Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thank you for the fun times...

In the midst of real life troubles, we recently learned that 3 Morning Musume members will be graduating soon.

Eri will graduate due to her skin condition (atopic dermatitis) that she got since entering the industry. Junjun and Linlin, on the other hand, will return to China and continue their entertainment careers.

Truthfully, I'm not really a fan of these 3, but I like them. Eri and her strange/funny antics, Junjun and her bananas, and Linlin and her amazing talents and humors. Even so, I'm not really sad to see them go.

It's funny that this blog was created just around the time Junjun and Linlin was added to MM, so I followed the first part of their progress when they just entered. Now, it has already been 3 years... My, times really flies. Back then, I didn't really like them, but over time, I can safely say that I'd grown to enjoy their presence in MM. Linlin is just full of talents. Her singing and her ability to play any instruments is great. It's really a pity that Tsunku didn't do anything with that. Junjun also, she learned piano, and they made such a big deal out of it during the time they the pandas was introduced, but nothing came out of that either. What a waste. That's why, I really hoped that they will be able to show case them when they go back to China. (I don't understand why do people say send back to China in such a bad connotation... :/)

If JunLin make a duo group in China, that would be really cool/interesting. XD;; And it's not like both of them are going to be ban from going back to Japan.

As for Eri's case. It's actually pretty funny that my brother is a fan of her (well her pictures). He also like Ayaya, but that's beside the point. ^__^;;

I'm most shocked about Eri's news, not that I don't want her to go, rather, I'm all for her leaving. I'm shocked that Eri has been suffering all these times and we never knew about it. When she is smiling and making us laugh, she was suffering. That's why... I'm really shocked. I really hope that she will be able to recuperate from her condition. This graduation will leads to good things for her. And she's a pretty and charming woman (I can't say girl anymore can I? lol), so if one day, when she's rested and healed, she'll be able to make a come back any time.

And even if she want to become a normal person, you know that it's not really going to happen, especially with the paparazzi.

Good luck to all of them!

Now, I'm a bit concern/excited about the 9th gen audition. *__*;; Hopefully it'll breath some life into MM now that most of the funny ones are gone.

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