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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Part 1: Life and Personality

Happy 16th Birthday Mayuko!

Since not a lot of people know much about her, I decided to make my own personal information sheet for her birthday. Of course, if I got anything wrong, please correct me. I'd been working on this for the past 2 weeks (the reason for lack of translations). It's funny that my mom went to my room once (without my knowing) and was amazed at her accomplishments! ^___^;;

Warnings: Large amount of texts and images.

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子)

Birthdate: Thursday, August 4th, 1994
Astrology: Leo
Blood type: B
Height: 158cm (5 ft 2 in.), from the most recent magazine information (2008)
Favorite phrase: “やってやれないことはない。やらずにできるわけがない”. This basically means “If you try, there’s nothing you cannot accomplish. If you don’t try, there’s nothing you can accomplish.”
Agency: FLaMme

Her father, Fukuda Kenji (福田健治), is the second generation drummer for the rock band “Kasutera” from 1987-1992. Kasutera is famous for songs such as “Video Katte Yo”. The band is named after Castella, a popular sponge cake. In some of Mayuko’s promotional video by the fans, you can see the cake floating around. One of the fan made PV used a Kasutera song as the background music.

Being an only child, Mayuko is a daddy’s girl. She used to take bath with her father until she was 5th grades of elementary school. It’s not because she’s embarrass that she stop, but rather it’s because she wanted to get it over fast so she can do other things. During the weekends, when both of them have a day off, the two of them would go somewhere together to eat. However, she tends to fight with her mother. In one interview with Nagase Tomoya for “Heaven’s Door”, he talked about how Mayuko always complained and talked about the fights with her mother with him. Her mother is in charge of the spending in the house. Mayuko also loves dogs. She collected stationery with pictures of dogs. In her house, she’s keeping 3 dogs, a Miniature Dachshund, a Chihuahua, and a Border Collie.

Mayuko have been living in Tokyo all her lives. Once or twice a year, possibly during Obon, her family will take a trip to visit her father’s hometown, Houfu city in Yamaguchi prefecture, where her grandfather currently resides. Even though it was purely coincidence, the animation movie “Mai Mai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou”, where she voiced the lead role of Shinko, also set in during the Showa era in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Her favorite foods are squid, melon, and cake. Her least favorite food is cucumber. In most of her interview, she will talk about squid. When talk about Hakodate for “Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari”, she talked about how delicious the squid there is. When she did the interview with Mizusawa Nako for the anime movie “Mai Mai Shinko”, she once again talked about how great squid is. During one of the promotion event for “Heaven’s Door” where she went to a cooking channel with Wada Sokou, she ordered a dish with squid. During the whole show, she can’t stop staring as the squid. Even as the end where the host was asking how was the food, the first thing that come out of her mouth is “The squid…” which made one of the host jokes that, in this girl head, all she can think about is squid. On the other hand, on the same show, she disclosed that she can’t cook. Even when cracking an egg to make sunny-side up, the egg will break, so she ended up having to make scrambled egg. Her favorite drink is Karel Capek milk tea, because it tastes good, and doesn’t have that much calories.

Even though most of her roles have an image of cool or gloomy, Mayuko actually has a cheerful, talkative personality. She’s also declared herself to be my pace, and watching her interviews you can kind of understand why. During interviews, she takes her time answering questions, and basically has an air that she’s in her own world. When answering interview, she also tends to look down while thinking of the answer. In one promotional event with Kamiki Ryunosuke for “Little DJ”, Mayuko was to grade Kamiki’s acting. She quickly said, without even thinking about it, “101 points”, to the confused and surprised of everyone. When asked why, she answered, because she likes the movie “101 Dalmations”. Even “Heaven’s Door” director Micheal Arias talked about how she throws answers to their questions at the least expected time during her audition. Speaking of auditions, she likes to go to auditions with a lot of people trying out, because she likes watching them and their version of the character. But she’s unable to go to that type of audition that much anymore.

Mayuko is nearsighted. Outside of work, she always wears glasses. She’s also very casual. During junior high, having to wear a lot of cute clothes for work, she began to take a liking in fashion. However, normally, she usually wears jeans and T-shirt. The director for “Mai Mai Shinko” mentioned how surprised he was to see her dressing casually in jeans and hooded jacket to the recording place; she doesn’t seem like a big actress but a normal girl.

Her favorite colors are black, white, and red. Her favorite flower is lily. The country she wants to visit is Switzerland.

Her special skills are piano and making friends. Her hobbies are handicrafts, reading, music, and watching movie. She once mentioned that she like to try playing the bass, but it’s not known whether she continue with it or not. When she was in elementary school, Mayuko said she can talk and make friend with everyone in her class. All of her close friends are similar to her, none of them are shy. In a recent interview, she disclosed that they will talk for 8 hours straight when they hang out together. When she is hanging out with her friends, they also play board games (Shogi) and watch movies together. The people around her always tell her that she’s clumsy, but for some reason, she is particularly good at handicrafts and sewing. She will make things and give them to her parents. But because she became busy recently with her studies that she’s unable to make them as much as she liked.

Kamiki Ryunosuke, Okano Akihito, and Fukuda Mayuko on a live broadcast of Okano Akihito's radio showOne of the things that are really big between her friends right now is love stories. She like to listen to people talk about love stories because she never been in love before. Starting from “Little DJ” promotions onward, she always say that she want to fall in love soon. Before, she didn’t think that much about her type of guy, just being a nice and kind person is enough. But lately, her type of guy is someone who has his own opinion and not afraid to voice it, also someone who’s able to make others laugh and have fun. Physically, he need to have black floating hair and long and pretty hands. In the entertainment circle, her ideal guy is Okano Akihito from Porno Graffitti. When she heard about his marriage, she was shocked. Mayuko, along with Kamiki Ryunosuke, actually had an opportunity to be on Okano Akihito’s radio show during the time they were promoting for “Little DJ”. When talking about her fetish of beautiful hands, Matsuyama Kenichi (aka MatsuKen) also has experienced with this once during their time with Death Note’s spin off movie “L Changes the World”. During their last interview together for the movie, she asked if she can take a picture with, not him, but his hands for memories. He agreed, but can’t help but think how strange this girl is. Mayuko wants to go on a date at the aquarium because even though there are people around, it’s a place where you’re in your own world.

Her nicknames are Mamayu, Mayuyu, or Mayu-chan. Her friends started to call her by those nicknames during elementary and particularly, Mamayu stuck. The Japanese and Chinese fans tend to call her by the nickname Mamayu a lot, while the casual fans call her by Mayuko-chan. In one of the director’s blog for “L Changes the World”, it was said that MatsuKen and the director called her by Mamayu. During their Asia-wide 3 days promotional period, the director, MatsuKen, and Mayuko went to greet the Korean, Hong Kong, and Taiwan fans. In Korea, MatsuKen was hoard by fan girls. But when he looked back and didn’t see Mayuko, he’s called to the director asking, “Director, where’s Mamayu? Where’s Mamayu?” and was really worried about her. ♥ Her nickname may have stemmed from her eyebrows, or “mayuge” in Japanese. One interview, she was asked which part of herself that she like the most, her answer is her eyebrow. The fans have different views on her eyebrows, they either like it or they think it’s strange, but everyone agreed that it is one of her most distinct traits. Some fans also called her by “Mayu-nii “.

Her favorite band is Porno Graffitti, and her favorite singer is Shiina Ringo. She’s actually a huge fan of Porno Graffitti, and collects everything they appeared in. When she went on TOKIO’s 5LDK show to promote “Heaven’s Door”, they gave her a Porno Graffitti quiz and she was able to answer them all instantly, wowing everyone there. Because of her dad’s background in music, her type of music is different from her friends at school. Mayuko has lamented that because of that whenever she goes karaoke with her friends, she can’t choose the songs that she likes to sing because her friends don’t know them. In a recent interview, she revealed that she currently like Perfume. While studying with her friends, they will sing and dance to Perfume’s songs.

For days without works, Mayuko will sleep in the whole day. But during her free time, she enjoys reading. In one interview, she said she like to imagine herself in the world of the book while reading. To see how they think and imagine how they feel, it made her want to try acting out the characters and see how it will be like if it were to make into a movie. Her favorite authors are Murakami Haruki, Kawakami Mieko, Yamazaki Nao-cola, Machida Kou, Murakami Ryu, and Kanehara Hitomi. In a recent interview (May 2010) where she was to introduced 3 of her favorite books, she disclosed she currently like “The Diary of Anne Frank” from her English textbook, “Kafka on the Shore” by Murakami Haruki, and “Autofiction” by Kanehara Hitomi.

The actresses she looked up to are Shinohara Ryoko and Ohgo Suzuka. She also mentioned that she like Horikita Maki. Her favorite work of Shinohara Ryoko is “Unfair THE MOVIE”. While her favorite work of Ohgo Suzuka is “Sexy Voice and Robo”. Mayuko bought and watch the DVD of “Sexy Voice and Robo” at least twice a week. In one of Mayuko and Suzuka interviews together, Suzuka revealed that at the time of filming for “L Changes the World”, MatsuKen will text her, saying that whenever he and Mayuko chat, the topic of “Sexy Voice and Robo” always came up. In another interview with Matsuken, he mentioned that how Mayuko want to make friend with him during their filming of “L Changes the World” and her love for “Sexy Voice and Robo”. Interestingly, Mayuko has a chance of working with both actresses before when she was younger. In another interview, Mayuko said that Suzuka’s mother and her mother was good friend during that time. When she was promoting in Korea for the movie “L Changes the World”, she mentioned the Korean actor she most admires is Lee Byung Hun.

Mayuko is particularly good at studying. In 5th grades, she received “All 5”, which is equivalent to having all A’s in all 5 of the subjects. In one interview, Mayuko said, she hate to lose, thus she did her best to study. Her favorite subjects are Math, Science, and English. During the shooting of the movie “Little DJ”, Kamiki Ryunosuke revealed that Mayuko tutored him in Math, even though she’s a year younger than him.

When talking about school work, she is particularly poor at memorizations. Her worst subjects are Social Studies and memorizing Kanji. But when she began studying English in junior high, she started liking English. Even though it’s mostly memorization, for some reason, it’s easy for her. However, she’s able to memorize her lines, just not with studies. When filming for “Heaven’s Door”, in one of the backstage shot, you can see her practicing English with her co-star, Nagase Tomoya. She’s also said to be very poor at sports and physical education. It’s said that she has bad arm and leg coordination, and tends to fall down a lot. Though I’m not sure it’s true, but in one of the backstage shot for “Heaven’s Door”, you will see her tripped and fall down on the escalator.

During her last year of junior high, she limited acting in order to focus on her high school entrance exam. For the promotional period for “Heaven’s Door”, Nagase disclosed that he looked through the textbooks Mayuko brought to the set with her to study. It was so difficult that he doesn’t get any of it at all. Even though it’s not confirmed, she’s rumor to currently attend OBIRIN Senior High School in Tokyo, as a first year student (10th grade). OBIRIN is apparently a very good school, which means it’s very hard to get into. But because she limited herself, she’s even determine that she want to continue on acting forever. Also, due to the time off from work, she has a lot of times to spend with her friends. So she wishes to continue gaining new experiences when she goes to high school.

As mentioned before, Mayuko hates to lose. She is the kind of girl that likes to take charge. During elementary, she was part of the class committee, overseeing the students. During junior high, she continued to be a class representative. At the same time, her friends ran for the student council. She mentioned that she likes to make speeches and call on people who are out of line. When going to work, the people around her are mostly adults, so she wants to hurry up and grow up to catch up to them. Because of this, most people that worked with her are amazed at how level head she is. During the filming of “Little DJ”, Kamiki revealed that she was so much more mature and level head than him that he’s always nervous around her, unable into look into her eyes. Also, Mizusawa Nako also said during one of the interview for “Mai Mai Shinko”, even though Mayuko is younger, she is very mature that Nako felt like they are the same age. The directors that worked with her also noted on how mature and professional she is for work. I think director Michael Arias of “Heaven’s Door” mentioned once that she’s like an adult stuck in a child body. Her co-actors, Izumisawa Yuuki from “Byakuyako” and Satou Shota from “10 Promises to My Dog” both said Mayuko is like a big sister to them, even though she’s younger than them.

Mayuko has a very strange habit during the days filming for “Jyoou no Kyoushitsu”. Whenever she turns her body around, the first thing she turned in her foot that’s not leading. Not sure if this habit continue, but it’s definitely weird. Another strange habit of her is that she tends to sway her body whenever she has to stand in one place. There are also a lot of other bloopers that made it onto the shows.

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