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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Part 2: Work

►Continued from Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Part 1: Life and Personality

This part took me more times than I wanted. @___@;; Photobucket died on me while I was working on this, so I have to change to Piscasa with my friend's recommendation. D: Most pictures are taken from Mayuko's baidu page. Thanks! ^^;;

Warnings: Major pic spams! I apologize to those with slow internet. ^^;;

It’s interesting that her first drama debut is also the first Japanese drama I watched, so for me it was probably fate. Though her character is only there for the later half of the show and her acting were mediocre at the time, I did remember how cute I thought she is. It wasn’t until later in “Jyoou no Kyoshitsu” that I was genuine wowed by the air of beauty and her amazing acting ability as the cool Shindo Hikaru. She then proved to me time and time again of her talents, and thus, I became a fan.

When she was 4 years old, she joined a children theater troupe in Tokyo, Space Craft. There, she was taught dancing and singing. In the same year, she made her debut in the entertainment world with a CM debut for “Kentucky Fried Chicken”. In 2000, Mayuko made her debut in drama with the drama “Summer Snow”. In 2005, she made her debut in movie with “Kamikaze Girls”. On April of 2005, she joined FlaMme, her current company. FlaMme is considered to one of the 3 top agencies, and the only one in the top 3 to be focus mainly on female talents, according to a Japanese 2010 survey. In 2006, she made a stage debut in “Ame to Yume no Ato ni” with the theater group Caramel Box. In 2006, she also did her first dubbing for the American film “Charlotte’s Web”. In 2007, she did her first voice acting for the anime movie “Piano no Mori”.

Even though she had never won any awards, her talent for acting had been highly praised by many. She is considered to be one of the top “prodigy child actress” to look forward to. Her ability to adlib, which is considered to be one of the most required qualities of an actor, is also praised by directors that worked with her, particularly Michael Arias for the movie “Heaven’s Door”. Shofukutei Tsurube, a well known actor, comedian and rakugo artist, praised her adlib acting to be amazing when she appeared in his show “Sujinashi” in 2006. She was only 12 at the time, and the youngest to appear in the show. Beside from able to adlib, she’s also has the ability to convey her emotions with just her eyes. This can be seen in “Byakuyako”, which is also considered to be her masterpiece work by many.

During her younger years (1998-2005), she appeared in various commercials, the most noteworthy is perhaps Quack QUOQ as the role of Yuko-chan, the gloomy girl that has no friends until QQ-kun came along. Her latest and last commercial is in 2008, where she was narrating for Nissan Motor during that year’s 24 hours TV.

Hojo Tokimune Fuurin Kazan Fuurin Kazan
She had appeared in 3 of NHK’s yearly taiga drama. In 2000, for the 39th taiga drama “Aoi Tokugawa Sandai”, she played as Yu-hime, daughter of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Interestingly, Kamiki Ryunosuke is also in this drama as a young Tokugawa Yoshinao, the 9th son of Tokugawa Ieyasu. In 2001, Mayuko once again appeared in NHK 40th taiga drama “Hojo Tokimune” as Atsuko, daughter of Hojo Tokisuke (played by Watabe Atsuro). They made a very cute father and daughter pair. Random, Asari Yosuke (from Code Blue) is in this drama as a younger Hojo Tokimune. In 2007, she appeared once again in NHK 46th taiga drama “Fuurin Kazan” as Ume-hime, the eldest daughter of the Takeda family. She only appeared in episode 40, where Ume-hime has to marry into another family for the three-line-alliance between the Takeda, Imagawa, and Hojo families. Ikewaki Chizuru is Sanjo Fujin, her mother.

She also got a chance to appear in Takenaka Eri’s music video of “gerbera”. This song is also the theme song for the movie “Gimme Heaven”. She appeared on the CD jacket for TUBE’s song “Hotaru”, which is a really good song.

From her drama debut until 2007, she has a regular role in dramas, with “Enka no Jyoou” (2007) as her last full drama work. But from 2005 onward, starting with the drama special, “Hotaru no Haka” (2005), Mayuko slowly shifted her work to guest staring in 1-2 drama episodes to specials and movies. That’s why, most drama watchers do not know much about her unless they care enough to watch movies or specials. It’s also interesting that Mayuko’s drama specials and movies are mainly set in the older period, not modern. Most of the time, she acted as someone younger version.

Summer Snow
An actress that Mayuko worked with a lot is Hirosue Ryoko. Her debut drama is “Summer Snow” (2000), where Hirosue played as the heroine, while Mayuko played Yukari, a sick girl in the hospital that Hirosue met. Domoto Tsuyoshi, Imai Tsubasa, Ikewaki Chizuru, and Oguri Shun are also in this drama. Later on, Mayuko ended up joining FlaMme, which is also the same agency as Hirosue. They have a few more works together, in most of them, Mayuko played as Hirosue’s younger version.

Bara no Jyujika
Even though Hirosue worked with her a lot, out all the actors and actresses that have worked together with Mayuko, Amami Yuki may be the one that worked with her the most. In 2002, they were in “Bara no Jyujika” (2002) together. While Amami Yuki played as the lead role, Mayuko has a very small role in this drama. What’s also interesting is that, this drama is not only the first drama that Amami Yuki and Mayuko worked together, but also Shida Mirai has a small role in here. The three of them goes on to work together again for a different drama.

Yoiko no Mikata
Mayuko appeared as one of the kindergarten student of Suzuki Taiyou, played by Arashi’s Sakurai Sho, in the 2003 drama, “Yoiko no Mikata”. I haven’t seen the whole thing yet, but she has a relatively small role here.

Ai no Ie ~Nakimushi Sato to Shichinin no ko~
In the same year, she appeared with Ohgo Suzuka in the drama “Ai no Ie ~Nakimushi Sato to Shichinin no ko~”. She played as Ueshima Mako. This NHK drama has 5 episodes in all.

Hikari to Tomo ni
In 2004, Mayuko appeared in her favorite actress, Shinohara Ryoko’s drama, “Hikari to Tomo ni” (or “With the Light ~Raising an Autistic Child”). Mayuko as Koga Mayuko, the head of the bully group, though later she changed. This drama earned the 41st Television Academy Awards in best drama, best actress, best supporting actor, and best supporting actress. Mayuko has a relatively small role here, but the drama is great and I totally encourage everyone to watch. Saito Ryusei (who earned the best supporting actor for his superb acting as an autistic child) played as the younger version of Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari in Ryusei no Kizuna later on. In the last episode of the drama, the children are gathered and they were to say their wishes one by one, at that time, Mayuko declared that she wants to become a great actress. Rather than scripted, this scene is perhaps her true wish.

   Too cute ♥
Last Present
In the same summer of the same year, she appeared in Last Present with Amami Yuki. This is the second time Mayuko and Amami worked together. Mayuko played Oda Ayumi. Amami played as Mayuko’s mother who wants to reconcile with her daughter before she died. Sasaki Kuranosuke, Nagasaku Hiromi, and Kaname Jun also has a role in here. It was considered to be a very touching drama, but there’s only 1 episode out in English at this time.

Kamikikaze Girls

Mayuko has another chance to appear with her favorite actress, Shinohara Ryoko. In her debut movie “Kamikaze Girls”, Mayuko played the younger version of Fukada Kyoko’s character, Ryugasaki Momoko. Shinohara Ryoko played as Momoko’s mother that left her and her father for someone else. Tsuchiya Anna played as Momoko’s yankee’s friend, Shirayuki Ichigo. Miyasako Hiroyuki played as Momoko’s father. “Kamikaze Girls” is a great film. Even though Fukada Kyoko acting is fake most of the time, I think her acting works for this movie. And Momoko and Ichigo are a great pair. I also recommended this movie.

Kyumei Byoto 24ji 3

In 2005, Mayuko appeared in “Kyumei Byoto 24ji 3” or “Emergency Room 24hr – Season 3” as Teraizumi Chihiro. Nakamura Toru played as her father, Councilor Teraizumi Hayato. The show starred Eguchi Yosuke and Matsushima Nanako. Well, I haven’t seen this so I can’t say much about it. Hirota Ryohei played as Shogo, a patient that Chihiro met and befriend with (they later worked together later on as well).

Jyoou no Kyoushitsu
After that is of course, Mayuko and Amami Yuki’s third time working together in “Jyoou no Kyoushitsu” (2005), with Amami playing the oni teacher, Akutsu Maya, and Mayuko as the cool, smart student, Shindo Hikaru. Shida Mirai played the main character as Kanda Kazumi here, and the first time that Shida and Mayuko officially work together. This is my first time noticing her. She was all sort of amazing in this show as the silent Hikaru. She doesn’t talk a lot, but the things that she said are always direct and straight to the point. A lot of people considered this character very Ayanami Rei-like, thus that’s why she was voted 3rd choice if Evagelion was to be a live action film.

Hotaru no Haka
She has a small role as the second sister, Sawano Hana, in the 60th year anniversary of WWII liveaction special, “Hotaru no Haka” or “Grave of Fireflies”. It’s a relatively small role, with most of the attention were given on Matsushima Nanako, Inuoe Mao, Ishida Hoshi, and Sasaki Mao. Kaname Jun is also in this show. Though it’s also a tear inducing show, but Studio Ghibli’s takes on story is a bit better. Nevertheless, I think everyone should give it a try.

Onaji Tsuki wo Miteiru
In 2005, she’s in the movie “Onaji Tsuki wo Miteiru” or “Under the Same Moon”, as the younger role of Sugimoto Emi. Kuroki Meisa played her older version. This film also starred Kubozuka Yosuke and Edison Chen. Mayuko played as a girl with a heart condition. She met with two boys in the wood one day, and they became friends. Of course, they became inseparable afterward, and then it leads to love. Well, it’s a bit of a sad film.

In 2006, Mayuko starred in her breakthrough drama as the younger version of Ayase Haruka in “Byakuyakou”. She played the calculating smart girl, Nishimoto Yukiho. Even though she’s only in episode 1 and a few flashbacks in the later episode, this drama is considered to be her strongest acting, especially when considered the subject matter. Mayuko and Izumisawa Yuuki (as young Ryoji) was chosen from 180 kids. The drama also won various awards that year. It should also note that this drama used the same production staffs as the drama “Crying out Love, In the Center of the World”. Of course, Shibasaki Kou was also back, singing the theme song.

Synesthesia ~ Gimme Heaven
Mayuko also in the 2006 movie “Gimme Heaven”, as the younger version of Miyazaki Aoi’s character, Michiki Mari. I haven’t seen this.

Teru Teru Ashita
In “Teru Teru Ashita”, she played the mysterious ghost-like girl, Sawai Yasuko. There’s this whole revelation about her character, but you need to watch it to find out. This show re-used the cast and staffs of an earlier drama “Ame to Yume no Ato ni”. Kurokawa Tomoka played the main character, Teruyo. She also acted as Ame in the “Ame to Yume no Ato ni” drama.

Chibi Maruko-chan Special
In “Chibi Maruko-chan Special”, Mayuko played Sakura Sakiko, Maruko’s older sister. Chibi Maruko is played by Morisako Ei (and she did a great job as well). In the second special, Mayuko has a bigger role.

Ame to Yume no Ato ni (Stage Play)
In the summer of 2006, Mayuko appeared for the first time in the “Ame to Yume no Ato ni” stage play. She played the main character, Sakurai Ame, which Kurokawa Tomoka did in the drama version. Of course, Kurokawa Tomoka went for a visit in one of the show. Because of her experience in this stage play, she started to enjoy it. For the promotion of “Heaven’s Door”, Mayuko disclosed that if she only has 3 days to live, she want to do stage play again. The director of Caramel Box, the theater group that did “Ame to Yume no Ato ni”, once mentioned in his blog that Mayuko visit him and the theater troupe.

Nihon Chinbotsu
Also, the same summer, “Nihon Chinbotsu” or “Japan Sinks” is out. It stars SMAP’s Kusanagi Tsuyoshi and Shibasaki Kou. Mayuko played as Kuraki Misaki, a child that they found during the incident.

Saikai ~Yokota Megumi no Negai~
Mayuko did another special, “Saikai”, in the same year. She played the 13-15 years old Yokota Megumi, the Japanese girl who was abducted by the North Korean. Katase Nana played the adult Yokota Megumi.

Tsurube’s Sujinashi #190
I’d mention before that she appeared in Shofukutei Tsurube’s Sujinashi show as the guest. The show is basically where the guest comes and with Shofukutei-san, will do a short 10 minutes adlib drama based on the theme from the audiences. For this episode, the theme was ‘life’ or ‘livelihood’, where Shofukutei-san played as the grandfather and Mayuko played the role of Sayuri. Her acting impressed everyone, especially the host, Shofukutei-san. You can watch the whole thing on Veoh.

Sono Ato 5 fun Mae - Saigo no Tsubasa
“Sono Ato 5 fun Mae” is a 5 minutes drama broadcasted on NHK. In Mayuko’s story, “Saigo no Tsubasa”, she played a junior high student, Erika, who helped her art teacher (Natsuyagi Isao) find the human wings that he has seen when he was a kid before he retired. Even though it’s only 5 minutes, it’s a very good and deep drama. I totally recommend.

Yunagi – Have a Nice Day
She also appeared in a short 10 minutes movie “Yunagi”. Her story, “Have a Nice Day”, is about a family that’s going through a divorce/separation, and the children are trying to understand it as they are on an adventure away from home. She played the older sister, Azusa. It’s a film that’s heavy in poetic taste, unlike “Saigo no Tsubasa”, which is simple, this one is much deeper.

Charlotte’s Web

Her first dubbing job is for the role of Fern (played by Dakota Fanning) in the Disney movie, “Charlotte’s Web”. She has mention how hard it is to match her voice with the mouth of the character. When the movie cast visit Japan for the movie’s promotion, Mayuko got a chance to meet Dakota Fanning.

Enka no Jyoou
Amami and Mayuko’s fourth time, and the last time as of now, to work together is also another “queen” drama, “Enka no Jyoou” (2007). Amami played Himawari, an unsuccessful enka singer, while Mayuko played Nobutomo Sachiko, Himawari’s younger self. By this time, I thought for sure that they are in the same company, or else why do they have drama together all the time, but I later found out that Amami is part of Ken-On. Narumi Riko, another Ken-On actress, is also in this drama. What funny about Amami and Mayuko working together for so many time is that the fan jokes, at first they are mother-daughter pair, then teacher-student, then younger self, the next time they work together, they will probably be acting as sisters. XD;;

Serendip no Kiseki
She played a young girl that met the main character in this special drama. I haven’t seen the whole thing, except for some clips with Mayuko in it, so I don’t really know much about the storyline. Kimura Yoshino played the main character, Arisaka Noriko. Kashiwabara Shuji played her lover, Horii Yukata. Kichise Michiko is also in this show. The story is divided in 3 parts, but her story is the 3rd and last part.

Matsumoto Kisaburo Ikka Monogatari ~Ojii-san no Daidokoro~
This is another drama special, where she played the granddaughter (Kawano Yuuki) of the main character. I haven’t seen this either except a few clips, but it’s basically about after losing his wife, Matsumoto’s children are worried about him living alone. Tanaka Kei played Mayuko’s cousin.

Piano no Mori
In 2007, she got another chance to be voice actress for the movie “Piano no Mori”. She played as the toilet princess Maruyama Takako. This is officially her first job as a voice actress. Ueto Aya played the main character Ichinose Kai. Kamiki Ryunosuke played as the talented pianist, Amamiya Shuhei. Both of them are the main characters of this film. Ikewaki Chizuru, who’s in “Summer Snow” and “Fuurin Kaazan”, played as Kai’s mother.

Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~

At the end of 2007, Kamiki and Mayuko’s “Little DJ” movie is out, which is where most people probably got to know her from. It’s about a pure love story between Takano Tarou (Kamiki) and Umino Tamaki (Mayuko), who were admitted to the hospital at the same time. Hirosue Ryoko acted as the older version of Mayuko’s character. It’s interesting that the writer of the novel actually wrote this story with Kamiki in mind.

  This picture is actually my on cellphone wallpaper. ♥
[Warning: fangirl talk]
I personally love this movie because both of my favorite child actor/actress are in this (it’s like killing 2 birds with one stone). But this pairing never once crossed my mind until I saw/read them in the promotional interviews. My favorite interview is when both of them appeared on a radio show where Kamiki try his hand on being a radio DJ. He was doing perfectly fine, that is until Mayuko came in to the studio, and that’s where he begins to make mistakes. Lol. You can see the whole thing in Veoh. Of course, the other interviews are quite interesting as well, but nothing beat this. I know them getting together is never going to happen, but still, it’s cute.

L Change the World
In 2008, Mayuko appeared in Death Note spin off of the popular series. She played Nikaido Maki, a young girl whose father was ‘murdered’ by biochemical terrorists. She then has to run to L for help. The movie followed L last days before death. L is played by Matsuyama Kenichi. Mayuko was chosen among 300 applicants, and she has to cut her hair for this movie into a bob cut. The movie has a 3 days Asia tours in South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong (though HK is not really a country).

10 Promises to My Dog
Another movie was out, and that is “Inu to Watashi no 10 Yakusoku”. She played the young Saito Akari. After befriend with a stray dog which they named Socks, her mother passed away. But because of him that she’s able to pass her sad times. It’s a really good but sad story about pets. It’s my favorite work of her up to date. Toyokawa Etsushi played her dad, and these 3 made a great trio. Their chemistry is amazing. Satou Shota played the young Hoshi Susumu, while the older was played by Kase Ryo. Ikewaki Chizuru also appeared in this movie as older Akari’s friend. The older Akari is played by Tanaka Rena. Tanaka and Mayuko are similar in appearances that made a lot of people surprised. Tanaka Rena once said how surprised she is when they first met because how much they look alike each other. Mayuko also revealed that when she was young, a lot of people told her she resemble Tanaka Rena.

Furuhata Chugakusei
This special stared Yamada Ryosuke as the young detective Furuhata Ninzaburo. This story is about the middle school days of Furuhata Ninzaburo, a famous detective series. Mayuko played as the granddaughter of the town’s shrine’s monk, Asuka, as well as Furuhata’s classmate and love interest. Truthfully I didn’t really like this drama at all, even though I watched it twice (mainly due to the scary fangirls). I’ll… just stop with that, lol.

Kiri no Hi

Mayuko also appeared in another special drama during the summer, “Kiri no Hi”. She played the main character, Nakamura Mizue, during her younger days (15-19 years old). The show is to remember the 9 girls working as telephone operators during WWII. In order to protect their virginity, they commit suicide by swallowing potassium cyanide. Nakamura Mizue survived, but was raped by the Soviet army. Ichihara Etsuko played as the old version of Nakamura Mizue. Endo Kenichi played Mayuko’s step father. They get into a lot of arguments during the course of the drama, but the ending was really touching. He won the best supporting actor for this show. Karina has a small role in this. Mukai Osamu played as the older brother figure/ crush. Mayuko’s character crushing on him is very cute. Despites the differences in their age, it was very convincing. Even with the dark subject matter, this show is actually my second favorite Mayuko’s work.

Arigatou! Champy

Mayuko took on the challenge of playing a blind girl for this special. The story talks about the difficulties in training the first dog for the blind. Takashima Masanobu played the main character Kenichi, while Ito Atsushi played the blind teacher Kawai Kyoshi. Hirota Ryohei worked with Mayuko once again as Kenichi’s son, whom befriends her. This is a bit like the reverse crush (lol), but they are really cute.

Souka, Mo Kimi wa Inai no Ka
She has a very small role as Yuko, the main characters’ granddaughter, in which she has only around 4 short scenes in this 2 hours special at the beginning of 2009. Not much to say, but it starred Tamura Masakazu as the main character, Shiroyama Saburo. Nagasawa Masami played the younger Shiroyama Yoko.

Heaven’s Door

Mayuko also appeared along with TOKIO’s Nagase Tomoya in this movie as Shiraishi Harumi, a girl that lived in the hospital since a young age. Nagase played Masato, another patient with an incurable illness. They met at the same hospital, and while bonding, they decided to go see the sea for the last time. The movie is based on a German movie, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”. ARASHI’s Ninomiya Kazunari made a short appearance in the movie as the host. Miura Tomokazu played the police officer that’s running after them. It wasn’t a bad movie, it was interesting. The last scene is very strong though. During the production stage, the goal was actually to see snow instead of the sea. Also, at first, they wanted to do an older female and a younger male, but they ended up changing to an older male with a younger female. In the end, they went with what the current story.

After “Heaven’s Door”, Mayuko appeared in the grand cgi effects movie, “GOEMON”. This movie is about a legendary ninja thief, Ishikawa Goemon, during 16th century Japan. Goemon is played by Eguchi Yosuke. Interestingly, the young version of Goemon is played by Hirota Ryohei. Mayuko played as the young version of Hirosue’s princess Chacha, Goemon’s love interest. Working with her is the teenage Goemon, played by Tanabe Tokimasa. Their chemistry is great; you can really feel for their first love story. Her appearance is just around 10 minutes of the movie. There are a lot of big name casts in this show, but my favorite is Osawa Takao as the awesome Kirikazue Saizo, Goemon’s best friend. His presence is just amazing. Saizo’s teenage version is played by Sato Takeru. I didn’t really expect much, so I really enjoy the movie.

20th Century Boys – Redemption/Our Flag

Mayuko appeared in the last of the trilogy “20th Century Boys”, as Sanae, a girl who helped Shogun during one of his escape. Hirota Ryohei once again played at her little brother. Shogun is played by Toyokawa Etsushi, who worked together with her earlier in “10 Promises to my Dog” and “Nihon Chinbotsu”. This movie also has a lot of big name casts, which I won’t name for obvious reason. It was based on a manga by Urasawa Naoki, whom also supervises the screen play for this movie. Kamiki Ryunosuke is also in this movie.

Mai Mai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou
At the end of 2009, she participated in an animation movie known as “Mai Mai Miracles”. This time, she voiced as the main character, Aoki Shinko. Mizusawa Nako played her best friend, and also the new girl in town, Kiiko. The anime is about friendships and departures, setting in early Showa of Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. Different from her other voice works, this time, Mayuko got a chance to voice acting with the other voice actors at the site together. Because the setting is in Yamaguchi, Mayuko challenged herself with Yamaguchi’s dialect. The movie ran for six months, and in term of sales, it wasn’t considered successful. But by word of mouths, it became a popular movie with the support of the fans. Usually, a movie will come out on to DVD after 3 months of running in theater, but for this case, it took 6 months. Currently, the movie is on sale in DVD form.

LIAR GAME Episode Zero – Episode of Nao

She also appeared in the short spin off of the popular drama “Liar Game”. She played Nao, seven years prior to the first season of “Liar Game”. This drama was divided into 4 episodes, each only a few minutes. The drama is distribute via the internet or phone, but only those with Japanese address can view.

Zettai Reido Case 5-6
In 2010, after safely entering high school, Mayuko made a guest appearance in Ueto Aya’s drama “Zettai Reido”. She played as Sawai Haruna, feeling guilty of her best friend’s death, she blamed herself. The drama and sub is out at D-Addicts! Lol, I talked about it before so now I don’t feel like talking about it.

Miporin no Ekubo
On August 28, Mayuko will appear in a special drama for 24hr Television, “Miporin’s Dimple”. She played as the elder sister, Okazaki Minami. Her character is said to be an honor student, and skilled at playing the mandolin. Nagase Tomoya and Hirosue Ryoko will once again work with her as her parents. Kimura Manatsu played as the younger sister with the brain disease, Miho. Please look forward to it.

With this many work, you can see her acting slowly grows through the years. There are other shows that she appeared in, which I skip because I haven’t seen them and they are hard to find, so I didn’t mention them. You can watch clips of her earlier works by checking Chinese search engine sites like baidu or tudou.

You can also view her works through Youtube.
iyemon2006 has graciously upload a lot of clips of her older works/CM/etc...
Paulinespeed also did a 5 parts Showreel of most of her show.

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  1. so this is why you were m.i.a. for 2 weeks ^^
    how are you?
    I'm really impressed but these detailed reports about mayuko, you're such a devoted fan!!
    thanks to some extra info in your posts I found out about some interesting facts, especially the one about kamiki, being DJ for a day and mayuko poping in the studio, I'd like to watch it but VEOH doesn't work in my country anymore (T_T)
    I'd want to take a look at some of the dramas and movies mentioned in your report, some of them seem interesting
    this kid is very natural as an actress and although I'm more into shida mirai's fandom (along with kamiki, I follow their work closely) I did notice that mayuko is good at perfoming, that's why I'm also interested in her as well :D and it's surprising that she is not more active in the industry,
    I also like her role in Jyoou no Kyoushitsu, and the movie 10 promises to my dog was really moving (shed a few tears myself ^^)
    also in furuhata chuugakusei, I liked the scene when she and yamada talked in the temple, (I've searched for the background music played in that part, specifically, 'cause I liked it but no luck)
    I remembered that some fans of him were not too glad of her being in the same dorama (-_-)'
    but her character was very proper and there wasn't a very obvious romantic interaction between the characters, so yeah..
    thanks for these 2 updates, they gave a good overview of this actress ^^/
    as I said before, your post are so well documented, and that's really helpful (^-^)V
    P.S. the ayamani-mayuko-kaname gift, really sweet :D

  2. I am dying to see the drama she was in known as saikai yokota megumi san no negai. Do you know where i can find it?

  3. @kaneha
    Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you read through them even though you're not really a fan fan. XD;; But even if you're not her fan, I'm glad that you're Kamiki's fan! ^__^ I would do one with Kamiki, but I felt that I don't know him enough yet, and other people already did a good job with his for his birthday. XD;; I'm just lazy. Haha

    It's well document because I don't want someone to come across whatever I wrote and ask me "Source?" when I don't have them. D: I guess it also provide good feedback, if I wrote anything wrong, people can look at the original and tell me my mistakes. Also, don't you hate it when people post things(like pictures from magazine or whatever), and you like them and decided to get a copy for yourself, but you don't know where because they don't tell you where they got it from? I hate that. XD;; Lol, sorry, my rants.

    If veoh doesn't work for you, then perhaps baidu or tudou or youku (they only work for me once in a while, but when it does, it has a lot of good clips). I know they have a shorten clip of the radio dj thing on youtube, but it's only around 5 minutes instead of 10(?) minutes.
    This one isn't so apparent, but there used to be a ZoomIn clip of the event, where they actually showed where he made the mistakes. ^^;;

    I also shed tears in 10 Promises, and I'm usually not the person to cry. I really want to watch the drama with Shida and Mayuko before Jyoou no Kyoshitsu. XD;; But it's so hard to find, even now I can't find it, except for a short clip.

    Actually, for the relationship diagram of Furuhata Chugakusei, they had "interest" for those two, so technically, it's not really love. But when watching it, at that time Yamada is a bit weak in portraying his emotions. I didn't know what he was thinking the whole time. Her interest turned became more apparent and it turned into more of a one side love interest. Though, not saying that Yamada is a bad actor, well maybe I am, but at least he's a bit better now. ^^;; But the aftertaste of the fans made me unable to really like the show without being scare. XDD That's amazing, you're able to remember the musics. You made me want to go back and watch it again. ^^;;

    amami-mayuko-kanamejun gif is the reason why I continued with the second part... I was about to give up half way. ^^;;

    I don't know where to get the drama either. If you find a source, please tell me. ^^;; I'm sorry.

  4. That's ok, If i find it I'll tell you. i wonder why this drama is so hard to find.

  5. by the way, where did you get the screenshots of saikai?

  6. thanks himawari, I'll let you know if i find the drama

  7. Look what I have got here! XD

    I came to your blog in a google search and tried drawing her from the photo under "Byakuyakou". I have changed the dimensions of her face unwillingly, although I usually pay a vast amount of attention to draw the correct dimensions... but I find her cute though!

  8. OMG wow Rinan! You're amazing! O___O

  9. wow... i'm not a fan of hers but i happened to come to this blog while searching for something, and you made such a big interesting post. :D
    i've watched her in L:Change the World and furuhata, and i truly admire her acting. and she's really cute.^^
    you make me want to watch all of those dramas/movies you posted. (this also reminds me that i must watch her movie with nagase which i've been planning to watch before)

    thanks a lot for this. :)

  10. I'm glad. And you should watch Heaven's Door. It's not bad.

  11. Hi Hima. I love your blog. I just watched Jyoou no Kyooushitsu again. And you what, this time i really really love Shindo Hikaru (at first i watched this drama b/c Yuki anh Shida ^^). She's cute and very cool. I love this Mayuko's role. And then i find your blog. You made me know her better ^^. Especially all her films. I also find the film of her with Yuki with Shida but not result. I'm interesting she and Yuki cooperated many film with different roles. I hope she will cooperate with Yuki or Shida again in near future <3 . And i hope you still countinue update her activations :) . Thanks ^^

  12. Hi Hima. I love your blog. I just watched Jyoou no Kyoushitsu again. And you know what, this time I really really love Shindo Hikaru (at first I watched this drama b/c Yuki and Shida ^^). Shindo's cute and very cool. I love this Mayuko's role. And then I find your blog. You made me know her better ^^. Especially all her films. I also find drama Bara no Jyujika but seem hopeless. I'm interesting she and Yuki cooperated many film with different roles. I hope she will copperate with Yuki or Shida again in near future <3 . Hope u still continue updater her work :). Thanks ^^

  13. Thanks for diligently updating news of Mayuko. It really make me understand her much more. I assume you had watched the showreels that I posted on youtube. If you know where I can find her other works which I don't have, please let me know as I really want to make a real good showreel for her.

    I first watched Mayuko in '10 promises to my dog' and 'L change the world' and her portrayal in both characters really attracted me. I almost cannot believe that the two different roles are acted by the same girl. I also like her in 'Jyou no kyoushitsu' but 'Byakuyakou' is the one made me her fans.

    Indeed, Mayuko's acting is super as she can conveyed her emotion through her eyes. When I showed one of my film directors the showreel of Mayuko, he was shocked that Mayuko can act with one eye ('Little DJ'). Even after two years, he still remember Mayuko as my favourite actress.


  14. Himawari i have good news! I finally found the megumi drama starring mayuko fukuda! You just go to tipe in saikai yokota megumi san no negai in Japanese and its the last video. Its on a site called Its thanks to you i found it. Arigato.

  15. Thank you so much for the Saikai info! :D

    @Paulinespeed - Wow, seriously? I'm glad that your film directors are impressed with her acting. :) But you pretty much has a lot of her works. But I'll watch out for the one that you don't have.

  16. Hi!! I know this reply is late but I hope you reply. I've been searching for the bts of last present!! And I found your gif!! May I know where you got it? Thank you so much!!

    1. Oh my. I didn't think you'd reply!! Do you have a link? I'm sorry and thank you so much!!!

    2. It has been so long that I don't even know the exact location. But if you search through the picture, perhaps it's in there (somewhere). Sorry

    3. I can't find it.. Thanks though. I really wanted to watch The Last Present's Behind the scenes but I just can't seem to find it anywhere :(

  17. does anyone knows Mayuko's Twitter account she didnt use FAKEMayuko since 2yrs!!

    1. Hello, she doesn't have a twitter account (at least a public one). The FAKEMayuko account is, of course, fake (hence the name) and was probably make by one of her fans. The only way you can reach her is through flamme mobile website, but even then she doesn't update regularly.