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Audition September 2010: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

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On page 8 of the monthly magazine "Audition", issue September 2010, there's a short interview of Fukuda Fukuda.

JC & JK Actress File 2010

Continue with each year middle and high school student actress feature!

"If it's not for her, I won't be here today", an introduction of 33 names of heroines and fresh actress that recently become a topic. One by one, they will each give a comment, and the JC and JK girls, please take note of it.

Fukuda Mayuko (First Year High School)
Her abundant power of expressions is her charm.

Q1. What's your attraction about being an actress?
When I'm become someone else, I always experienced different emotions, so there are a lot of things I'm able to discover. To work in a film or drama and able to influence others, somehow, I'm really happy.

Q2. As an actress, what's do you normally need to make mental note of, or what you need to put effort into?
You should observe various people. The way they talk or walk, the way they are surprised and also when they are angry, everyone's expressions are totally different, and you will be able to encounter many things.

Q3. A work you recommend to the actress applicants?
Fukuda: The drama "Sexy Voice and Robo", and the movie "All About Lily Chou Chou".

- JC & JK Actress File 2010 is an actress audition thing for Morning Musume's newest stage play, "Fashionable". I'm actually not too familiar with it. I guess another audition for Up-Front Works, except they she will be more concentrated in acting rather than singing, dancing, or being idols
- JC - Joushi Chuu-akusei (女子中学生) : Middle school girls
- JK - Joushi Koukousei (女子高校生) : High school girls
- A bit strange to see something UFA in my Mayuko translation. :3
- I wasn't able to finish "All About Lily Chou-chou" and haven't seen "Sexy Voice and Robo" yet.. ^^;;

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