Monday, August 16, 2010

Matsuyuki Yasuko (松雪泰子) as a Deaf Mother, Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) and Parental love

From Iza News.

It was announced on August 15 that actress Matsuyuki Yasuko (37) will play the lead for a NHK special drama, "Kokoro no Ito" (or "Thread of the Heart"). The theme for this special is going to be about "bonds between mother and child", and it's to be broadcast in November of this year. A story about a deaf mother and her child, the role of the son is perform by Kamiki Ryunosuke (17). After appearing in the drama "Mother" of NTV, having to experiences different things, Matsuyuki declared her understanding of maternal love.

In Osaka, there was reported cases about child abused of two infant child. Having giving birth to her eldest son in 2001, Matsuyuki speaks out about child abuse.

"Kokoro no Ito" is about a deaf mother, Akiko (玲子= guessing) (Matsuyuki), and a son who's troubled by his mother's excess expectations Meito (明人= guessing his name) (Kamiki). With these two figures, a story about a deep bonds between parent and child will take place.

It has been 19 years since Matsuyuki acted in one of NHK's drama, her last being "Yoru ni Umi Kagayaki" in 1991. Beside from the difficulties of her first challenge as a deaf person, the most important is being a mother, acting with a feminine face. "Yasuko has various obstacles to overcome, she's a person who is living desperately. In this society, it's difficult for a women to live with such self-reliance." the actress continues, speaking about the working woman who raise a son by her self.

For the first half into her 30s, she has been playing heroines who are cool beauties. But recently, becoming a mother to protect her mistreated pupil, while trying to understand the meaning of 'true mother' in "Mother", also appearing in the 2009 movie "Yomei", about a woman who is considering to give birth to a child, she begins to cross over a new path. In "Kokoro no Ito", there will be a scene where she will strike her teenage son, "I'll need to be able to show Akiko's sorrow and painful expressions" she said with determination.

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  1. thanks for the extra info about the characters!!
    remember us mentioning about how kamiki needed more acting gigs in your earlier post? ^^
    it's proven that whining pays off XD
    speaking about coincidences, yesterday I finished watching Mother and it was an EXCELENT drama, have you watched it? (hopefully some day info about the girl actress in that dorama could be found here :D)
    and I was about to link you to miporin no ekubo's blog to take a look at the pics of fukuda but as expected from a fan of hers, you've already visited it ^^

  2. XDD;; ikr! I was definitely thinking of you when I read this news. >:3

    I watched Mother. It was good (except the prolong ending in the last episode). ^^;; And the court case was kind of glossed over. It really make me wondered why they need to make the last episode longer. Mother is already a good enough drama that it doesn't need another 10-20 minutes to end the story. I think it's because of the last episode that's I didn't like it as much as I originally did. D: gah rants. lol

    Maybe someday, when I see more of Ashida Mana. XD;; She's very good for her age, and much better than most of the people who are older than her, but she's just alright right now. I probably rank her third to Yagi Yuki and Morisako Ei overall but she'll probably first in up-and-coming-actress.

    >:D Thank you, your thoughts counted! ♥ >:3