Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Ohgo Suzuka (大後寿々花)!

Happy Birthday Ohgo Suzuka~ ❤
Already 17 years old.

Time flew so fast. Everyone is growing up. Just a few years ago, I watched her as Sayuri in the American made film Memoirs of A Geisha. I actually really like the book, that's why I watched the movie. I ended up not liking the movie at all. Though the bad experience, what stuck out for me was Gong Li and the cute little girl with pretty eyes as little Sayuri. :)

Hope her future activities will continues to increase. Because really, her talent is such a waste to be in small side role. I'm looking at you Samurai High School!! D:

It's funny that Mayuko's and her admired actress' birthday is a day after each other. After looking at the picture of the interview of them two, I thought they really look alike. For a while now, I wondered if it's just me, that is until recently.

I remember coming across this picture a while back. I'd always though it was Mayuko in the picture since I found it in a Mayuko picture BBS. That is, until recently that I noticed this picture appearing on Ohgo's picture BBS. My initial reaction was of course, "Why did they put Mayuko picture in Ohgo's BBS?" After that, I begin to doubt myself, thus spent a considerably large amount of time staring at the picture and try to determine who it actually is.

Lol, well, it's actually Ohgo Suzuka's photo. But I came to that conclusion only because of the eyebrows. Mayuko's eyebrows are much more "distinct". Well, what do you think? XD Now I'm even more convince than ever that they kind of look alike. :x


  1. Aaahh I didn’t know that mayuko and suzuka’s birthdays were so close
    I also watched her in the movie memoirs of a geisha, and then in aikurushii, along with kamiki, playing his love interest (^O^) (how could I forget that!!) sadly the last 2 eps of this series haven’t been uploaded so I still don’t know how their little romance ends (T_T) haven’t had the chance to watch other works of her but her performances on those 2 were really natural and yes, she does resemble fukuda a little (had to save and turn up side down the pic you posted to check myself that that was indeed ogho ^^
    And yeah I also like to know where the info and scans come from, they’re really helpful in case you want to search for some extra info
    About the shida-mayuko previous drama before Jyoou no Kyoshitsu, you were talking about Bara no jyujika, right? (please correct me if I’m wrong)
    Oh and about the BGM of that particular scene of furuhata, since I liked the music, I’d watched that dorama twice ^^’ (and searched for the OST for a looong time)
    And to be honest, recently I’ve been wanting to watched Jyoou no kyoshitsu for a 2nd time, it was such a nice dorama :D
    didn’t know that mayuko plays the piano (this surprised me and forgot to mention yesterday) and also that some of her tv doramas were broadcasted in NHK, kind of bumped out when reading this because that channel is available in my country, just that in those days I was more into anime….buhuuu

  2. Aikurushii! I haven't even finish watching that. Okay, someday, I need to finish! D: I didn't know Ohgo was Kamiki's love interest. I thought it was the other girl, Goto Kaho (I was rooting for her in the early episode too, but Kamiki is still just a kid then.. >_>;; lol jk).

    You're right! The original Ohgo picture is flip and at an angle.

    Yup, Bara no Jyujika... I mean they has a drama wiki for it, so I thought the drama was sharing... some where, but I'd no luck finding it. >_<;;

    I was also thinking about rewatching Jyoou no Kyoshitsu. It is a good drama. XD But need to catch up with this season first (so many dramas I want to watch, so little time. >_>;;).

    You're so lucky to have NHK. I wish it's available where I live. D: But, back then I'm also more into manga and anime than drama. ^__^;;

    I remember Mayuko play a 3 some piano piece with 2 brothers pianist, it wasn't bad. But I really want to see how good she is playing by herself. ^^;; Though, she definitely has the pianist-like hands (aka long fingers). :x