Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Miporin no Ekubo Staff Blog: Week 1

After much considerations, I decided to translate "Miporin no Ekubo" Staff Blog.

Each post will divided into weeks. Each week, the staffs usually post 4 entries, so for this post, I'll translate the first week of filming.

Filming is going strong!
July 20, 2010

The 24hrTV drama special "Miporin no Ekubo" will be broadcast on August 28 (Saturday).

From now until the day of the broadcast, even though there's only a short period of time, I, assistant producer Nishino, will report the things that's happened at the filming site! I'll do my best with an 'update every 2 days' goal in mind!

For this picture, we're at a scene in front of the Okazaki household (Miporin's house). On this summer day, the sun was shining brightly.

Miporin, played by Kimura Manatsu-chan, needing to stand out here, is relentlessly hit by the strong sun ray. To the melting Miporin, the staff said "The moon (Manatsu) is having a battle with the sun!" (The kanji for Tsu in her name means moon), and with various reasons that one don't know, shields Manatsu-chan from the sunlight using the script.

Suddenly, the arrival of the beach umbrella!

Becoming friend with elder sister role, played by Fukuda Mayuko-san, they give a resort-like feeling under the shade. With the parasol touching the ground, "The height is perfect~!" Manatsu-chan said happily while Fukuda-san smile.

These two became friends immediately.

I have a premonition that the filming site is going to be great.

Like Parent and Child
July 21, 2010

Even though Manatsu-chan was nervous when they met for the first time, acting together at the filming site with Hirosue Ryoko everyday with a smile, they became fast friends.

Even though there are a lot of real performances, but chatting with Hirosue-san during the filming break, the nervousness disappeared. I wondered if they are talking about school today?

Manatsu-chan, was having a lot of fun with Nagase Tomoya-san in an earlier room at the studio.

During break time, Nagase-san returned to the waiting room, but the time he's together with Manatsu-chan and the others is also valuable.

For the clothes fitting period when the drama first started, "It seems like a natural family" Nagase-san said while talking with the staffs. Because of Nagase-san, the distances of the casts gradually become closer, "I want this family to be the best" he said with great eagerness.

Serious Even When Checking
July 23, 2010

For this day, it's the filming for the important near last scene. The staffs are together with the same fighting spirit.
Even all the actors are determine to make this into a great drama!

This is the during the first shot of filming.

Mother, Hirosue-san, father, Nagase-san, and elder sister, Fukuda-san, a scene where you can feel their family love!

"Check!" when the voice was heard, coming from behind the director, checking her acting in front of the monitor is Hirosue-san.

With the next cut, Fukuda-san also came to check her acting.

And then, with such a quiet atmosphere, Nagase-san tried to lift the mood.

Because of that, the enthusiasm for this drama was able to circulated!

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