Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Miporin no Ekubo Staff Blog: Week 3

Week three of "Miporin no Ekubo" Staff Blog.

I'm guessing 前室 is the waiting room? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Mana and Manatsu
August 2, 2010

The day before, unexpectedly "Mother" is filming in the next studio, a meeting with Ashida Mana-chan take place!

Every week, watching "Mother" with her mom, Manatsu-chan became deeply moved while exclaiming "Ah! Ah! Ah!".

Standing next to the 5 years old Mana-chan, 9 years old Manatsu-chan seems like an older sister.

Shorten her height to the same as Mana-chan's, Manatsu-chan demonstrated her older sister nature.

They were so cute that I took two shots of them.

Lovely Elder Sister
August 4, 2010

This time, a conflict with her mother affections toward the sick Miporin, playing this difficult role is Fukuda Mayuko-san.

The drama continues with a grim facial expression.

But, when "cut!" was heard, a total change, she's having too much fun with Miporin.

Even though it's as usual, to Manatsu-chan, Fukuda-san is a lovely older sister.

Meeting With the Original Author and Her Family
August 6, 2010

The author Okada-san and her family visited the studio!

First, a commemorated photo!

Such nice smiles~.

Sensing the nervousness of the Okadas, Nagase-san become assertive in the talks so that the atmosphere can calm down. Nagase-san is a gentleman.

In the studio's waiting room, Okada-san and Hirosue-san talk together about the emotions of a mother whose child is sick. We listened to a mother's emotion facing her child who only has a year to live and the limited time frame. Making the role for this reality drama with such a serious facial expression is impressive.

To tell you the truth, the deceased Okada Miho-san and Manatsu-chan looks a bit like each other. Not only that, their height and weight are almost the same. Looking at Manatsu-chan, Okada-san has a small request.

"Can I hug you?"

Holding Manatsu-chan in the embrace, Okada-san said in deep emotion "You're the same as Miporin".

In this situation, even the staffs is moved to tears by the scene. (Me too, I was tearing up while translating this part.. ^^;;)

"I think Miho's picture letter are made with meetings like this." with Okada-san's words, I felt that this drama participants was taught something meaningful.

The! Art Power
August 7, 2010

Even though the cherry blossom are in full bloom the downpour of the rain made filming difficult... but it's not a photo, truthfully, this scene is in the studio!

To express the changing seasons, I'll introduce the arts team great activity!

Let's look at the other side of filming...

In the middle of the studio, a great rain. When thinking that it's a difficult shoot, with a snap, 1 shot OK!

As one would expect of a veteran technique!

Continue with this.

The snow is falling~.

Making falling snow is also arts power~!

Lastly, this.

Do you get it? Appearing in the studio is the snail!

Relying on the snails' supports, this drama was able to take place.

Arts power, it's frightening!

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