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JUNON Sept 2010 Interview: Shida Mirai (志田未来) x Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介)

Scan taken from Kamiki's baidu page.

I can't really read the kanji that well because of the blurry scan, so I'm guessing most of it as I go along and using the Chinese translation.

From JUNON September 2010 Issue, page 142-143.

Cooperating together again after 3 years for Studio Ghibli's newest film "Karigurashi no Arrietty".

Shida Mirai x Kamiki Ryunosuke
17 years old, after school talk between classmates.
"These two really talk"

For the current most discussed movie showing right now, "Karigurashi no Arrietty", playing the role of 14 years old little human girl, and playing the 12 years old sick human boy are Shida Mirai and Kamiki Ryunosuke. Thanks to the strength of these two voice acting, the expectations quickly increased. These two 17 years old classmates, are now sitting down together and say things they wanted to say, showing their good relationship.

Even when arguing, it seems fun.

- Hasn't it been 3 years since you two acted together for the drama "Tantei Gakuen Q"?
Kamiki: For my age, "3 years" is a big number. But it doesn't feel like "Such a long time no see!". It just feel like I can be at ease when working together again.
Shida: As for me, it's my first time working as a voice actress, at first I was a bit worried, but when I learned that my partner is going to be Kamiki-kun, I was able to relaxed. If I have things I don't understand, I will quickly asked him, even when I make mistakes, Kamiki won't seem like the type to get angry (laugh). Actually, at the recording studio, the first thing I said was "It's my first time so if I make mistakes, sorry." (laugh)
Kamiki: But with just one day, you studied a lot, so it became alright.
Shida: No, my lines was recorded for a long time that I took up the time for Kamiki's lines (laugh). In such way, I quicken the pace, making just Kamiki-kun have re-do his lines, for that, I'm sorry (laugh).
Kamiki: During the interval of the recording, we had a lot of studies talks, and none of acting talks.
Shida: At that time, it was a period for quiz at school, so it was a good time to ask Kamiki-kun about it.
Kamiki: Shida-san is the same year as me, we can say whatever we wanted without anxiety, that I can be at ease. Shida-san, you also don't feel any uneasiness toward me right? (laugh)
Shida: Un (laugh). During the time we did the earlier drama together, everyday we talk a lot to each other. You can feel that type of relationship even now.
Kamiki: Shida-san is also a very straight forward and honest person, if she doesn't like something then, she'll bluntly say "I don't like it", because of her like an dislike are obvious, I'll know right away "She's feeling like this right now." That's why, I also think "For this person, it's alright for me to say whatever."
Shida: Because we both are able to speak what we're thinking that's why, when we have an argument, the people around us will say "Will you two stop it". (laugh)
Kamiki: Even though the reasons are trivial (laugh). Just recently, "Why is the elephant trunk so long?" we were bickering about that?
Shida: Yes, that's right (laugh).
Kamiki: At first, it was talk about "Why is the giraffe's neck so long?", but our oppinions was different, soon after, the giraffe became the elephant, it's really trivial stuffs. But it's because both of us refused to bend (laugh).
Shida: There's also a time where he put the PET bottle (aka clear plastic bottle) in my space...
Kamiki: Not only that, but also with the lid open (laugh). After I drank, I totally forgot that I put it in her place.
Shida: That's why, "Why is this here?" we would argue about it (laugh).
Kamiki: "I'm sorry" I said (laugh).
Shida: Even though I said such things, it slowly becoming fun (laugh).
Kamiki: Because it's trivial, that's why it's interesting. The 'saying what you're thinking, and doing what you're saying' characteristic of Shida-san is Arrietty. I think they are exactly the same.

Even though both of them appeared docile (laugh)

Shida: Even though when he helps me with my studies, he's very kind, but at the recording site, when I asked, "I want to do this, can you help practice my line with me?" even with such a sudden request he'll say "Sure". Even if it's for me to get better, I thought he's so nice. Even when he's straight forward, he's really similar to "Sho". Even so, Kamiki-kun's personality is not at all like "Sho"'s docile personality (laugh).
Kamiki: That's true, ever since I entered high school, a lot of people told me "I thought you are a more obedient person." (laugh). Before, because I talked a lot about pointless things, I'm probably really annoying (laugh).
Shida: Even though it's interesting, occasionally there are times when you say a lame joke... (laugh).
Kamiki: Well, roughly, they are all lame jokes (laugh).
Shida: Even so they are interesting (laugh). However, your topic is so long (laugh).
Kamiki: Because I want to explain it properly (laugh).
Shida: He would said it firmly "To do this, you would need to do this and this", and explain thing in details the entire time. Sometimes he used difficult words that I'm unable to understand (laugh). I'm a bit... no, it's not me, it's Kamiki-kun that's too smart.
Kamiki: Ah, right now, you're definitely must be thinking the opposite right? (laugh)
Shida: No, I actually really want you to fall down a little bit to my level (laugh).
Kamiki: Yeah right, you're definitely thinking the opposite (laugh).
Shida: Also, even though it's a bit unexpected, Kamiki looks like he eat little, but he's actually eat 2 lunch boxes, I seen him eat plentifully before.
Kamiki: Aah, you're right, that's true. I eat a lot. It's because I love sports! Shida-san's unexpected thing is, erm~... you're really serious (laughs).
Shida: How so? (laugh) I rather you tell me I'm also "seems obedient"...
Kamiki: You're not obedient at all (laugh). Whenever you talk, you can't stop. Also you talks so fast that there are time when it's unclear. Also, unexpectedly, your voice is loud (laugh).
Shida: When together with someone, mutually we would talk about things we want to say, in the end things build up and unable to settle (laugh).
Kamiki: Recently, what did you talk about?
Shida: For example, a television program.
Kamiki: "I saw this movie" or "This song is nice" are usually the topic of a high school student.
Shida: But, our opinions are not the same (laugh).
Kamiki: They are really not (laugh). Favorite artist, for me, I like Fukuyama Masaharu-san and Mr. Children.
Shida: As for me, no matter what I like female vocals. So we hum the song to each other...
Kamiki: "What's that, what's that, what kind of song?" I said.
Shida: Even after hearing the answer, "Ah? Is that so" and it ended (laugh).
Kamiki: That kind of dialog didn't really feel like it ended yet (laugh).

Because of trust and able to feel at ease that's why we're able to make this drama.

- Since becoming 17 years old, which part of each other did you think changed?
Kamiki: Her face become more mature.
Shida: Uh, both of our faces seem like that.
Kamiki: Also, our point of views also became mature, and becoming level head.
Shida: Up until now, he only say things when his mind want to say thing, but recently he's able to reason and voice himself.

- How about she becoming more feminine? (laugh)
Kamiki: Aah, her hair gotten longer.
Shida: Really, whenever such talk come up, it feel like he always say, "I'm unable to see you that way" (laugh). Even though on the outside, Kamiki looks like he matured, but his personality haven't change at all. Even the most trivial or nonsense things can make him laugh, perhaps, I think it's good that for such things he hasn't change.
Kamiki: Un, I also don't think I'd changed. As for the actress Shida-san, even though I thought she's already like this before, but she has an abundant of expressions. For comedy, her facial expressions is full of variations, her acting is very good. Also her eyes power is amazing. A human-like with a strong heart, she can use her eyes to portray them. Such kind of thing is very admirable.
Shida: For this work, I really look up to Kamiki-kun. I'm a person who do my best, however, he's able to think of me, fixing my mistakes so that I can really do it, I think that's amazing.
Kamiki: For "Karigurashi no Arrietty", I hope everyone can look at how Arrietty and Sho's small meeting caused them to change, and also the way Shida-san and I interacts and our atmosphere.
Shida: Because of our trust and at ease with each other, I think that's why we're able to create this film, I hope you'll also see that.

- 10 years later, what kind of actor, what kind of adult do you think you will become?
Kamiki: For me, I don't think I want my personality to change much. 10 years later, I think that together with Shida-san, we won't be as polite to each other, and that we can be totally casual.
Shida: I think Kamiki will become an actor that people can look forward to for the next generation. That's why I think I'll try to catch up to him (laugh).
Kamiki: Then, come! (laugh)

- I'm starting to think that I should swear off translating blurry scans... @__@;; My eyes are going to kill me later. But "beggars can't be chooser", yeah yeah... lol jk. Thanks to the Chinese fans for scanning and uploading the image. :)
- Please tell me if there's anything wrong with the translation.
- Shida and Kamiki is a bickering pair. XD;;
- I actually thought Shida was the smarter one... :x
- It's funny that the interviewer totally gave Kamiki that chance to see Shida as a girl and he blew it off. >w>;; Not sure if I should be amuse or slap him.
- I wondered what's Shida's nickname is... :x


  1. for some reason, the part about Kamiki leaving his drink in Shida's space gives me an image of "closeness" =) it shows how comfortable they are with each other lol

    i just love how they're always bickering about trivial stuff ^^ i mean, a giraffe.. really?? haha

    maybe the reason why they can be this close is because Kamiki doesn't really see Shida as a "woman" ne? cuz thats what happens when you grew up together lol

  2. yayy!! thanks for translating this, really!!
    they do seem confortable with each other, right?
    and I agree with you about the question that the interviewer gave to kamiki about shida XD shy guy, maybe?! ^^
    P.S. I also think that kamiki should have more movies or tv doramas rather than voice acting jobs

  3. @Cielo
    At first when I read that part about the water bottle, I thought Kamiki accidentally drink Shida's water bottle. X3;; But it turned out that he just "misplaced" it. lol

    ikr? giraffe and elephant... Lol, I'll be listening to them argue would be quite entertaining.

    That, you maybe right. :) But I like their friendships.

    I know, I rather he do movie or drama, but... I guess voicing a game isn't bad either. I think it's because he's busy doing the "Boys Game" thing this summer, that's why he's working on small project. But hopefully, as soon as that's over, he can partake on more dramas and/or movies.

  4. THANKS ! <3
    wow they are so cute together ! since tantei gakuen q i tought they would make a great pair <3

  5. Love seeing both of you. Keep it up :) jump program