Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Miporin no Ekubo Staff Blog: Week 2

Week two of "Miporin no Ekubo" Staff Blog.

Each post will divided in to weeks. Each week, the staffs usually post 4 entries.

For this drama, Tanaka Misako played the doctor (夏音先生). I'm not sure of the kanji for her name. After looking it up, it could be either Kanon or Natsune. For this, I'm going to use Natsune-sensei. We'll have to see what her real name is in the drama.

Natsune-sensei, With Great Interest
July 25, 2010

A picture during the break.

What are they doing?

Playing the role of the doctor, Tanaka Misako-san is listening to Manatsu-chan's heart with the stethoscope.

The absorbed Misako-san said "Your heart is fast!".

Manatsu-chan looks like she's enjoying herself.

Even outside of filming, the warm relationships with each other are building up.

For the staff, it's a charming atmosphere.

Miporin Special Make-up Challenge
July 27, 2010

Becoming bald for the operation scene, a challenge for Miporin and Manatsu-chan.

This day is a special make-up challenge.

First, the back of the hair is raise.

Then, a head mold that was created unique to her head is match up.

The skin need to stretch tightly to hide the hair...

You can't even see the seam now. It's an amazing technique.

When entering the studio, "It suited Miporin" "Cute" and other happy praise from the staffs made Manatsu-chan become shy.

Physician vs Medical Terms
July 29, 2010

There are a lot of hospital scene for this drama. Naturally there are also a lot of medical terms.
   "A malignant nerve tumor of the brain call Glioblastoma..."
   "Cymerin will bind with the interferon..."

And other terms that you can't get accustomed to.
They are tormenting these two.

Playing the physicians are Tanaka Misako-san and Iida Kisuke-san.

This day is the first time they challenge the difficult lines of the script.
Until the real shoot, they are practicing their lines over and over.

Iida-san continuously struggle against the terms of "operation" (shujutsu).

"It's not 'shujutsu', it's easier to say it like 'shijutsu'" was the advice from Misako-san, though she's haven't yet able to say "stopping nausea" well.


These two fumbled on their lines.

Spontaneously they laughed.

Like that, the atmosphere of the filming place became harmonious.

Ah, after that, these two companion decided on who is better!

Cheerful Location

July 31, 2010

For this day, the filming is wrapped in a warm and cheerful place!

When I say warm... it's actually... hot...

Like that, the camera rail (the track that they put the camera on) is rolling.

The rail... is very long.

Isn't it around 50 meters?

It's rare to see such length.

As the camera is moving on the rail, the filming of the drama scene started in that heat.

Even so! The season is actually in December!

That being the case, the actors are wearing long sleeve.

Furthermore, Hirosue-san is carrying Manatsu-chan on her back.

... It's definitely hot.

Do your best! Hirosue-san!

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