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Goseiger Blog: Summer Memories

Tensou Sentai GoseigerGo! Say! blog.

- Alata's summer kind make me think of Summer Wars... ^^;;
- Eri's summer is kind of sad. Too much homework and not enough fun.
- Agri's summer is... just like a kid.
- Moune's summer made me remember of when I was a girl scout, going camping with my friends. :)
- Hyde is too funny! XD;; I thought his entry was pretty deep, that is... until the end. ^^;;

Hi, this is Alata

At last,
The humid air passed,
Summer like weather is here

How are you passing it?

Are you living the summer break fully?

Well then, on the subject of summer,
What come to your mind?

The sea? Barbecue? Camping?

Which every you throw out,

But for me,
As it become summer, I begins to
Be in a reading fever.

Casually, when going on the train,
Somehow, my body stoop over
As I read a book.

It's a very
Enjoyable thing you can do by yourself

For the summer memory,
That's definitely, going to my grandmother's house every year
I guess

Everyone in my family
Hanging out somewhere
Also, the gathering of my cousins
As we eat our meal

As we become older,
Even though such things
Became embarrassing

But when remember it now,
It's a wonderful thing

For this summer,
I wish our family could gather once again after so long

I want to go to my grandmother's house

I remember such summer memories.

The crucial moment of summer is continuing after this

With family, with friends
Please passed a wonderful summer together

Also, please watch the movie version

Well then *

Hello~ ♪
Is everyone suffered from the summer heat?
Eri is full of energy \(^^)/

The theme this time is Summer!
When talking about summer, then of course homework...
I was part of the people who did them steadily ♪
Drill for example, if it's some pages a day, I'll surely do them! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

However, it's only the illustration diary that I'm not sure how to go about...
Because, when looking at the calendar
I try to recollect what kind of things I did...
But I can't remember any of them
Some how, I made up stuffs to write in it Σ( ̄ >*)>
(That is bad, good kids shouldn't copy)

Without knowing it, the diary is the most difficult!
Thinking about it, trying to be in charge of diary or household account book
I'm unable to stick to them~ (>_<)

Well, even if I told you summer break is fun
Ah~!!! I didn't really go out to play ☆

I wasn't able to do something summer like (+_+)
I want to go to the sea, watching fireworks display, and going to the amusement park ♪
That's why, able to wear a swimsuit and yukata in Goseiger, I'm a bit satisfy.
Everyone! Let's enjoy ourselves with what left of summer

This is Eri

Hello everyone~!!
Playing the role of Goseiblack, Agri, this is Hamao Kyosuke ☆

Iya~, the heat is continue everyday ^_^;
Are you suffering from heat stroke and heat fatigue??
I am, as always, passing everyday with vigor ☆

Well then... ♪
This time is summer memories ☆

For me...
When I was little, the memory of summer that left a big impression is
Going to the sea together with my family ♪

Even though it's just going to Izunokuni,
When I was little, my older and I will dug a tunnel in the sand,
Against my will, my father would cover me in sand...
It was fun (*^^*) (laugh)

Even though I can't go now because of work,
It's still a summer memory I hold dear ♪

The picture is when we came back from location shoot ☆
Being together everyday, we became close!
If everyone is not here
I won't be able to do anything
To me, they are very important existences ♪
From now on, please take care of me ☆
And, let's do our best~ ♪ (laugh)

This is ☆ Agri's Hamao Kyosuke~

See you~ (^^)/

Hello everyone!!
This is Moune.

Finally, the movie version is in theaters
I passed the time with stage greetings~!

During the summer break
Meeting everyone definitely make me happy,
Going to see Goseiger movie
During the summer break is a nice memory.

That's what I thought!!

There are only a little left of summer break.

My summer break memory is,
From when I was young,
Going camping with my family.

Also, together with my friends' families
Because we did it every time
It became a customary event ★
Even though I'm unable to go recently (cry)

Playing in the river,
Grilling and eating salmon
Making curry
Talking about various things during the night
Fast asleep in the tent

In any case, we play fully!

Quickly finishing our summer break homeworks
Go out to play when it's pitch black!

Enjoying remaining summer break ♪

P.S. Eri and Moune are
Into chilly milk tea
This year's summer

Well then, this is Moune~☆

See you.


We're already at the second half of August.
The heat of summer is soon to be finish.
And then the season will change into Autumn.
Everyone, were you able to make any summer memories?

For me, the shooting for my second solo photo collection, the opening of the movie, my birthday, stage greetings and the continuation of such events, I was able to passed each day fully.
That's also thanks to everyone's assistance~
That's what I think.

Well then, about my summer memory.
Every year, I'm absorbed myself with baseball everyday.
Even though I play because I like it,
Under the blazing sun, from morning until dusk, the harshness while undergo weight training and batting practice
Even now, I still can't forget.
That's why, even now, I still remember the difficulties and the practices.
Having done that, naturally, your mind will be able to calm down.

For the people who has sport club activities
Please make memories as you're training and going on training camp.
I think there are a lot of people who understand this feeling.

"I'm so glad that I did baseball"
In another time, you will think so.
If you discipline your mind and body,
You'll feel like you'll be able to make use of it for work.

It doesn't matter what you do, the important thing is that you carry through with it.
And then, your great efforts will one day come back to you.
I believe in it.
Everyone should also believe in it to, what type of challenge will September bring?
It's not too late to start now!

For Goseiger's movie version also,
The people that haven't yet watch it, it's not too late!

Mayumi Gojo - ☆Fight☆ Short Ver. Lyric

Something slightly different, because I like karaoke and I love this song. XD;;

It's hard finding lyrics for sentai songs, because unlike the normal jpop/kpop/etc... sentai songs are usually popular for those that actually like/watch sentai. Most of the normal people wouldn't come across this song if they don't care about. It's like a good anime song, if you don't watch anime, then you wouldn't really get to know the song right?

I didn't really do anything except compiling them. People from TV-Nihon did most of the work! You should watch the youtube video first.

☆Fight☆(Short Ver.)- Mayumi Gojo




「諦める」なんて言葉 知らずに行こうよ
前向きなぞの涙と 努力と仲間と
希望を ほら 信じるだけでいいのさ
ピンチのときは 勇気のメガホンで

Let's go! Let's go! Say together
Let's go! Let's go! Say forever
ありったけの 声で 天に届くまで
Let's go! レッツ護星 together
Let's go! レッツ護星 forever
For your fight 逃げない キミを応援するから 約束

「諦める」なんて言葉 知らずに行こうよ
そうさ何かする前に 言い訳さがして
ばかりじゃ ほら ゴールなんて見えやしない
ヤバいときこそ 希望のハチマキを

順風満帆 fight together
Jumpin' バンバン 騒げば
空と大地 海も チカラをくれるよ
天装瞬間 fight forever
Passion バンバン つなげば
ひとりじゃないキミは きっとできるから ゆびきり




"Akirameru" nante kotoba shirazu ni ikou yo
Muzukashii koto janai no sa
Maemukina sono namida to doryoku to nakama to
Kibou wo hora shinjiru dake de ii no sa
PINCHI no toki wa yuuki no MEGAFON de
Sakende iru yo "sore yuke! GANBARE! MAKENAIDE!"

Let's go! Let's go! Say together
Let's go! Let's go! Say forever
Arittake no koe de ten ni todoku made
Let's go! RETTSU GOSEI together
Let's go! RETTSU GOSEI forever
For your fight nigenai kimi wo ouen suru kara yakusoku

"Akirameru" nante kotoba shirazu ni ikou yo
Kimi no asu wa minna no asu
Sou sa nani ka suru mae ni ii wake sagashite
Bakari ja hora GOORU nante mie ya shinai
YABAI toki koso kibou no HACHIMAKI wo
Shime naosu no sa "sono te wo! nobase ba! soko ni aru!"

Jun puu man pan fight together
Jumpin' BAN BAN sawageba
Sora to daichi umi mo CHIKARA wo kureru yo
Tensou shun kan fight forever
Passion BAN BAN tsunageba
Hitori janai KIMI wa kitto dekiru kara yubikiri


ENGLISH (Translator: seldAIS - TV Nihon)

Go say! Let's go! Fight for win!
Tensou Let's go! Do your best
Red Pink in the sky (Red Pink in the sky)
Black Yellow on the land Blue in the sea

Go forward. You don't even know the meaning of "giving up"
It's not a difficult thing, you know
Through all the tears, hard work, and friends you're forward looking
Have hope, you see, you only have to believe in it!
In a pinch, use the megaphone of courage
To shout "Just go! Do your best! Don't lose!"

Let's go! Let's go! Say together
Let's go! Let's go! Say forever
Until all our voices reach the heavens!
Let's go! Let's Gosei together
Let's go! Let's Gosei forever
Don't run away from your fight, 'cause I'm rooting for you, I promise!

Go forward. You don't even know the meaning of "giving up"
Your tomorrow is everyone's tomorrow
That's right, if you search for a good reason before doing anything...
If that's all you do, you'll never see your goal
When in trouble, tighten your headband of hope
"If you extend your hand, it'll surely be there!"

Smooth sailing fight together
Jumpin' Bang bang! If you make some noise...
The sky, earth and sea will give you strength!
At the moment of Tensou, fight forever
Passion Bang bang! If we join hands...
You're not alone, I'm sure you can do it, pinky promise.


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Miporin no Ekubo Staff Blog: Week 5

Due to the recent changes in my life, I won't be able to update as much as I want to and my interview translations will lessen considerably. Until I get use to the changes, you'll probably see only 1 (or even no) post per week.

Anyway, week five of "Miporin no Ekubo" Staff Blog.

Remember! "Miporin no Ekubo" is going to air on August 28 (Sat), which is next week. If you're like me and enjoy watching things live, don't miss it. :) Since the airing is soon, I think the blog for "Miporin no Ekubo" is also going to be finishing in the very near future.

Actual Hospital
August 16, 2010

Because the hospital scenes are very important for this drama, we have the priviledge of filming at a real hospital.

We were able to use the real machine and have the actual technician operated it.

Since the original story for this drama is a true story about the fight with brain tumor, we felt that we want to bring the scene about medical treatments as real as possible.

That's why, for the people at the hospital who helped us out, thank you very much.

Because of them, we were able to have a great filming.

Misako-san, Iida-san, All-Up! (all up= finish filming/wrap up)
August 17, 2010

The location at the hospital, Tanaka Misako-san and Iida Kisuke-san are finishing up filming!

Director and Manatsu-chan presented flowers!

While shaking hand with Misako-san, Manatsu-chan's back seems lonely.

Seeing that, Misako-san hugs Manatsu-chan.

Even though the filming period is short, a deep relationship was built, and a very close nit period was experienced together.

The 3 Mother and Daughters Group
August 19, 2010

A scene with just these 3 having a girl talk.

During the filming intervals, you'll often see Hirosue-san, Fukuda-san and Manatsu-chan passed the time together. It's a true feeling of a close family!

The filming will soon end!

Even with just a moment, they'll continue to enjoy passing the time together.

The State of the Audition

August 20, 2010

This time, we'll introduce to you about the circumstances of Kimura Manatsu-chan's audition for Miporin's role!

100 participants was invited from a broad age range, 8 years old to 16 years old girls. The first time, second time, and last audition, the participants need to pass these 3 times by the judge.

Well then, lets looks at the audition's venue!

"I'm Kimura Manatsu!" Manatsu-chan greeted with spirit.

Examine a cheerful scene, she was lively as she acted. For the serious scene, she displayed her intensity in her tears.

Even though her credential of a performer is still not a lot, the staffs all has the same feeling. It was talked about before, but Manatsu-chan looks like the real Miporin! "In order to find a Miporin that's suited for this drama, we must use Manatsu-chan's charm." was the talk among each other, and it was decided that Miporin's role should be given to Manatsu-chan!

"Thank you very much!"

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Miporin no Ekubo Staff Blog: Week 4

Week four of "Miporin no Ekubo" Staff Blog.

Finally caught up! :D

Sometimes I really hate JE's no photo policy. We could have see a lot of Nagase pictures if not for that! >___>;;

Miporin and Director
August 9, 2010

A shot at the studio.

Manatsu-chan learned of her relapse, just before the shooting of this difficult scene.

Director Saitou talked with Manatsu-chan about the drama for a moment.

While listening to the director's direction, Manatsu also check the script once more.

Manatsu-chan is seriously working for this drama!

Also Discharged From the Medical Terms?
August 11, 2010

Bidding farewell to Miporin are Tanaka Misako-san and Iida Kisuke-san.

Such great smiles.

Perhaps, it's the feeling of liberation from the difficult medical terms!?

No no, that was impolite of me (to say it in that way).

Relax Picture
August 12, 2010

Everyone is relax in the studio's waiting room.

A snapshot of the commemorate picture!

The drama is approaching the second half, you can see the relax figures of everyone.

Everyone have a great facial expression!

Next, the photo below was taken by Manatsu-chan.

And then...

Receiving the camera from Manatsu-chan, this is Tanaka Misako-san's over done photo!?

Misako-san and Manatsu-chan's closeness can be seen with just one shot.

Next to her is Hirosue-san's gentle gaze.

With the camera in her hand once again, this time Manatsu-chan prepared to take a close up of Nagase-san. Henceforth, Nagase-san gave her his most 'funny face'.

With laughter unable to stop, the resting time continue.

Hirosue-san and Misako-san
August 14, 2010

This day is the last time Hirosue-san and Misako-san are co-staring together.

Truthfully, their relationships are very good, during the break, at the waiting room, they talk continuously together.

Their last challenge is the conversation concerning Miporin's medical treatment plan, a difficult scene.

As Miporin's mother, Hirosue-san has a last request.

As the attending physician, Misako-san will react to that.

The highlight is the between the lines of the scripts, a heavy scene.

"OK!" was heard, in a flash, they return to their normal cheerfulness, saying goodbye to each other with smiling faces.

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Miporin no Ekubo Staff Blog: Week 3

Week three of "Miporin no Ekubo" Staff Blog.

I'm guessing 前室 is the waiting room? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Mana and Manatsu
August 2, 2010

The day before, unexpectedly "Mother" is filming in the next studio, a meeting with Ashida Mana-chan take place!

Every week, watching "Mother" with her mom, Manatsu-chan became deeply moved while exclaiming "Ah! Ah! Ah!".

Standing next to the 5 years old Mana-chan, 9 years old Manatsu-chan seems like an older sister.

Shorten her height to the same as Mana-chan's, Manatsu-chan demonstrated her older sister nature.

They were so cute that I took two shots of them.

Lovely Elder Sister
August 4, 2010

This time, a conflict with her mother affections toward the sick Miporin, playing this difficult role is Fukuda Mayuko-san.

The drama continues with a grim facial expression.

But, when "cut!" was heard, a total change, she's having too much fun with Miporin.

Even though it's as usual, to Manatsu-chan, Fukuda-san is a lovely older sister.

Meeting With the Original Author and Her Family
August 6, 2010

The author Okada-san and her family visited the studio!

First, a commemorated photo!

Such nice smiles~.

Sensing the nervousness of the Okadas, Nagase-san become assertive in the talks so that the atmosphere can calm down. Nagase-san is a gentleman.

In the studio's waiting room, Okada-san and Hirosue-san talk together about the emotions of a mother whose child is sick. We listened to a mother's emotion facing her child who only has a year to live and the limited time frame. Making the role for this reality drama with such a serious facial expression is impressive.

To tell you the truth, the deceased Okada Miho-san and Manatsu-chan looks a bit like each other. Not only that, their height and weight are almost the same. Looking at Manatsu-chan, Okada-san has a small request.

"Can I hug you?"

Holding Manatsu-chan in the embrace, Okada-san said in deep emotion "You're the same as Miporin".

In this situation, even the staffs is moved to tears by the scene. (Me too, I was tearing up while translating this part.. ^^;;)

"I think Miho's picture letter are made with meetings like this." with Okada-san's words, I felt that this drama participants was taught something meaningful.

The! Art Power
August 7, 2010

Even though the cherry blossom are in full bloom the downpour of the rain made filming difficult... but it's not a photo, truthfully, this scene is in the studio!

To express the changing seasons, I'll introduce the arts team great activity!

Let's look at the other side of filming...

In the middle of the studio, a great rain. When thinking that it's a difficult shoot, with a snap, 1 shot OK!

As one would expect of a veteran technique!

Continue with this.

The snow is falling~.

Making falling snow is also arts power~!

Lastly, this.

Do you get it? Appearing in the studio is the snail!

Relying on the snails' supports, this drama was able to take place.

Arts power, it's frightening!

Miporin no Ekubo Staff Blog: Week 2

Week two of "Miporin no Ekubo" Staff Blog.

Each post will divided in to weeks. Each week, the staffs usually post 4 entries.

For this drama, Tanaka Misako played the doctor (夏音先生). I'm not sure of the kanji for her name. After looking it up, it could be either Kanon or Natsune. For this, I'm going to use Natsune-sensei. We'll have to see what her real name is in the drama.

Natsune-sensei, With Great Interest
July 25, 2010

A picture during the break.

What are they doing?

Playing the role of the doctor, Tanaka Misako-san is listening to Manatsu-chan's heart with the stethoscope.

The absorbed Misako-san said "Your heart is fast!".

Manatsu-chan looks like she's enjoying herself.

Even outside of filming, the warm relationships with each other are building up.

For the staff, it's a charming atmosphere.

Miporin Special Make-up Challenge
July 27, 2010

Becoming bald for the operation scene, a challenge for Miporin and Manatsu-chan.

This day is a special make-up challenge.

First, the back of the hair is raise.

Then, a head mold that was created unique to her head is match up.

The skin need to stretch tightly to hide the hair...

You can't even see the seam now. It's an amazing technique.

When entering the studio, "It suited Miporin" "Cute" and other happy praise from the staffs made Manatsu-chan become shy.

Physician vs Medical Terms
July 29, 2010

There are a lot of hospital scene for this drama. Naturally there are also a lot of medical terms.
   "A malignant nerve tumor of the brain call Glioblastoma..."
   "Cymerin will bind with the interferon..."

And other terms that you can't get accustomed to.
They are tormenting these two.

Playing the physicians are Tanaka Misako-san and Iida Kisuke-san.

This day is the first time they challenge the difficult lines of the script.
Until the real shoot, they are practicing their lines over and over.

Iida-san continuously struggle against the terms of "operation" (shujutsu).

"It's not 'shujutsu', it's easier to say it like 'shijutsu'" was the advice from Misako-san, though she's haven't yet able to say "stopping nausea" well.


These two fumbled on their lines.

Spontaneously they laughed.

Like that, the atmosphere of the filming place became harmonious.

Ah, after that, these two companion decided on who is better!

Cheerful Location

July 31, 2010

For this day, the filming is wrapped in a warm and cheerful place!

When I say warm... it's actually... hot...

Like that, the camera rail (the track that they put the camera on) is rolling.

The rail... is very long.

Isn't it around 50 meters?

It's rare to see such length.

As the camera is moving on the rail, the filming of the drama scene started in that heat.

Even so! The season is actually in December!

That being the case, the actors are wearing long sleeve.

Furthermore, Hirosue-san is carrying Manatsu-chan on her back.

... It's definitely hot.

Do your best! Hirosue-san!

Miporin no Ekubo Staff Blog: Week 1

After much considerations, I decided to translate "Miporin no Ekubo" Staff Blog.

Each post will divided into weeks. Each week, the staffs usually post 4 entries, so for this post, I'll translate the first week of filming.

Filming is going strong!
July 20, 2010

The 24hrTV drama special "Miporin no Ekubo" will be broadcast on August 28 (Saturday).

From now until the day of the broadcast, even though there's only a short period of time, I, assistant producer Nishino, will report the things that's happened at the filming site! I'll do my best with an 'update every 2 days' goal in mind!

For this picture, we're at a scene in front of the Okazaki household (Miporin's house). On this summer day, the sun was shining brightly.

Miporin, played by Kimura Manatsu-chan, needing to stand out here, is relentlessly hit by the strong sun ray. To the melting Miporin, the staff said "The moon (Manatsu) is having a battle with the sun!" (The kanji for Tsu in her name means moon), and with various reasons that one don't know, shields Manatsu-chan from the sunlight using the script.

Suddenly, the arrival of the beach umbrella!

Becoming friend with elder sister role, played by Fukuda Mayuko-san, they give a resort-like feeling under the shade. With the parasol touching the ground, "The height is perfect~!" Manatsu-chan said happily while Fukuda-san smile.

These two became friends immediately.

I have a premonition that the filming site is going to be great.

Like Parent and Child
July 21, 2010

Even though Manatsu-chan was nervous when they met for the first time, acting together at the filming site with Hirosue Ryoko everyday with a smile, they became fast friends.

Even though there are a lot of real performances, but chatting with Hirosue-san during the filming break, the nervousness disappeared. I wondered if they are talking about school today?

Manatsu-chan, was having a lot of fun with Nagase Tomoya-san in an earlier room at the studio.

During break time, Nagase-san returned to the waiting room, but the time he's together with Manatsu-chan and the others is also valuable.

For the clothes fitting period when the drama first started, "It seems like a natural family" Nagase-san said while talking with the staffs. Because of Nagase-san, the distances of the casts gradually become closer, "I want this family to be the best" he said with great eagerness.

Serious Even When Checking
July 23, 2010

For this day, it's the filming for the important near last scene. The staffs are together with the same fighting spirit.
Even all the actors are determine to make this into a great drama!

This is the during the first shot of filming.

Mother, Hirosue-san, father, Nagase-san, and elder sister, Fukuda-san, a scene where you can feel their family love!

"Check!" when the voice was heard, coming from behind the director, checking her acting in front of the monitor is Hirosue-san.

With the next cut, Fukuda-san also came to check her acting.

And then, with such a quiet atmosphere, Nagase-san tried to lift the mood.

Because of that, the enthusiasm for this drama was able to circulated!