Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Miporin no Ekubo Staff Blog: Week 4

Week four of "Miporin no Ekubo" Staff Blog.

Finally caught up! :D

Sometimes I really hate JE's no photo policy. We could have see a lot of Nagase pictures if not for that! >___>;;

Miporin and Director
August 9, 2010

A shot at the studio.

Manatsu-chan learned of her relapse, just before the shooting of this difficult scene.

Director Saitou talked with Manatsu-chan about the drama for a moment.

While listening to the director's direction, Manatsu also check the script once more.

Manatsu-chan is seriously working for this drama!

Also Discharged From the Medical Terms?
August 11, 2010

Bidding farewell to Miporin are Tanaka Misako-san and Iida Kisuke-san.

Such great smiles.

Perhaps, it's the feeling of liberation from the difficult medical terms!?

No no, that was impolite of me (to say it in that way).

Relax Picture
August 12, 2010

Everyone is relax in the studio's waiting room.

A snapshot of the commemorate picture!

The drama is approaching the second half, you can see the relax figures of everyone.

Everyone have a great facial expression!

Next, the photo below was taken by Manatsu-chan.

And then...

Receiving the camera from Manatsu-chan, this is Tanaka Misako-san's over done photo!?

Misako-san and Manatsu-chan's closeness can be seen with just one shot.

Next to her is Hirosue-san's gentle gaze.

With the camera in her hand once again, this time Manatsu-chan prepared to take a close up of Nagase-san. Henceforth, Nagase-san gave her his most 'funny face'.

With laughter unable to stop, the resting time continue.

Hirosue-san and Misako-san
August 14, 2010

This day is the last time Hirosue-san and Misako-san are co-staring together.

Truthfully, their relationships are very good, during the break, at the waiting room, they talk continuously together.

Their last challenge is the conversation concerning Miporin's medical treatment plan, a difficult scene.

As Miporin's mother, Hirosue-san has a last request.

As the attending physician, Misako-san will react to that.

The highlight is the between the lines of the scripts, a heavy scene.

"OK!" was heard, in a flash, they return to their normal cheerfulness, saying goodbye to each other with smiling faces.

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