^^;;

Cool Magazine, Issue November 2007

Today, I came across the Japanese scans and Chinese translation from Kamiki's Baidu. And the pictures... I blame the pictures for making me want to translate it. >:3 The pictures are adorable! ♥

H Magazine, not sure which issue (Please inform me if you know)

Anyways, onto the translation! Enjoy

Excuse my l33t photoshop skillz! >:3Kamiki Ryunosuke x Fukuda Mayuko
Let's Have a Party After School!

Setting at Hakodate 1977, after admitted to a seaside hospital, Tarou, a 12 years old boy, became the DJ for the hospital broadcast system to convey meaningful messages to the patients. There, he developed a pure first love with a young girl, Tamaki, together they created a meaningful and gentle movie, "Little DJ ~ Chiisana Koi no Monogatari". For this work, the two people who performed as Tarou and Tamaki both began their activities at a young age, Kamiki Ryunosuke an Fukuda Mayuko. Even though love story is a first for these two, but with solid acting and fresh perception, they're able to perfectly play a charming couple. This time, the key for this work has a connection with "music", thus we'll have a karaoke party on the magazine. Right now, already becoming good friends, these two are having a nonstop after school party + a conversation between people in the same generation, START!

-- Today for "Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~", music as the key, thus, we're invite you to come karaoke. Normally, do you listen to music?
Kamiki: I listen to it a lot. It's like I'm addicted to it.

-- What kind of music do you listen to?
Kamiki: Mr. Children, ORANGE RANGE, SMAP, also listen a lot to Kuwata (Keisuke)-san, Oda Kazumasa-san, Kobukuro, FLOW.... Pretty much a wide variety.

-- That's really a lot of names. What about Fukuda-san?
Fukuda: I also listen to it all day long. I pretty much spent most of my money on CDs. I love Porno Graffitti, I have all of their songs on my ipod. I also love Shiina Ringo-san, then YUKI-san, Yaida Hitomi-san, Utada Hikaru-san. I became interested in music when I was in fifth grades. To put it bluntly, when I'm holding my iPod, I thought that it'll be a waste if I didn't use it, so I used it and become hook.

-- The theme for this movie is "convey your feelings", during the drama, do you have a moment where you're conscious of it?
Kamiki: I received a fan letter that wrote "I'm able to received your courage" and also, "I'll try to be an useful human", that leave a deep impression on me.

-- That's a bit like Tarou's situation.
Kamiki: That's right. Tarou become a DJ for the hospital broadcast because he like it, not that he's thinking of giving others courage or happiness. But in reality, because of listening to Tarou's broadcast, people were able to become energetic, and courageous, that's why to Tarou, they say "Thank you". When Tarou listened to those words, Tarou also become more lively as he returned "Thank you". It feels like a catch game with the heart. For me, I think the drama and my feelings are very similar.

-- What about Fukuda-san?
Fukuda: I also think the drama is about conveying things, but also the viewer, having receive the performer's thoughts and sincerity, can respond more to such feelings.

-- This time, as you're cooperate with Kamiki-san for this drama, was it like this?
Fukuda: That's right. Able to convey your feelings to your partner, that's really wonderful, when I see that I can feel his thoughts. When I watch the movie, seeing the someone expressing his feelings, I can also feel it. As a result, although we're conveying the story to the viewers, but when we're performing, working together with the people in the movie, it's perhaps also important to convey your feelings.

-- Even though it's your first time working together, before your meeting, what are your impressions of each others?
Kamiki: I thought she's very mature, when we finally met, as expected, she's like this.
Fukuda: Really? Thanks (laughs)
Kamiki: It's true, you're really level headed. I'm somewhat muddle head, so it feels like her responsibilities are to correct me (laughs).
Fukuda: (laughs) As for me, I thought he's a cheerful person, but when we first met, when our conversations become "Isn't that right?" for example, "Ah, that's right" and the conversation quickly ended (laughs). After around one week of not shooting for the film, even though after so much hardship, we finally become friends, once again, he become really distant.

-- What's your feelings back then?
Kamiki: It's because I don't usually talk to girls. At first, I was really nervous, that's why I was behaving suspiciously (laughs). Don't you usually really apologetic when you interrupt a conversation? That's why, it became like "That's right... Ah, what were we talking about, this is bad, what should I do? Ah, the conversation stopped~" (laughs). It became irritating.
Fukuda: Eh~? Is that so.

-- In the film, Tamaki is a year older than Tarou, but in reality, Kamiki-san is the older one right?
Kamiki: Yes.

-- Of course, normally, does Kamiki-san seems like the older bother?
Both: No (laughs)
Kamiki: It's the opposite, it's actually like a level head older sister and the airhead little brother (laughs).

-- When co-acting together, what are your thoughts of each other as an actor/actress?
Kamiki: About this, whatever performance it is, she'll be able to response. For me, it made me really feel relaxed.
Fukuda: As for me, after watching him on TV and movies, I thought he is a wonderful actor, however, for the real shooting of the scene where Tarou confess, my heart quickens, I became moved. With that said, there wasn't that much of a differences between the test and the real shoot, even if I didn't become Tamaki, but with those words, it feels like I changed into Tamaki.
Kamiki: I'm touched, just now (laughs). Thank you very much.

-- This time, it's a cute love story, but compare to the drama, up until now, is there something that's you feel is different (not the same as the character)?
Kamiki: Because it's my first time acting out first love, at first I thought a lot about how I should act, but in reality, the scene where Tarou feels shy, I really became shy. For such place, I thought it becomes a real performance (laughs). Even before I enter the scene, and when I enter, I also became nervous.
Fukuda: (laughs) When we first met, you were really quiet.
Kamiki: Is that so?
Fukuda: Un. When during the introduction, at first because I thought it was an important time "Good morning~!" when I said that, "(with a small voice) Good morning" was the reply. I thought "Is this going to be alright?", and became a bit worried that we're unable to become friends.
Kamiki: But we gradually become accustomed to each other, I thought it was great.

-- What about Fukuda-san?
Fukuda: For me, because I haven't experience love, I wondered what should I do, with my class, or rather, with the people in the same grade, I asked "What is love like?" and did research on it. The replies are "When sensei got angry at you, your heart begins beating, and also, when you meet someone famous and your heart races" for example (laughs), and also, "a guy you thought you hate, but suddenly like him", for example, and other complicated things. That's why, even though it was a bit hard, but for Tamaki and Tarou situation, even though love is love, but I think it's also an important existence.

-- You mentioned earlier about the confession scene, when your heart beats, which kind of heart beat is it?
Fukuda: Uh~n. The guy have to carry such a heavy burden, for example, or when you bump into each other and saying "Are you alright?", doesn't your heart beat a bit? Perhaps it's that kind of feeling?

-- If Fukuda-san were to ask you "What is love like?", how will Kamiki-san answer?
Kamiki: .... It's like, loneliness?
Fukuda: Loneliness?
Kamiki: Like, how should I say it, you're feeling lonely? For example, when you like someone, and in a split second, you suddenly thought of her.
Fukuda: Un un. Some one said that, someone said that. Around 2-3 people said exactly like that.
Kamiki: It's perhaps that... For example, when you see something you think is beautiful and amazing, you want to show it to them. It's a bit difficult to say... that's right, like "I want my partner to feel the same as me".
Fukuda: Love is complicated. Everyone say really different things, I don't understand them (laughs).

-- Even though from now on and from before, there are even more wide range of roles, but from now on, what kind of role would you like to try?
Kamiki: A villain role. I want to progress into the road of evil.
Fukuda: That's right. Me too!
Kamiki: In reality, you can't easily become bad, it's the opposite for me, that's why if I have such role, I'll really study it. I got a chance to do a bullied role, but in any case I want to try a suspicious and evil role.
Fukuda: Me too, because I think if I try to do more roles that's different from my self then I can become a better actress, that's why I want to try such roles.

-- After you've co-act together, what kind of evil role do you think will suit each other?
Kamiki: The behind the scene leader of the school. What do you think of a behind the scene person who's manipulating and dividing the school?
Fukuda: That's good, I want to try it. As for Kamiki-kun, he seems like he suited a playboy type. Cheating on various girls. It really suit him, I think.
Kamiki: Somehow, that make me happy (laughs).
Fukuda: Because you seems like the popular type, you can have your feet on 8 boats. Even though it's cool, but on the other hand...... kind of like that.
Kamiki: I really can't be cool, in reality.
Fukuda: I would laugh if it's Kamiki-kun become, definitely (laughs).
Kamiki: I don't have the confident to be cool. I'm a type that want people to remember that I do whatever I think is interesting.

-- But is an interesting boy not popular?
Fukuda: Ah~, an interesting boy can be popular for a short time, but gradually everyone will get tired of him (laughs).

-- Then what type of boy are popular?
Fukuda: A temporary popular boy is like a boy who do mischievous pranks. But for it to be stable (laughs), a boy who do sport is good.

-- With that data, doesn't Kamiki seems like the popular type?
Fukuda: That's right. Don't you think his hair today is cool? Today is good! Very cool!
Kamiki: Really? That's great that's great (laughs).

- As always, my translation is not 100% correct. Please feel free to correct me if you see anything wrong.
- Interesting that for once Kamiki didn't say Fukuyama Masaharu-san in his favorite musician names. :o
- I didn't know Mayuko likes Utada Hikaru! :)
- Once again the shy Kamiki and level head Mayuko. It's hilarious how the interviewer asked if Kamiki is like an older brother, but both of them instantly said no. XD;; Why is he only shy in front of Mayuko? But with everyone else, he's natural. lol
- Funny that the interviewer pretty much gave Mayuko a chance to explain the "heart beat" toward the confession scene but she really didn't get it. Hahaha.
- Kamiki explaining what love feels like, while Mayuko don't get it = Hilarious!
- I would love to see them in such villainous roles, especially Mayuko as the one pulling the string in the background. But I can't imagine Kamiki as a playboy. If we're talking about his love experiences, then I guess you can say he's experienced. XD;;
- The ending! Hahaha, Mayuko thinks a cool Kamiki will be funny. ^^;; And she assured that his hair today is cool (yes, I agree with her! Love his image during Little DJ promotions). :3 These two, too amusing and adorable! ♥
- I'm starting to think Little DJ should get its own tag! >:3

Some screen captures from the behind the scene of Little DJ. I guess it's when the movie finished. :) Taken from Baidu. You can also find the Making clip on Kamiki's baidu.

Awkward Kamiki! ♥

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