Thursday, July 22, 2010

Goseiger epic 21-22 Making Of

• I'm being overwhelm by Kamiki's news, so I'm going to take my time on them.
• I've been reading and catching up with the mangas Detective Conan and Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!, so I'm taking my time on translations, so there are going to be slow post from me these 2 weeks. ^^;;

Anyways, onto this week of Goseiger Making Of, taken from Toei's Goseiger official site.

1. Revival of director Nagaishi at the Goseiger filming.
2. The casts are also from the starting point of Goseiger.
3. Director Watanabe also study under this person of charisma.
4. "Eri, I kind of want to eat something sweet~!"
5. Thus, the birth of Patissier Eri!
6. "I'll do my best~"

1. Do~n! (sfx: kind of like ta-da but not as excited, or thump when people put things down in front of you and you kind of stare at it strangely)
2. Don Do~n!!
3. Ga~n!!! (sfx for disappointed)
4. Anticipation! Eri-sensei
5. From an owner of a shop at the filming location.
6. Specially made for Goseiger, fully melon!
"Thank you very much!"
7. Director "We'll be looking forward to Eri's cake"
Assistant director "That's right"
8. "I guess it's not finish yet~ not finish yet~"
9. "I want to hurry and eat it~"

1. Eri "What should I do? I don't have any confident..."
Moune "It'll work out somehow! I supposed" (a play on word, 'kamo ne' into 'Moune', also Eri's catchphrase in the show)
2. That's right! Because my comrades are here!
3. Because my comrades are together, I'll do my best!!
4. "In any case, let's try!" (Alata's catchphrase)
5. Ei! (sfx: trying hard on doing something)
6. Ei!!
7. To have the feeling that you can do it!

1. This is, it's here!
2. Ta-da~!
3. Perfect!
4. For my comrades, you can do anything!
5. That's why, from now on,
6. Please take care of us!
7. Director "It should be here soon, the cake"
Assistant director "That's right"

- Moune and Alata!! ♥ 'Nuff said! >:3

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