Sunday, August 15, 2010

Goseiger epic 25-26 Making Of & Stage Greeting

This week of Goseiger Making Of, taken from Toei's Goseiger official site.

The repeating the same thing 3 times is Yuumajuu's Kinggon of the Bigfoot's trademark. That's why they did a little of it here.  (If you watch the show, it should go without saying. ^^;;)

Lots of Moune (Niwa Mikiho) this time! :3 She seems to be having a lot of fun.

1. Welcoming the guest, Itou Maiko-san...
2. Director Kato's tension is also UP!
3. "Listen up, the vital point of drama is..."
4. "First, the direction!"
5. "For the direction, I'll do it without fail, next is..."
6. "The drama, drama, drama~!"

1. The movie is a big sucess! Thank you everyone!
2. Our hopes during the filming was recieved
3. That's right, the most important thing is...
4. "Our fighting spirit, fighting spirit, fighting spirits~!"
Your character changes, director.
5. A smiling face is also important!
6. Next time also, we'll do our best
7. Look forward to Agri's efforts!

Since the making of for this week is so short, and they didn't really cover Epic 26 much, where Hyde have a bigger role, I decided to translate the picture captions of the movie stage greeting as well.

1. Now, to the stage greeting!
While looking nervous
2. Let's the strength of all members become one!
3. The theater at Osaka is also a huge success!
4. The surprise guests at Osaka are these two
5. When they entered the stage, everyone was truly astonished
6. Everyone at the theater gave a warm reception
7. The shape of everyone's big encouragement is reassuring
8. After, these 5 people
"To protect the Earth is an Angel's mission!"
9. The surprise in Tokyo is
Ono-kun's Birthday cake,
And also, W on stage!

August 9 is Ono Kento's 21th Birthday.
Happy Birthday! :D

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